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I want to share with ya’ll today the Gucci Mormont Super Mini bag. While I do think this bag is trending down, it’s still a bag I personally enjoy and with a price point under $1000, it’s a more accessible, entry level luxury item for folks to start their collection.

I also haven’t seen many reviews on this bag either, so I hope this blog post can give you a bit more information as well as eye candy to look at if you’re trying to make the decision on if you’re going to add this bag to your collection or not.

I’m still trying to work out how to best do my luxury reviews on this platform, but for now, I think it will be best to follow the format of the last one. So we’ll start off with a quick overview, then move on to a price comparison to comparable bags on the market, then chat about how it has worn and finally show y’all what fits inside.

It’s simple, but it truly is one of my tip mini bags. I don’t see it leaving my collection anytime soon–MonniBee.Blog

Quick Overview

Base Length: 6.75 in
Height: 4 in
Width: 1.75 in
Drop: 23.25 in

Click the image to shop this bag!

I picked up my Marmont Super Mini from Fashionphile back in August as a gift to myself for closing on a really great property. I had planned on buying it new, but I can’t pass up a good savings if I can find something used.

Purchasing this bag, I knew that it was going to be small. But I hadn’t quite wrapped my head around just how small, this bag would actually be.

It’s teeny tiny ya’ll.

When I first unboxed it, I thought that I was going to immediately return it because it seemed small even for me and there’s not much to this bag either.

Its a 6.75x 1.75 little pocket of emptiness constructed out of chevron quilted calfskin and on a 23.25 drop chain. It does have a carabiniere attachment, which I do find useful, but other than that, it’s a simple and small bag.

That said, the bag does look and feel very luxe. My bag is in the rose prude or nude color (they seem to go back and forward on the name but the color seems to be the same) with beautiful aged gold hardware. The leather feels buttery soft in your hands and the chain that comes with it feels pretty substantial.

While simply made, the bag was beautiful. Ultimately, I decided to keep it and I’m very glad that I did.

Gucci has several names for this exactly color, including porcelain rose and beige. It’s currently being called dusty pink. Whatever it is, it’s beautiful!–MonniBeeBlog

Price Comparison

Mini Sac HL Speedy. Click image to shop now!

As mentioned above, I picked up my Marmont Super Mini from Fashionphile for $750 in August of 2020. At that time in stores it was selling for $890 new.

While I do think this bag would be worth the $890 price tag, I’m glad that I was able to get it for $140 less.

Currently, the bag runs from $990 in stores and for about $980 pre loved in new condition. Thats a $100 increase and personally, I feel like Gucci was just jumping on the price increase bandwagon with this one.

But comparing it to the Nano Speedy which retails new for $1300 or the HL Mini Speedy, which starts at about $850 in good condition, while steep, the price is fair in comparison.

I know that comparing a ‘top handle’ bag with a flap bag may seem like an odd choice, however, the Mini Speedy work best as a crossbody, and I find myself using these two bags in the exact same way and they hold a similar amount of items.

While I think the Marmont Super Mini actually looks nicer than the Nano Speedy or the Speedy Mini, the Speedy model is a timeless classic. The Gucci GG Marmont flap is still viewed as more of a trendy piece. So inherently the Speedy has more brand staying power behind it where the Marmont bag could end up being a junk asset in the next 2-3 years–you just don’t know. So it’s harder for me to justify it’s almost $1000 price tag.

That said, the bag is all leather with metal finishings compared to the canvas with leather trimmings for the Speedy Nano, so the bag is quality. I’m not sure that I would suggest this bag if it ever goes over the $1000 price mark, but if you really have your heart set on, I would say go for it. Just understand that you may not see a return on your money if you decided to sell it later on.

This is a great mini bag option if you’re looking to start off your collection. Thought price is steadily creeping up.–MonniBee.Blog

How it Wears

The simplicity of this bag makes it very easy to wear and great for many different occasions.

Keeping the chain in the standard position, you can wear it over your shoulder (which is a bit too long for me) or crossbody (my preferred way to wear it). While I’m not reckless with this bag, I’m not too concerned about it bumping into things either, as the calf skin is very durable.

I have noticed a few scratches on the the hardware, but that doesn’t bother me either. I have the same issues with my Gucci Marmont belts, so I was expecting to see that with the bag as well.

Manipulating the chain a bit, you can easily shorten the chain to wear it over the should where it drops just at the waist of just under your armpit, which I like doing if I’m out shopping. You can also take the chain and wrap it around your waist to use it as a belt bag (though this only really works for those with smaller waist. I haven’t been able to wear it this way since my belly popped) or remove the chain all together and use it as a clutch.

I reached for this bag a lot in the late summer/ fall for quick errands because of its small size and easy of wear. However, because the bag has zero organization, I did find it to be a bit messy when I went to pull things out. I personally have no problem stuffing my small bags, which can be an issue with this one if you don’t want to try and puzzle with things at the check out counter.

Ultimately, I figured out a system in which I can easily pull out my cardholder without much fuss, but it is an issue if you plan on packing this bag to the brim.

What Fits Inside

The GG Marmont Super Mini Is probably one of the tiniest bags I have ever owned. That being said, it is possible to carry most everything you need in there.

Here’s what I typically pack into it:

  • Pen (from my shop)
  • Hand cream
  • Lip gloss and lip color
  • Eye drops
  • Pill container
  • Wet wipes
  • LV key holder
  • Gucci card holder
  • Fruit leather

While I left my phone off this list, I can squeeze it in if I must in this set up. Though I generally skip that because it starts to become a real stretch and I prefer to have my phone in my hand or pocket anyway.

Also, I didn’t include hand sanitize on this list either. That’s because I’m able to carry it on the outside of the back thanks to the carabiniere. This saves me so much real estate in my bag and I have easier accesses to it while shopping or out with the kids, so I prefer this set up.

Lastly, I tried fitting my newer epipen into this bag and it does fit. However, it does take up a lot of space, so you’ll really want to pair down if you plan on taking it with you in this bag.

I’m so happy that I got this bag. It fits all my daily needs and is super easy to wear!–MonniBee.Blog

Overall Thoughts

Over all, I’m happy that I have this bag in my collection and don’t see myself getting rid of it any time soon. I’m also happy that I got it for $750 and didn’t end up buying it new.

While I love this bag so much more than the Nano/Mini Speedy’s and think that it is better constructed as far as materials go, I’m not completely convinced yet that this bag will reach the same longevity status of the Speedy. this bag may easily fall in value over the next few years, so I personally don’t think I can justify the almost $1000 price tag for it yet.

I feel like if you can find this bag pre loved for under $800, and you really like the style, then its totally worth giving it a go. I have so much fun using it bag, it’s really convenient and easy and super versatile. Depending on the color you opt for, you can easily wear this bag crossbody for a causal day out and then remove the chain and use it as a beautiful nighttime clutch.

This versatility added with the durability of the calfskin leather it’s constructed of makes this bag a great option to have in your collection. Again though, I just recommend going the pre loved route for this one.

What do you love about the GG Super Marmont Mini? Do you have one are are you looking to pick up one soon?

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