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We’re at the height of summer now, and if you’re like our family, you’re living by the pool.

Seriously, with this 95 degree+ heat, the cool water of our $50 inflatable pool is a MUST for us.

And pools are so great for the little ones too. They offer an endless source of play for the kiddos and help them develop muscle strength and coordination.

Pools and summer swimming is just awesome all around, but like all fun things in life, there are some health and safety facts that you should be aware of.

Follow these quick tips below to get the most fun out of your inflatable pool this summer with your Little Splasher!

Invest in a pool with a filter

Inflatable pools can quickly become a cess pool if not properly cleaned and disinfected. The combination of water, sun and organic debris makes for the prefect breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

If you’re looking to invest in a pool over 100 gallons, then I highly suggest getting one that comes with a filter pump. While the filter won’t clean your water completely, it will pull out a lot of contaminates and make your water healthier to play in

Don’t skip the pool cleaning kit

I can’t stress this enough, but if you plan on leaving the water in your pool for an extended amount of time, you need a good pool cleaning kit–NOT just the skimmer.

This was my biggest mistake when we first got our pool, because I didn’t think the pool broom and vacuum were that important. They are.

Trust me on this, a pool vacuum is going to make keeping your water clear and healthy SO MUCH EASIER! Especially if you’re living in an area with a high pollen count or if your pool is in an area were a lot of dirt my be tracked into it.

And pool kits are relatively inexpensive too. This is the pool kit we use.

Wash up before getting into the pool

While it may seem counter intuitive to get wet before you jump into the pool, children (God love them) can be really dirty at time.

Especially for children still in diapers, food particles, fecal matter and urine may still be present on the skin, and you DON’T want that in your pool.

Give your child (and yourself too) a good rinse down to remove any of these contaminates before you get into the pool to keep the water healthy.

Use some form of sunblock

The water may be crisp and cool, but that won’t be enough to protect you or your little one from the sun. Adding a nice layer of sunblock lotion to your skin 15 minutes before stepping outside can help prevent burning. And If you can, use a shade over your pool for added protection.

Use a swim diaper like Pamper’s Little Splasher

Always use a diaper meant for swimming when you and the little one are in a pool. These diapers are thinner and tighter than regular diapers.

They aren’t as absorbent, so they won’t get water logged and pull your baby down. And because they are tighter, poop can’t escape as easily.

When we aren’t using a reusable swim diaper, we enjoy using these one from Pamper. They have some of the cutest summer designs and we have never had a poop leak with them. You can find them in stores, or help support this blog and pick some up here.

Stay hydrated

This may be the last thing on you mind when you’re splashing around and having a great tine, but it’s important.

The water in the pool will help to keep you cool, but it’s not going to protect you from the sun. So make sure to keep some cool water close to the pool for easy accesses during your summer play.

Use a pool cover when not in use

This is important for a few reason. The first being that it will help keep debris out of your pool, and thus help to keep your water health and prevent algae growth and bacterial bloom.

It’s also important because it will help to keep the little one’s out when they’re not suppose to be in there.

About 350 children under the age of 5 die each year from swimming pool drowning incidents (Ref) Most of these happen between the months of June thru August and most happen at home.

Keeping a cover on your pool is probably one of the easiest ways to prevent an accidentally drowning. The extra $10-$20 for the cover is worth it. This is the one we use.

While these tips are simple and straight forward, they will go a long way in make sure that your water (and family) stay healthy and safe while you’re enjoying your time in the pool.

Are you spending your summer by the pool? Share with us your fun time you and your family had the backyard!

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