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I truly love fall most of all!

The weather is perfect for literally everything outdoors, football is back on the screens and fall farm trips are in full effect and coffee course, all the comfy fashions.

You can’t convince me that there is a better season out there.

So I’m super excited to share with ya’ll 4 postpartum outfits ideas as well as dressing tips for fall. These outfits ideas are comfortable, flattering, on trend and supportive of your body.

Best part is, most of these outfits can be made from staple wardrobe items you already own–no need to go swiping a card for new clothes.

But of course, if you’re looking to do a little shopping, links similar outfits will be provided. Many of the stores that I have linked below are also patterned with Rakuten. So if you do decided to shop, be sure to get your automatic cash back (up to 10%) and enjoy an added $30 for first time users.

Houndstooth wrap style dress with ballon sleeves and hight slit –MonniBee.Blog

Patterns & Wrap Dresses

Patterns such as checkered, plaid, monogram-mania and hounds tooth (like this dress) are on trend for Fall 2021.

I know that a lot of women shy away from patterns with their postpartum bodies, but I think that’s truly a shame. Patterns are fun and playful and easily styled with simple accessories.

When using patterns in your outfit, try to stick with one pattern and one texture so that you don’t become overwhelmed in your clothes. Also, try to stick to patterned that created a vertical movement as opposed to a horizontal one. Vertical patterns tend to be more flattering (thought I have defiantly worn horizontal patterns before and it look lovely!).

This houndstooth dress I’m wearing is a wrap style, which I think is great for healing mothers. Its super comfortable and gives me space to move as well as space to wear my compression wraps. Plus, the top has a snap button which makes breastfeeding in this dress easy.

This outfit is prefect for a fall dinners, date night or when you need to get a bit dressed up for the occasional meeting.

I got my dress from Shoedazzle, but there are plenty of dresses like this on the market. If you’re looking for a similar outfit, check out the pics below.

Forever 21

Bright Colors & Denim

Fall is full of colors, so I like to have pops of bright colors in my outfits every so often too.

When I think of Fall brights, I’m generally thinking about yellows, oranges, and rich greens. But lately, I’ve been enjoying deep blues, lilacs and pinks as well. Either way, color belongs in your fall wardrobe.

Generally, I like to wear a bright fun top paired with a deep colored, high waisted jean.

I love high waisted jeans (postpartum or not), because they offer a lot of support for my core, feel very comfortable to wear (I prefer a mom or boyfriend jean, they’re the best!) and literally look great on all body shapes.

For this outfit here, I paired the jeans with a colorful button down, mustard yellow peasant top. Its a great causal fall outfit for going to the park, having a date day or for gabbing coffee with a friend.

My top is from American Eagle and jeans are from Sofia Vergara at Walmart.

American Eagle

Muted Layer

I feel like layers are probably the most traditional look for fall, but I still love them and they are still trending for this year (and likely for a lot more years to come being honest).

Layers are practical in that they allow you to adapt to changing weather (some days we go from 50-85 degrees in the fall), are generally comfortable and can provide cover if you want it for breastfeeding.

I like using natural and muted colors when layering up because a lot tends to be gong on when you start to layer your clothing. Muted tones help make things feel less busy. You can take this a step further too and have everything be the same shade as well, this will give you a neater, more put together appearance. Just be sure to some different textural elements in your look , eleswise everything will blob together.

For this outfit, I used hunter green tones for my cardigan and scarf. While they are the exact same shade, the different textures in the two items really help them stand apart for each other. Then for my top, I used a ribbed white cami bodysuit from Nordstrom and one of my favorite pair of jeans from Walmart.

This outfit idea is great for autumn walks with your family or for running quick errands.


Back to Basics

Using just the basics is perhaps the easiest way to make a well put together outfit.

Nothing super flashy or over the top here, but it works! These simple looks are great for causal days, or can be dressed up with accessories to match your personality a bit more.

When it comes to postpartum leggings, I love the ones from Belly Bandit. Their Mother Tucker Legging do a great job at holding your core together without feeling too tight. Plus their material is very breathable and flexible so I feel like I can easily keep up with my kids in these. These have been my favorite leggings for all 3 of my postpartum journeys and they have a variety of styles to choose from.

I like to pair these with a nice and simple shirt. The classic 3/4 length sleeve shirt that I’m wearing is pretty much ubiquitous at any major clothing store (the one that Im wearing is from Walmart, but you an also find them at Target, Old Navy etc.) and is so comfortable to wear. Though do suggest wearing one that bottoms down if you’re going to be breastfeeding or pumping. These shirts also come in a variety of different colors too so it makes it really easy to switch your wardrobe up with little effort.

I really enjoy this simple look here, but if you’re looking to be a bit more trendy, try using a graphic band tee as a top instead.

Neium Marcus

These four fall outfit ideas for postpartum mamas easily translates into most established wardrobes, but are still on trendy for fall 2021.

I love how easy these come together for busy moms like myself but how comfortable and easy to wear they are for bodies that are still healing. Form date night to causal day at the park, these for postpartum outfit ides have you covered.

Which one was your favorite?

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