Prime Day for Planner Girls!

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Last update: 3:00pm PST 7/25/2019

Prime Day came and it went. And I’m so glad that I was able to help ya’ll find some GREAT deals on your planning supplies.

It may be over now, but Amazon still is one of the best places to buy planner supplies online. So I’ve turned this post into a curated list of some of the best supplies you an get on Amazon for your planning and organizing needs.

Note Books and Journals

BestSelf Co. SELF Journal:

Organized chaos:


15 count Mildliners:

Fineliners–24 count:

Diamond Pens, 5 pcs:

Pentel EnerGEl RTX:

Pentel Sprakle Pop Metallic:

Tombow Retro Correction Tape:


Bloom Daily:

48 count washi:


Spectrum Wire Storage Basket:

What did you end up buying for Prime Day? Share with us below!

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