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I have mentioned this a few times on social media, but I will state it here again for the record; I love balloons and I’m allergic to latex.

Latex allergies and intolerances are on the raise and I’m sad to say that I’m a part of that number. But that doesn’t mean that I still can’t enjoy fun and festive ballon decorations.

Especially since the start of this Polaroid, I have been using balloons to as an integral part of my decorating process. This is because balloons really do allow you to go as big and dramatic, or simple and subtle as you want.

These ballon decorations make my kiddos so happy to see (and also me lol) and they honestly aren’t too hard to make at all. So if you’re interested in seeing 3 quick decorating ideas with balloons, keep reading!

For Edison’s 3rd birthday, we created a massive staircase balloon garland. He just kept shouting ‘No Way!’–MonniBee.Blog

Non Latex Balloons & Where To Find Them

I did want to take some time to talk about non latex balloons, what they are and how to find them, because this bit is very important if you’re someone with allergies of insensitivities like myself.

Non latex balloons are typically made up of mylar or a vinyl. Typically these balloons are much more expensive, though the trade off here is that you can generally reuse these balloons multiple times if you store them right.

I have a a huge 64 gallon tube full of different kinds of non latex balloons that I have saved over the years to use for different occasion.

While in years pass, the options for non latex balloons were quiet limited, there are now loads of options to choose from.

Generally, I pick up my new non latex balloons from Amazon, as you can buy them in bulk for cheaper prices. You can view some of my favorites here. And and an add bonus is, most of these come with 2-day shipping, which is welcomed news for us last minute party planners.

Party City also has a wide variety of non latex options to choose from. They mostly sell non latex balloons from Anagram, one of the biggest non latex ballon companies out there.

Anagram has loads of amazing products for reasonable prices so differently give them a checkout too.

And if you’re in a true pinch, stores like Walmart & Target also now carry a selection of non latex balloons. Though it’s generally limited to a few phrases, numbers and letters (though, these stores + Amazon offer cash back through Rakuten.)

I live for a good green and gold moment! This is the set up I created for the kids on St. Patrick’s Day and they LOVED it–MonniBee.Blog

General Supplies

For all these decoration ideas, You’re going to need a few generally supplies:

I would definitely make sure to get a variety of balloons when it comes to these projects. Be sure to consider color, size and shape. This will break up the monotony of your design and really draw the eye in.

While technically you don’t need a pump, it will make a world of difference for your lungs and save you lots of time. Especially for designs that will take anywhere from 50-100+ balloons. Just trust me on this one. I like using this ballon pump here. However, my husband has had susses with this regular air pump here.

You can find balloon garland strip and arch tape in kits such as this one here. I had originally purchased this by accident, but came to find that it was much needed! You can use fishing wire in stead of the garland strips, but if you’re trying to save the balloon for later use (its more friendly on the environment and your pocketbook if you do) then the strips are the way to go. And I really don’t think there’s any getting around having some arch tape on hand. regular tape won’t cut it with most non latex balloons as they are much heavier than latex.

Lastly, while not needed, having some floral picks or tassels to add to your ballon design will give it an extra pizazz and flair, really making it unique. I have tons of florals in my decor closet, but you can find some good ones in bulk on Amazon.

This birthday ballon tower was put together using garland strips, plan picks and over 50 balloons! It always takes more than you think!–MonniBee.Blog

Ballon Garlands

Project time: 1-1.5 hours

Okay, so these garlands are so grand and over the top and I love it! These are also super simple to do. The only thing you really need to make sure you have is ample time and balloons–because it will take more balloons to compete than you thinks.

In addition to the general supply list above, you’ll need:

  • Around 30-50 balloons to start (depending on the space you want to fill)
  • Command hooks/ thumbtacks

To start, you’ll want to measure out the length of balloon garland strips you’ll need for your project and cut accordingly. Be sure to leave a little extra length so that you may hang/ add extra balloons if needed. If you are using fishing line, you will skip this step.

