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I was introduced to reusable menstrual products back in 2014, and have pretty much used them ever since.

Not only are they great for the environment and on your pocket book, but I find them to be much more comfortable to use too compared to tampon and pads.

So when the people at HighOh, a company that makes bamboo based pads, reached out me to do a review, I was more than happy to test them out.

About their Period Kits

HighOh offers high quality reusable pads made from 2 layers of natural bamboo charcoal fibers and a waterproof layer to keep you dry.

The pads come with 2 snaps to help keep them in place and prevent leaks, and can even be used as postpartum maxi pads or washable incontinence pads.

They are super easy to wash and dry (they can go into your dryer or be hung to air dry) and will last years!

And lastly, since they contain no chorine, or other harsh chemicals, you’re likely to experience less menstrual cramping– which is always a plus!

HighOh period products start at $29.99 on Amazon for a set of six pads and a wet bag. They also offer longer, overnight pads to keep you dry and clean while you sleep.

First Impressions

The pads arrived very quickly to my home thanks to Amazon Prime shipping. And in some areas, you can even get same day delivery!

When I first opened them up, they seemed to be constructed very nicely. The pads felt super soft and constructed of high quality products. The stitching looked very neat and secure with no threads sticking out, so they look like they would hold up through a lot of wear a tear.

Which is great, because these pads are meant to hold up for up to four years!

I ran them through the washer and dyer before using them and had no problems with warping or melting which was really reassuring to see.

I tested them out before my period last month with water, and it did a great job absorbing the liquid. So I was really confident that they would hold up during my actually period.

And I’m happy to report that these worked wonderfully.

I used the standard pads for both during the day and at night and experienced no leaks. I even wore white pants one day and didn’t have to worry about stains at all.

And when it came to washing them again after use, I again had no problems. I did use Dreft stain remover, since I had it handy and it breaks down bio matters, but the pads emerged form the laundry looking brand new and ready for their next use.

Things to be aware of

Over all, I think these are a wonder option for those looking for a safe and environmentally friendly menstrual product.

These will last you up to 4 years with proper care. And with menstrual products costing around $120 a year, you’ll end up saving about $480 just by switching to these.

There are some things to be aware of though.

While I experienced no leaking, I do wish that they could make the pad cinch up a bit tighter. When I wore a dress of skirt, the pad would slide up more than I would have liked it too. Again, it never turned out to be a problem, but that added feeling of extra, extra security is also nice.

Another thing to be aware of is that you have to keep up with your washing with these. The last thing you want is to be out of pads and have to wait for them to wash and dry up. This isn’t a con to the product at all, but rather just a reality to be aware of when using reusable products.

Lastly, depending on your flow, a pad will last you anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. If you have a heavier flow, they suggest using the larger pads to get between 6-8 hours worth of use.

That being said, you’ll still probably want to make sure you bring a wet bag and a spare pad with you, depending on how long you plan on being out of the house.

Final thought

Overall, this is a great product and a wonderful option for those looking for reusable period products.

While it may require a slight lifestyle adjustment for some, the many benefits HighOh pads has to offer are totally worth it.

Again, you can find HighOh period pads on Amazon, throughout this link right here.

Will you try reusable pads? Let me know your thought down below!

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