As my maternity leave whines down, I wanted to just make a quick update for ya’ll before we jump back into the swing of things.

I’m a mother of THREE now ya’ll!

Our Beautiful Gerogie was born on July 7th, weighing 7.7 pounds. Talk about a lucky little baby!

We are all so head over heels for her and feeling so blessed to have her be a part of our family. Plus it’s nice to have another girl around too lol

Being a mother of three has changed so much for us, but also so many things have reminded the same.

For one, I think I have become even more organized with my time as far as work goes. But in the same go I’m much more interested with spending as much time as I can with my kiddos and just watching them grow.

Little Gorgie at a week old. How quickly 2 months has flown by!–MonniiBee.Blog

As much as things are changing in my family life, a few things will be changing here as well.

I’m still working out the kinks, but there will be more lifestyle and home living content on this blog as well as a few more business oriented post.

I have been LOVING my fashion review post (and still have a few up in the pipeline for ya’ll), but many of you have expressed that you’re much more interested in life style, so we’re going to be putting more focuses into that.

I’m also working on adding more companion content to go along with my blog post. I have almost always posted on Instagram along side my blog post, but I’m also gearing up to post on Youtube again as well, so keep your eyes open for that!

But, with all that said, we’ll still be posting fresh blogs right here on this site on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 4:00pm PST, starting on September 16.

Either way, I hope ya’ll had a wonderful summer and I’m so excited to be chatting it up this coming fall!

See ya’ll next week!

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