Cultivating and developing new skills in Edison is a top priority for me as a mom. And it’s even better when I can develop those skills in ways he finds enjoyable and engaging.

That’s why I was intrigied to learn more when I received an email from, asking me to spread awareness of their site and share a free printable for ya’ll.

Their site is a treasure trove of worksheets, lesson plans, activities and educational games–all designed to help build up your child’s love for learning.

Edison practicing his fine motor skills with my help

All of their digital materials were developed by education professionals using proven learning techniques, which was great to learn. And I loved the fact that they recognizes and celebrate the wide diversity in which people learn by offering a TON of different work sheets and lessons plans to choose from.

Seriously, there was a lot to comb through as I was checking out their site. But I was able to find plenty of worksheets that were great for Edison and he’s needs.

Wheatear you’re homeschooling or have your child in a traditional school, this site is an amazing tool and resource for any family.

You can sign up for a free basic membership and have access to 3 of their resources a month. Or, you can join their premium membership and gain unlimited accesses to their entire educational library for as low as $10 a month (or $5 when its on sale).

Edison showing off his worksheet from proudly

Edison and I tried out a few of their worksheets (they make for prefect sick day activities), and he had a blast coloring and trying to find his way out of the maze.

Of course, he needed a bit of guidance, but who doesn’t at that age? By the end of the worksheet, I could see that he was super engaged in the activity and testing out new ways to hold his pens follow the lines better.

As mentioned above, they have provided me with a free worksheet to share with ya’ll for your pre-schoolers to try out as well!

Your child will love strengthening their fine motor skills as they make their way through this crawly critter themed maze! Edison had a blast with this one!

Download this worksheet now below, and find more learning resources at

Let me know when you do, and share what you think down below!

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