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I was expecting this past Valentines day to be relatively low key. With two babies teething, we kinda decided that a night where we could just get take out and bengie watch some Star Trek would be prefect.

All of this was already great in my books, but then my partner out did himself when he told me “By the way, that bag you’ve been looking at? Go order it.”

Ya’ll when I tell you I screamed lol. I was that happy.

I had been looking at the Chanel Reissue style for some time now. Back in my college days, the reissue wasn’t a style that I would have considered (not that I could afford it then but that’s not the point here).

On the surface, the bag just seemed ‘normal’, and IF I was going to spend that kind of money on a bag, I wanted the double C’s, the logo, the embellishments–all of that.

But as my luxury collection grew, I started to notice that the bags that I was drawn to most were the ones that were understated with a timeless silhouette.

Hence my now obsession with the Reissue.

So for today’s blog, we’re going to dive into how I obtained this beautiful Chanel Mini Reissue, my real thought and opinions on how it wore the first time and what I think about the bag over all thus far.

All About the Reissue Mini

In 2005, Karl Lagerfeild brought Gabrielle’s original design back to Chanel in what we now call the Reissue style.

This bag features the classic mademoiselle turn lock with an all metal bijou chain. While this bag can come in a range of materials, it typically features a distressed leather, giving it an aged look. Like the Classic models, the bag also has the Mona Lisa pocket on the back exterior as well as several pockets on the inside.

This bag is full of little details. From the leaf like etching featured on the interlocking links, to the ‘Chanel’ being engraved on the on the zipper pull and outside turn lock– you can tell that a lot of thought went into the design of this bag.

Also noticeable about this bag is its ability to be folded flat. Generally, you probably wouldn’t ever consider folding a bag that’s is a months wages, but this one is designed to do just that.

Like the Classic models, the Reissues come in a range of sizes (that are slightly larger than the Classics). Where you have ‘small, medium/large, jumbo and maxi” with the Classics, the Reissues are come in sizes 225, 226, 227 and 228 respectively.

Left out from the list above are the mini sizes. Just like the Classics have two mini styles, so too dose the Reissue. The 224 is an exact copy of the classic Reissue style–just smaller. It features the double flap, pockets and everything else that you would find in all the other reissue styles.

The Reissue mini however looks more like a Classic mini on the interior, featuring only one flap and a more cavernous inside pocket.

Also of note, both the 224 and the Reissue mini both feature 4 grommets at the top, allowing you to double up the chain, while the newer Classic minis only feature 2 grommets.

My Specific Reissue Mini

My specific Reissue mini came from the flagship store in Paris, 31 Rue Cambon in the Spring of 2021 and bought off of Fashionphile in “Excellent’ condition (coming with the box and everything!) and features the new microchip instead of the authenticity card.

Because this is a newer bag bought on the pre loved market, I didn’t get significant savings compared to retail. Currently, this bag is listed for $4,400USD on the Chanel site. Fashionphile had originally listed it for $4,495USD. However I did end up getting 5% off bringing the coat the bag to be $4270USD. While it might not be much of a savings, I’m glad for any coins that I can save.

Color wise the bag was listed as ‘Light Blue’, but it can come off as grey depending on the lighting and what’s around it, giving the bag more versatility in my opinion. Because of that grayish undertone, this bag works with so many colors, especially my favorite pastel colors for spring. But I also like this color up against some of the more starker black colors I like to wear in winter.

My bag is constructed of aged calfskin and features chevron quilting with edge stenching and has bright shiny sliver hardware, giving the bag a more causal and fun look. Calfskin in general is a vary durable leather, so a lot of knicks and starches will naturally bound right out of the leather if they are not too deep. But I’m also not concerned if they don’t because of the already stressed look.

Overall this bag is amazingly beautiful and has so much personality built in. My style is a bit more youthful, edgy and I find this bag to be prefect for me. If you have a more timeless and classic style however, I still think the Reissue can be for you, as they come in black with gold and sliver hardware as well.

How The Bag Wears

I got the chance to wear this bag the day after I got it and let me just say: If you like mini bags, you’ll LOVE this bag.

As mentioned earlier, this bag had 4 grummets, making it more versatile to wear compared to the Chanel minis.

While out and about, I was able to easily throw this bag over my shoulders and it didn’t feel cumbersome at all. And even thought the chain is all metal, it stayed in place, all while I was making my errands.

The bag also wears nicely crossbody as well. I’m a curvy petite girl (sounds like an oxymoron but it’s true) at just under 5’5. Worn crossbody this bag hits right at my hip, not too unlike the square mini, but just a bit lower. If you are taller or don’t like the length of the square mini cross body, then you may not like this one crossbody.

As far as functionality, this bag was also easy to use. Because it’s more spacious than the other minis, I can fit a lot more in it without having to stack it. Meaning that it’s pretty easy to reach in and grab what you need.

I do know that many have complained about the closing mechanism and how cumbersome that can be. In my opinion, its very similar to that of the Pouchette Metis, in that when you go to close the lock, it feels lie it can take a few tries until you get it. Which is definitely annoying when you’re just trying to get in and out. I’ve combated this by just holding down on the bottom of the flap as I go to close it. This guides the locking mechanism together and it closes no problem for me.

What Fits Inside

Because this bag is slightly larger across all dimensions than the Chanel classic minis, it fits your essentials a lot more comfortably.

Here’s what I have packed in this bag thus far:

  • Pen (from my shop here)
  • YSL Aviators
  • Dior Lipgloss
  • Cherllot Tillsberry lipstick
  • Apple AirPods
  • Les Beiges compact
  • Creme Main hand cream
  • Louis Vuitton Card hold
  • Louis Vuitton six ring key holder
  • Louis vetting Cles Pochette
  • iPhone 13 pro

Packing my bag like this leaves it completely packed, but still pretty functional. I only have to remove one of two things to get to whatever I need.

More often, I start off with all these things packed in the bag, and then slowly throughout the day, things like my sunnies and phone and card that I’m using migrate to other areas. Also, I’m more likely to carry a smaller hand creme from like Bath and Body Works over the Chanel hand cream just because of the size of it. But the fact that all of that can fit comfortably in the bag is amazing. I feel like it might even fit a bit more than my small Classic flap.

Overall Frist Impressions

From the coloring to the size, I love this bag SO much! Only time will tell how this bag will truly fit into my wardrobe, but it feels so versatile.

This bluage color is the prefect softness for spring, but I also feel like it will do well in summer and winter months too.

And the chevron quilting–a patterned I’m loving more and more now–gives this youthfulness to the bag. Yes, I’m almost 32 now. But my style is young at heart and Chanel can have a tendency to come off old ladyish. So it’s nice to have more playful items in my collection.

Lastly, this bag is just functional over all. It fits just as much as my small Classic flap and because it features 4 grommets with a longer chain drop, I can wear it more ways.

All and all, I’m so thankful and still stunned that my hubby got me this gift and I can’t wait to use it more!

Do you have a Reissue in your collection? Let me hear about it below!

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