This year I’m working on serval articles about luxury holiday gift sets that I think are great value. And anytime the words “Luxury Holiday Sets’ crosses my mind, I can’t help but think of Chanel and their holiday roll out.

And it’s not bad, but honesty it’s not great either.

Chanel has the type of brand recognition in the luxury world that carries a lot of weight and can dominate a conversation. People automatically associate the brand with hight quality and elegance–all of which were rightfully earned. I will be the first to tell you that I’m a Chanel girlie and a big fan for the brand since high school.

But these holiday sets are just not worth the trouble for me anymore. So in this post, I want to dive into why I don’t really care either way right now about if I’m able to get my hands on a Chanel Beaute holiday gift set or not.

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Save on your Chanel Beaute Holiday Gift Sets

Some of you are going to be determined to find these holiday gift sets and I’m 100% here to help you!

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Chanel’s elusive image

Chanel has an image to uphold and it’s one of exclusivitiy.

As a luxury brand, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Chanel isn’t for everyone and that’s reflected in their limited runs and higher price points compared to industry standard.

Even when the items they are presenting are of less quality; ultimately, it doesn’t matter to a lot of their buyers; they are paying to have an authentic association with the brand.

Having Chanel anything is a status signifier and the brand realizes this. This is likely why Chanel continuously makes decisions that limits the access of their brand to the casual consumer.

A good example of this can be seen with Chanel leather goods.The value of the raw materials they are using likely hasn’t gone up much (or even down Ince they no longer use gold.) But the prices have sky rocked. Consumers are being asked to pay more for the same, or less with Chanel and that is paramount to their business strategy (at least by my owe. speculation, Chanel is a private company, I don’t know their business)

The other way they keep their brand elusive is with limited stock. Thinking back to their Code Colour collection this summer, Most of the colors sold out within hours of dropping. A lot of that is due to demand. But also a lot of it is probably due to keeping inventory low and purposefully creating scarcity.

Again, I don’t think any of this is bad at all, as it really plays into their brand. But it does mean that their items are often over priced and hard to find by design.

And honestly, I’m just not really up for playing games anymore more lackluster luster things.

Value of the Sets

I realize that I might come off as bitter in the front of this post, but I promise you I’m not! I actually bought one set, and if I’m able to find this set with no hassle, I might purchase it as well. But unlike the Codes Colours collection, I personally don’t find much value in these holiday gift sets.

While each of these sets are cohesive, there is nothing in these gift sets that I can’t purchase from Chanel on my own–and for less too. The only reason you’re pay more is to be able to get the tweed cosmetics pouch.

I have to say that this year, the quality of the cosmetic pouch is impeccable and feels luxurious compared to last years. And since it doesn’t cost much to convert these into cross bodies, buying these sets may be worth it to some.

And even just as they are these cosmetic pouches are nice. I use them for travel a lot. But since I already have a few, it’s personally not worth the stress to me to hunt these down.

Of course if you’ve been dreaming of finally getting your hands on these sets for the pouch, then absolutely go for it! But if you’re interested in the items more than the pouch, you can buy them for less separately.

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Who are The Sets For?

I think these sets are great for two types of people. For those who want to have a tweed Chanel Beaute bag and for those who are collectors of the brand.

For those looking to give out luxury gifts this holiday season, these gift sets are beautiful and would be well received by many beauty and fashion lovers. But there are just too many good luxury gift set options on the market right now that offer better value and are way easier to get a hold of.

For those who really just want the gift set bag–well, there really isn’t a feasible alternative.And the fact that these gift sets can easily be converted into clutches and cross body’s makes the higher price worth it for many.

And for the collectors, well, they already know that these gift sets aren’t worth the monetary value. But the value for them is in owning a piece of the collection. You can’t really duplicate that by just buying the items individually. So stocking sites and department stores to get your hands on these sets is worth it to them.

Lastly, If you just want one of these sets just because, then these sets are for you as well. Just because they’re not going to be worth it to most folks in my personal option doesn’t mean it can’t be worth it to you. If you know you want one and that it will bring you joy, then go chase after that joy!

Final Thoughts

If you’re on the fence about getting a Chanel holiday gift set, then my suggestion would be to save your money and look at another gift set that offers more value. That coupled with the fact that these sets aren’t easy to come by, its just probably going to be less of a hassle for most people to skip this one.

Now, if you’re a collector, or really just want the tweed bag, then this would absolutely be worth your time to try and track down. But if its just the items inside that you want, then it’s cheaper to just buy them separately.

If you need ideas on luxury holiday gifts, then I have a whole tab dedicated to all the sets and luxury under $750 that I’m reviewing for the holiday’s, so check that out. But let me know what you think about about the Chanel holiday gift sets this year. Also don’t forget to check out my IG and YouTube pages!



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