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Chanel Reissue Mini |First Impressions

I was expecting this past Valentines day to be relatively low key. With two babies teething, we kinda decided that a night where we could just get take out and bengie watch some Star Trek would be prefect. All of this was already great in my books, but then my partner out did himself when he told me “By the way, that bag you’ve been looking at? Go order it.” Ya’ll when I tell you I screamed lol. I was that happy. I had been looking at the Chanel Reissue style for some time now. Back in my college days, the reissue wasn’t a style that I would have considered (not that I could afford it then but that’s not the point here).

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When to Buy New, When to Buy Used | Luxury Edition

Whether you bought it new in stores or on consignment, a nice handbag is always fun and should be a proud moment. Regardless of its status of pre loved or new, these bags are still expensive items any way you look at it.

Affordable Fall Fashion With Walmart+

It’s no secret that I love Walmart. Since moving to a smaller town, Walmart has constantly been a place that could be a one stop shop for all our basics needs.

In recent years, Walmart has put a huge focus on upping the quality of the products they source and this defiantly rings true for their clothing. Nowadays, Walmart holds a huge selection of seasonal pieces to choose from from a variety of brands that are on trend and won’t break your bank.

Pochette Felicie-Is It Worth It?

After years of looking at and admiring from a far, I finally decided to go ahead and purchase the Pochette Felicie from Louis Vuitton.

There was a time when this bag was inescapable and everyone seemed to want it. But in recent years, it seems like its popularity has waned, as many find the handbag impractical for their lifestyle.

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