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Back in January, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Teami Blends and review their Green Tea Detox Facial Mask.

I loved it so much that when they emailed about the Vitiam-C serum they were coming out with back in March, I jumped on it and bought it to see if it was as good as the Green Tea Mask.

I actually meant to get to this review sooner, but with 4 months of consistent use, I feel more than comfortable with giving ya’ll my thoughts and opinions on this product.

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About The Product

According to their site, Teami’s Vit-C serum is infused with hibiscus, ascorbic acid and botanical hyaluronic acid to create a light weight serum that brightens and tightens your skin.

The hibiscus is used to help tighten the skin, while the hyaluronic acid is used to deliver long lasting moisture.

And the ascorbic acid (also know as vitamin c!) has antioxidant prosperities that help correct damage cause by the sun and boost your collagen production, giving you firmer and smoother skin.

Their Vit-C serum is cruelty free and made from organic ingredients. It’s made in Florida, uses 100% pure plant extracts and contains natural minerals ingredients.

The serum is lightweight and can be used day or night. Teami suggest that to use the product, simply apply 1-3 pumps to clean fingers and work it into clean skin.

Feel free to learn more about the product here.

My Experience

The first thing that you notice about this product is its size. I remember when I first opened it, I was surprised with how small it was.

For almost $50, it was expecting it to be a bit bigger. However, it is indeed a full ounce worth of product.

And for what it’s worth, I’m 4 months into using this serum now and I STILL have a fair amount of product left.

The next thing you notice is its smell. It has a dreamy grapefruit aroma that lingers for just a bit on the skin. This is a huge plus for me because some of the other serums that I have tired have either zero or a sterile smell to them. So the citrus aromatics is a welcome change to my morning regiment.

Personally, I have found that 1-2 quick pumps gives you the perfect amount of product to use on your face. While this product feel great, I’ve learned that over saturating your skin with it leaves it feeling a bit tacky and glossy– like you have a thin flip over your skin.

While they encourage you to use this product twice daily, I prefer to use it in the morning right after I cleanse my skin an that’s been working great for me.

This product does brighten the skin up a bit, which is nice. But it hasn’t done much to correct any faical scarrying that I have.

It does hovewver do a much better job at tightening the skin up. Immediately after apply it, you’ll notice your skin start to tighten. And after a few minutes, you’ll notice your pores start to look smaller.

Long term effects are a little hard for me to gauge right now because my postpartum skin is crazy. But over all I have notice subtle differences in my skin. My skin is looking more fresh and rested and there’s more vitality in my skin then there had previously been.

Again, while it’s hard to gauge if this is because of the Vit-C Serum, I certainly do feel like it has at the very least played a small part in my skin’s comeback.

So is it worth the $45 buck?

I would say yes, for several reason.

The first being its price point. Good facial serums are generally on the pricer side of skincare, but at $45 for 1oz, its still coming in cheaper to other comparable serums from brands like Kiehl’s and Clinique.

And the fact that the product is enjoyable to use is also another great selling point for me. From the fresh citrus-y smell to how it feels refreshing on the skin, this product is pleasant. I can’t say that about a lot of other skin serums that I’ve tried.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the product does seem have some effect. Again, it’s hard for me to gauge just how effect it is with the constant changing of my postpartum skin. But my skin did feel and look noticeably different after using it for a while.

Overall, I would (and do) happily recommend this product to my friends. I’m enjoying using it and for see this serum being a staple in my skincare collection for some time to come.

But, I would love to know what you think about it! If you’re interested in giving this product a go yourself then, definitely check it out on and feel free to use code “MONNII” for 15% off your order.

Let me know down below if you’ve tried this product before, or if you have any other skin care favs great for sensitive skin!

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  1. So Happy I found you!!!! I just ordered the Teamiblends Vit-C after seeing Lisa Rinna endorse it and was so happy to read your review! I will get back to you once I start using it.
    Again, so happy I found I think you’r awesome!
    Ursula Paciullo

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