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Note: While this blog will mainly focus on ski care for women who are in the post part stage, these tips and tricks the aesthetician gave me will be useful for a wide range of people who are experiencing skin issues.


Never have I ever had ‘bad skin’ until I gave birth.

Of course I would get the occasional outbreak here and there with stress, but my skin had always remained for the most part clear. Even during pregnancy.

That all changed soon after Edison was born. My skin would break out all the time, became very dry and oily at the same time (what?) my pores expanded and my face was very textured. And no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get my skin to go back to normal.

So I reached out to a local aesthetician to get some answers and see if I could nail down a routine for my skin and get it back to where it use to be.

We had a good and LONG chat about postpartum skin care and skin care in general, and these are a few of the tips I picked up.

1.  Double cleanse


While my aesthetician said that anyone who is acne prone should be doing this, its especially important for women who have just given birth to double cleanse. With all the extra raging hormones pumping through our systems, our pores start to expand making it easier for dirt and bacteria to build up on our face.

For the first cleanse, she suggested that people use a light oil based cleanser and to active it with water. Most make up and grime is lipophilic, meaning that it will stick to oils and help you get the majority of the dirt off the first time.

For the second cleanse, she suggested using a a water based cleanser specific for your skin type. A water based cleanser will help break down and remove any of the oil that is left over on your face as well as to help give your skin much needed moisture.

2. Drink more water

Speaking of moisture, when I was chatting with the aesthetician, she told me that the majority of people who came in to see her for dry skin issues we’re drinking near enough water. I know that I’m personally guilty of this myself.

She reminded me that if you’re new mom, your body is using an incredible amount of resource for recovery, supplying milk (if your breastfeeding) copping with lack of sleep and adjusting to a new norm. So making sure that you’re getting enough water is super important–not just for your face, but for your well being as well.

She and my lactation nurse gave me the suggestion of leave water bottles around the house in areas where I feed a lot/do a lot of my work. I think that this is a fanatic idea that could work out for man. I personally prefer to make sure that I drink two vents cups of water form my tumblr every day.

3. Exfoliate!


Texturred skin was one of my biggest issues that I was having with my skin when I went in to see the aesthetician. At first, I had mistaken it for weird dry skin, but she had pointed out the difference to my real quick.

According to her, textured skin can become a huge problem for women with hormone imbalances because it causes the pores to expand, especially in areas such as the nose (which is always growing) and the checks.

Her suggestion was to make sure to exfoliate your skin at least once a week for sensitive skin, but no more than 3 times a week.

Exfoliating breaks down the dead skin cells so that they won’t clog and stretch out your pores.

She suggested to start your at home exfoliating treatments at your nose, where your biggest pores are, then to work your way down to your chin, up to your side cheeks, forehead and to end at the most sensitive part of your skin–just under your eyes

4. Use a face mask

Face mask to me alway sound like a prefect treat to give yourself after a long and stressful week and she completely agreed!

Face mask are a great way to infuse moisture and the supplements directly into the skin of your face (and a great distressed as well).

She suggested using a night time ask 2-3 times a week, and a face mask that you either peel or wash off 1-2 times a week

5. Use SPF to protect your face


This time right here is more of a bonus, but I’m sure you have heard this one all the time.

USE A SPF ON YOUR FACE, especially during the summer months when the sun is literally attacking our face. The skin on our faces is very sensitive, but it’s exposed the the elements a lot. And the UVA/UVB rays form the some ca be very damaging to our skin and even cause signs of early aging!

While any form of protection is better than none, her suggestion was to find a SPF specifically meant for the face. That why, the SPF wouldn’t sit too heavy on the skin or clog your pores too much.

If you feel like things are bad, see a dermatologist

Lastly, when I went to go see her back in May, she told me that if I ever had any serious concerns about my skin, that I shouldn’t be afraid to book an appointment with a dermatologist ASAP.

While my skin wasn’t at all beyond saving with a little work and the approve pointers, she told me that she sees many people who come in with serious acne issues that are better treated under the guidance of  doctor.


I hope this quick guide into postpartum skin care was helpful for you! I have been following this advice since May and already my skin is getting back to where it use to be!

Let me know down below if you plan to use any of these tips, would like to know what products I like to use or if you have any tips or tricks of your own!


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