Next, inflate all your balloons. I find it much easier to have all the balloons you need already inflated before you start assembly. Once all your balloons are inflated, you’ll want to separate them into their different categories. This will make it easier to find the balloons that you need.

After this, if you are using ballon garland strips you’ll want to start feeding balloons into the pre cut holes. Depending on the size of your ballon, you may have a skip a few holes in-between balloons to get the to fit. You’ll want to alternate the sides in which you feed the balloons into so that they stack neatly and start to create a column.

If you opted for fishing wire, start by taking two balloons and tie the ends together. You can either pair them off by like colors or by opposing colors. Repeat this process until all balloons are paired up and tied off. Once all your balloons are tied, use a needle and fishing wire to thread the balloons together, going through the knot and avoiding puncturing the balloons themselves. Do not pre measure/cut the fishing wire. Tie off and cut only after you have everything connected.

Once all your balloons are together, use either thumbtacks or Command hooks to install in place.

Once your garland is secured in place, add any floral picks or other decoration that you wish

Tip: To make these really stand out, you’ll want to make sure to use at least two different sizes of balloons, multiple colors and even different textures if you can find them

Grid wall set up with ballon bouquet for Franklin’s first birthday. He had so much fun with this (and it made for great memories for us as parents)

Wall Grids

Project time: 25 minutes

Balloon wall grids are really one of the simplest things that you can do, but they look super fancy. Everyone will think you put so much time into a project that only takes about an half hour.

In addition to the general supply list above, you’ll need:

  • 9,12 or 15 balloons, depending on how large your wall is
  • A ruler/ tape measurer if you’re not OCD or able to accurately line things up
  • a light pencil

To start, inflate all your balloons. If you are using different colors and shapes, figure out a pattern in which you want to place them on your wall.

Once the balloons are inflated, use a ruler or measuring tape to mark out and create even spacing on your wall, making a grid pattern. Use a pencil to mark where your balloons should be placed. I suggest creating a grid that is either 3×3, 4×3 or 5×3 to start with, as this will work well on most wall. However, you can create any grid that works best for your needs. Alternatively, you can free hand this as well. Personally this is what I do because I’m really goos with spacial reasoning and eyeballing measurements accurately.

After you have figured and marked out the placement of your balloons, its time to attach them to the wall. Using balloon tape, attach a few pieces to the back (I added about 4 tape dots). remove the backing and stick to the wall. I highly recommend using balloon tape or a strong double sided tape. Painters, shipping and even duct tape were not strong enough to keep these balloons up for long. If you are placing the up in a patterer, be sure to check periodically to make sure you are staying on track–its no fun having to start over.

Oversized balloon decor allows you to make great party sets with minimal effort.–MonniBee.Blog

Large Air Loonz Sets

Project time: 15-25 minutes

Okay, so this is more of a cheat than anything else. But these are so simple and quick, yet add so much to any party decor.

Plus kiddos (and adults) love them too boot, so I’m adding it here.

Pick out 2-3+ oversized balloons or Air Loonz that you think would go great together in a set and blow them up. Arrange them how you’d like.

That’s it. That’s the post.

Like I said, this is super simple, but it can have a major impact on your decor. I like to place these larger balloons adjacent to the garlands, towers or wall grids that I make to give them an added level dimension and depth.

These also make everything look like the prefect photo back drop.

These larger balloons typically cost a lot more– anywhere from $5-$13 each. But the good news is, once you’re done, you can generally store them to use later.

I have several that I have used a few times this year already so even though the upfront cost may be expensive, it has great cost per use value.

I love the Rainbow Air Loonz that I picked up from Party City. I always find an excuse to use it!–MonniBee.Blog

Of course it’s easier to hire a ballon designer and I highly encourage folks to do this (support small local businesses when you can)! However, there are just some projects that are just quicker if you handle it yourself.

That combined with my serious latex allergy, I generally just find it a lot safer for me to create these balloon sets myself.

And it’s so worth it when I get to see the look on my kiddos and families faces when they see what I’ve created!

So are you going to give any of these a try? Let me know what you plan on creating below!

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