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I feel like my love for shoes is starting to slowly outgrow my love of handbags. Cute, quality shoes that will last are now a must in my wardrobe.

And I also need them to be comfortable, because you know, I gotta be able to wear them and keep up with 3 toddlers.

Sneakers have defiantly been my go-to shoes lately, but I wanted to try something out more stylish for spring. I have always loved the effortless look espadrilles add to outfits, and really liked the pair that I got from Sam Elderman, so I decided that I would go ahead and try a pair out from Chanel this year.

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I have heard a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to this particular shoe from Chanel. People seem to either really love them, or think that they are a waste of money. I almost skipped out on these myself, but I’m just that type of person who needs to test things out and form my own opinions.

I ended up buying these as part of my 31st bday gift to myself. I considered the classic beige with black tips but thought that the all black mesh with grosgrain would look better with my complexion and wear better throughout the year.

I got my pair on Fashionphile in new condition for $700, including tax, so there’s a bit of savings to be had if you pick them up on the second hand market. Otherwise, you can find a range of styles and color options in the boutique.

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Once these shoes broke in, they became the prefect pregnancy shoe! No need to bend over and tie anything!–MonniBee.Blog

The one things that everyone seemed to agree on was to buy true to size. This is because over time this shoes will stretch. Especially if you are buying a classic lambskin pair.

If you buy too big, then you run the risk of getting flippy flops instead–which is not a look I’m personally interested in.

I purchased mine in a size 40 (US 9) and they were tight at first to say the least. I was starting to wonder if buying my correct size was actually a good idea. But surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the shoes to break in some.

Now I haven’t had them for too long, so they are still losing up. But I could tell a difference in feel just after two days of wearing.

So I’m hopeful that these will quickly become a comfortable summer-fall shoe for me.


I know a lot of people like to dress these up, but I really do feel like these are much better dressed down and relaxed.–MonniBee.Blog

As mentioned above, Chanel has a wide variety of options that they come out with for their espadrilles. I was initially interested in the classic beige with the black cap shoe as it always looks great on folks.

But after a bit of consideration, I decided to go with the all black mesh with grosgrain for a few reasons. I felt that it would be a great contrast for the lighter color jeans and shorts that I like to wear in the summer, and that the color would look great for fall and winter outfits ( I live in Washington’s desert area, so a good chunk of our winter is around 50 degrees and up.

I’ve been wearing these with super casual outfits, as these defiantly have a laid back feel about them.

They looked great paired with a graphic tee and biker shorts, as well as with shark bite jeans and cami. I think my favorite style with them thus far has been paring them with a simple sundress.

It may be because of the style that I personally picked up, but I’m finding that these shoes don’t pair well with busy styles. The simpler the better with these espadrilles, and I’m honestly fine with that.

These also pair better with more natural colors. I’ve really been loving matching these with blacks, grey, whites and browns. I have had some pops of color and that has been fun, but honestly, naturals have been great with these.

Things to know

These aren’t the hardest shoes to keep up, but there are a few things you’ll want to do for maintenance to keep them up for a long time.–MonniBee.Blog

With any purchase I make I like to do a ton of research first, so that I know what I’m getting into. And there were a few things that I’ve learned about this shoes that I think is important to know.

The first is the absolute need to wear socks with this shoe. I know that that may sound strange because it’s such a low cut shoe, but it really is a necessity. Because of the materials used to make this shoe, it will absorb all your oils and sweat. This will cause the inside of your shoe to start to wear faster and can lead to it smelling over time.

Wearing a no shoe shoe will help to prevent this from happing. Many places sell these socks now a days, including Walmart and Target if you’re in a pinch. However, if you’re abundant in melanin like me, Peds makes a great no show sock that’s great for my complexion available on Amazon.

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Another thing to know is that these are NOT water friendly shoes. Way too may have described tragic tells of getting caught in the rain or walking through wet grass and having having their shoe disintegrate in front of them.

This has actually happened to me with a pair of espadrilles that I had back in college. I was at a sorority picnic that had some really wet grass around us. By the end of the day, I wouldn’t even walk home in my shoes and they had to be thrown away. Luckily that pair of shoes only cost me $15, so it wasn’t a huge loss. But it appears that the same thing can happen with Chanel espadrilles as well and that’s an investment I’m not trying to ruin.

If you are going to be wearing these shoes with any chance of coming into a wet environment, then I highly suggest investing in a pair of roll up shoes like these ones. I can’t tell you how many times these roll up flats have saved my feet from a long night in heels. And I suspect these will come in handy to save my espadrilles if I encounter a wet situation.

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Overall Impressions

These are a wonderful shoes and I’m going to enjoy them all summer long! I don’t think I’m going to get a second pair though–MonniBee.Blog

Overall, I’m very happy that I invested in these shoes, and I can see myself wearing them all summer long. They are getting more and more comfortable with each wear, have this cute laid back vibe that I love and just overall a beautiful shoe.

I can definitely see myself throwing these on for dinner at the marina, family outings out to the park, summer night walks and for small backyard get-togethers.

While I can envision many different scenarios to wear these in and very glad that I have a pair, I’m not yet convinced that I want a second pair.

Seeing that I wouldn’t be able to wear these shoes to the beach (at least comfortably) or garden in them (something I’m doing all summer long), I don’t really see much of a function for owning two pairs.

That combined with the fact that there are many quality looks for less out on the market doesn’t really leave me inclined to want a second pair from Chanel either.

But again, those facts still don’t take away from the overall beauty of this shoes and my happiness for having it in my wardrobe.

Is this a purchase you are considering? Or do you already have a pair? Let me know down below!

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