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Fall 2021 is officially here and the fam and I couldn’t be more excited.

While things are looking a bit different this year with Covid in the mix and now being a larger family of 5, we still look forward to some of our favorite fall activities.

For us, fall is a time of tradition and to reflect on what bonds us as a family. So for todays blog, I want to share 10 fall family traditions and bucket list activities that we either do every year already or will be incorporating into our fall must do’s this year

Sunflower fields 2021–MonniBee.Blog

Pumpkin Patch

Stephen and I have made this a fall tradition since before we were married. Especially now that we have kids, we love going down to the local farms, looking at the cool pumpkins they have and playing the farm games with the little ones. Plus nothing beats fresh fair doughnuts.

And bonus, at least in our area, a lot of the pumpkin patches also have apple orchards, so you can also get all your fall apples too!

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Tailgating is something that I use to do in college all the time and honestly so excited to be getting our children into it. I love watching football in the stadium, but honestly watching it on a screen while enjoying homemade chili, bbq and the company of my friends and family on a crisp autumn day is much better in my opinion.

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Fall planting

A lot of people look towards spring for planting. But in most areas, fall planting is totally doable and pretty easy. We love planting crops like chard, kale and radishes with the kids outdoors because its a great way to bond and make memories with them, but also an easy way to sneak some science education in for them.

If you live in a location where fall planting just isn’t going to work for you, then I highly encourage using an indoor hydroponic system, such as the Aerogarden, which allows you to grow indoors year arounds.

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U-Pick Sunflowers

Similar to going to the pumpkin patch, U-pick sunflower fields are truly a great family outing and something Stephen and I are turning into a yearly family tradition. These field tend to e very large so you and the kids can sped quite a bit on time in the fields searching for the prefect flower to pick (and get some great photos while you’re at it).

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Having a small get together over a fire–even if it’s just us, is something we have done since the beginning of our marriage when fall rolls around. Something about being wrapped up in a blanket with your favorite drink and chatting it up with the ones you love the most just screams fall time for me and its prefect. Be sure to bring the gram crackers and marshmallows with you!

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Pumpkin Patch 2021–MonniBee.Blog

Candle Making

Candles are something that I clearly have a love (read addiction) for, and they bring an undeniable sense of warmth to the season. Stephen and I was general made it an annual thing to go candle shopping. But this year thought it would be a good idea to actually set aside a weekend to make our own. This is something my mom just to do as a little girl and we though this would make a great date night idea.

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Outside Movie Night

This is something we’ve done ever since we moved into our dream home in 2019, and something we’ll continue to do in the future. The cool nights of fall is prefect for bundling up with a big bowl of warm popcorn and watching some of your favorite flicks. We personally enjoy watching the Adams Family (goals) with the kids, but honestly, any flick will do.

If you don’t have a way to watch movies outside (or even if you do), then I highly recommend that you check out and support your local drive in movie theater, or movie in the park event.

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Matching PJ Night

Yes, we’re that dorky family. The one that loves to wear matching sets lol. But we see it as a sign of family unity. Generally we’ll have a matching PJ night–normally a few days before Halloween, and we’ll make popcorn, watch movies and decorate pumpkins together. The kids have a lot of fun with this one!

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Fall drink making

Making fall drinks is something that we always do during fall time, but this year, Stephen and I wanted to do something more formal with it. So we decided that it would be fun to take a day to taste test some popular fall drink recipes .While this is something that you can certainly do with the kids, this would also be a great date night in idea too!

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Fall Baking

Generally when we stop by the pumpkin patch, we also go apple picking and have tons of apples to make pie and empanadas with. So we like to spend some time baking with the kiddos. I love this because it helps them get familiar with the kitchen as well as with the processes of baking. And the kids love it because they get to sample as we bake. Pro partnering tip: be sure to prep everything you can before you store baking with the little. Especially if you’re working with toddlers, they are very independent and it helps them out if things are pre measured out.

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Fall truly is one of the best times of the year and I love that I get to enjoy all these activities with my family and friends. Do you have any fall traditions? What is on your bucket list for this fall?

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