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I first saw these beautiful shoes back in May of 2021 when we went away to Spokane for vacation.

I was waiting in the hotel lobby when I saw a woman walk by wearing them. They looked effortlessly stylish and I immediately wanted them.

Being me though of course, I waited until the prefect sale came round before I made my purchase, which didn’t happen until later in June, when Rakuten offered 10% cash back on purchases at several department stores (new to Rakuten? Click here for $30 cash back).

I was so excited to get these shoes that I actually did something that isn’t really in my character at all. I did ZERO research before purchasing. So I really only went into this purchase with the knowledge that these shoes were pretty and that’s it.

I generally like to do tons of research on an item before I make a purchase because I 1) don’t like to be wasteful and 2) I really don’t like dealing with returns.

That said, I kinda just dove into this purchase head first and well, I have some thoughts for sure! So let’s get into it.

Neiman Marcus-$375

Initial Impressions

The shoes were just as beautiful when I opened the box as they were when I first saw them in person. But I was surprised by the feel.

Being labeled as the ‘Woody Slides’ I had kinda of assumed that the sole would be wood. Or at least have some wood componate. But it’s 100% rubber. I would have known that if I did any basic research but I digress.

The initial feel also felt a bit strange to me. It honestly felt like the type of shoe one might make if you’re stuck on an island with only wood and leaves to make a shoes.

It didn’t feel terrible, but it certainly didn’t feel like anything that I would like to spend all day in either at that point.

Disappointed, I started to consider returning the shoe because there isn’t a point in keeping something that I have no plans on actually using.

I started looking up other reviews on this shoes and they were definitely mixed. Many folks were calling the shoe trash, while others were saying it was one of their favorite pairs to wear.

But what I noticed while reading these reviews were two consistent things:

  1. The shoe feels MUCH better once you give it time to wear in and,
  2. The shoe only works well for those with narrow, thinly arched feet.

This is where I lucked out, because my feet just so happened to be a prefect match. So I decided to try and work in the shoe a bit around the house to see if I could break them in.

Doing that made a world of difference for me. Maybe it’s because we’ve been experiencing 100+ degree days here, but the rubber started to conform to my feet rather quickly. Once that happened, the slides were much more comfortable. Now, I’m not saying that I would happily walk a mile in these–they are slides after all and offer no real support. But I have spent a day at the beach and the park in these and my feet felt fine.

See by Chloe on Amazon

The Problem With Luxury Shoes

I love Chloe as a brand. We all know that I’m a fan of the whimsical bohemian-cottagecore looks. But Chloe, along with many other luxury brands, seem to be terrible at making decent shoes that fit the average foot.

I touched on this a bit when I talked about my initial impression on the Chanel Espadrilles I got for my 31st birthday, but the majority of these shoes just aren’t practical.

They are super beautiful to look at and many can work for some on special occasions. But as a daily shoe, a lot of these won’t cut it. And I feel like this would be the case for the majority of people looking to get the Woody Slides as well.

The only reason why this shoe works well enough for me is because I have narrow feet and thin arches. This means that my feet don’t actually rub up against the thick canvas straps and blister. This isn’t the case for many people who have tried this shoe and are left sorely disappointed.

And because the canvas material is untreated, it seems like it would stain easily. I spilled a bit of my homemade hot sauce on these at a small get together and luckily, it only landed on the side of the rubber, so that was easily cleaned up. But I do plan on treating my shoes with Scottsgarud to help ward off future accidents ( I live with 3 kids and clearly I’m clumsy, so it’s bound to happen).

The Best Deals

While I didn’t do any research on the shoes itself before I bought, I defiantly did look around for some deals. As I mention in my Tips To Save On Luxury blog, once I figure out what I want to purchase, I will frequently check it’s price on Rakuten to see how much cash back I can get as well as if it coincides with any on going sales.

Back in June, Neiman Marcus was one of the store offering 10% cash back with every purchase, so I went ahead and made the purchase.

But other sites also offer good deals on these slides too. Sites like FARFETCH, Lyst and MODESENS offer great deals anywhere from 10-20% off.

I have noticed that a lot of these sites only offer certain colors, so if there is a particular one you want, you may want to wait until a site like Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus, or Saks has a nice cash back offer on Rakuten as these stores ten to have more option.

Last Thoughts

Thus far, I’m happy that I got this shoe. They have been great slides to slip on and run errands with. For me, once they got broken in, they offered the same comfort level any great sandal would. Again, I wouldn’t walk a mile in these shoes by choice, but I have certainly spend the day in these and have been happy to do so.

If you’re in the market for a ‘low cost’ luxury sandal and you have narrower feet, I feel like these would be a great option for you. But defiantly test these out first before you throw away your receipt, as I realize these just didn’t work for many folks out there.

You can also shop this look for WAY less if paying this amount of money for a shoes just isn’t in your spirit (I feel ya!). I have left some options for ya’ll to shop below, but I’m sure you can also find others around the net.

BCBGeneration Kana Slide-$35 @Macy’s (plus cash back on Rakuten)
Steve Madden Marina Flat on Amazon
Steve Madden Mayra Slide on Amazon

If it’s really just the style that you’re after, then starting off with one of the dupes listed above might be a better option for you as these look just as nice IMO. Either way, this is a fun and beautiful style that many of you will be able to wear into fall and will be great to pull back out when spring comes around again!

Do you have these slides, or a pair that you really enjoy? Let me know about them below!


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