It’s officially the holiday season!

And as a make-up lover, I’m buying all the gift sets that are in my budget and that I can get my hands on.

Of course, Dior has been on my radar. Each year Dior comes out with some beautiful gift sets that give shoppers the change to explore a range of their products bundled together.

This is my first years buying Dior gift sets, and while I was very excited, I wanted to answer the question: are these actually worth it?

While these gift sets come in lux and limited packaging, I want to explore the monetary value that’s actually being presented to us consumers and if the items they are packaging together make sense or if they are more so just freebies they are now charing us for.

Of course, whether or not something is worth it to you is going to be a personal thing. But in this post, I hope to provide with more information on these products, so that you can make a more informed decision on if these are right for you or not.

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How to Get The Most Value From Luxury Goods


I always mention Rakuten when I can because it’s a great way to save! And I’m so happy that a lot of y’all are taking advantage of this easy way to earn cash back!

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I picked up one of the Dior gift sets from Sephora during their VIB sale, and got an addition 2% cash back on top of the regular cash back I get with my card. This may not sound like a lot but between the cash back and the VIB Rouge Sale offer, I saved nearly $21.00USD off my purchase of this Dior gift set.

I checked a few other stores partnered with Rakuten that are also selling Dior gift sets and you can earn up to 10% cash back off these sets!

If you’re new to using Rakuten, you can save even more! At this time of original publication, new members to Rakuten can earn an addition $30 when they make their first qualifying purchase using this link here!

Dior Loyalty Program

While you won’t save any money by being a part of the Dior Loyalty program, they offer such a great value that I had to include them in this post.

As a member of the Dior Loyalty program you can receive different types of gifts with purchase, such as product miniatures, cosmetic pouches, phone charms and more. As you climb their loyalty ladder, you gain ‘charms’ that you can redeem for gifts later on and accesses to perks such as a consultant call with their beauty advisor, birthdays gifts and more.

This program is free to sign up for and if you already like to invest in Dior beauty products, it may be worth your while to sign up for this program and buy directly from them.

Dior Addict Beauty Gift Set

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As mentioned above, I bought the Dior Addict Beauty gift set during Sephora’s VIB sale. The set came in at $85.00USD and included a full sized Lip Maximizer and Lip Glow and miniature sized Capture Totale Le Sérum and Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume.

As far as the product selection goes for this set, I think they did a great job! Their Lip Glow and Maximizer products are cult favorites and the colors that they selected are pretty sheer, so they are going to work with a wide range of skin tones.

I’m also in love with anything that is miniature and find that a lot of these miniature goods are great for travel, and mini bags, so I’m always excited to see them included in sets. I haven’t seen the Capture Totale Le Sérum miniature included as a freebie with Dior before ( thought it is totally possible that I have missed it) so I feel like that is great value there. However I constantly see the Miss Dior miniatures offered as freebies on their site. While I LOVE this scent, seeing that you can frequently get this as a gift with purchase, it doesn’t feel like great value in this set.

Looking at the monetary value of this set, both the Lip Maximizer and Lip Glow retail for $40. A 1.0oz bottle of Capture Totale Le Sérum retails for $100.00. With the miniature being about 0.17oz, you’re technically about $17 worth of product. The Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is worth about $15. This brings the total retail cost of product to be about $110.00USD (not including the cosmetic case).

Personally, I have a hard time including products you can get for free in this value assessment though. So if you remove the miniatures from the value of this set and assume that the cosmetic case is worth at least $5.00, then this set makes monetary sense.

With the miniatures offered, I think this gift set is a well rounded option over all for any one who is wanting a touch of luxury in their life. I also think this would be a great exploratory gift option for someone who may love Dior lip products but has yet to try their skin care or perfume yet.

Dior Make-Up Favorites Gift Set

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I didn’t actually buy this set. But since I owe these products, I figured that I could talk honestly about the value this set has to offer.

Unlike the Addict Beauty gift set, the Make-Up Favorites gift set offer all full sized products. This makes it slightly more expensive, coming in at $110.00USD retail. For the price, you receive 1 full sized Lip Oil, Rosy Glow and a Crème Abricot.

Product selection wise, this set feels a bit random to be honest. However I do recognize that these are also some of their more popular items for purchase at the moment as well. Seeing that a lot of their clientele might have selected these products for purchase on their own, having them already packaged as a kit is probably useful for a lot of folks.

The Lip Oil and the Crème Abricot I think are great universal choices. Much like the sectional for the Addict Beauty gift set, the Lip Oil applies more sheer, so it will work for just about everyone. Plus the Lip oil does an amazing job nourishing your lips, which is usually during these cold and dry months. The Crème Abricot oil is also universally applicable for anyone receiving this gift set–as most of us have nails and cuticle oils is useful to us all.

The Rosy Glow color selection however was one that I was disappointed in. While they call it a universal pink, it certainly is not. This color appears best on cooler and paler skin tones and shades. So it isn’t the best section for a wide group of people. I think I would have been happier if they included the shade ‘Rosewood’ inside, as that works better for a wider group of people or if they had two options of blush to choose from. Logistical, the second option would be more difficult to do so I understand why it didn’t happen. But I can still dream!

Monetary wise, the Lip Oil and Rosy glow both retail for $40 and the Crème Abricot retails for $30. If you assume that the cosmetic case is worth at least $5, This set is valued at around $115.

While I would skip this set myself because of the color selection, If you were planing to buy these products anyways or want to gift a luxury this holiday season, this could be a good option for you, especially if you’ve never tried these products before.

Le Mini 30 Montaigne Holiday 2023 Discovery Set

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The Le Mini 30 Montaigne Holiday Discovery Set is probably going to be the best option for someone who wants a luxury advent calendar feel, without paying the luxury advent calendar price. Coming in at $160.00 for 4 miniature products though is VERY expensive. This is defiantly a luxury gift!

For this selection, you receive 1 Miss Dior and J’adore 0.17oz perfume bottles, a 0.34 oz bottle of Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose serum, and a full sized Rouge Dior lipstick. I do think this is a good selection of products to try out from the brand especially if you’re new to Dior.

Since the bulk of this set is fragrances and skincare I think it would be appropriate for most anyone. Even the Rouge Dior lipstick in red velvet I think would be a great color for the vast majority of people who might want this set.

While I do think the selection is good, I also think it’s very safe, particularly with the fragrance. Both Miss Dior and J’adore are perfume miniatures that you can get for free with purchase. And there is already a Miss Dior miniature in a gift set this year, so it just kind of feels like lazy section when they could have added a miniature Lip Maximizer, lotion or just anything else.

Monetary wise, the Rouge Dior retails for $40.00. A full 1.0 oz size bottle of the Prestige La Micro Huile de Rose serum retails for $325.00, putting the 0.34 oz bottle at about $110.00 in value. As previously noted, the perfume miniatures are worth about $15 each. However I’m hesitance to count them because you can easily get them as a gift with purchase.

While I don’t have a value attached to the discovery set housing itself, it is beautiful and can be used for display. If you assign at least a $10 value to the packaging itself, this discovery set is easily valued at $160 without the perfume miniatures.

Final Thoughts

Over all I think that Dior is offering fair value for their holiday gift sets!

While I do feel they were a bit lazy with some of the products selected (mainly the perfume miniatures ) overall, the products offered are really nice and suitable for a wide range of beauty lovers to use (which isn’t an easy task).

I think you’re probably getting the best value for your money with the Addict Beauty gift set, as it is sold at a whole host of retailers who are offering holiday discounts. And many of those retailers are partnered with Rakuten meaning you can get additional amount of cash back for your purchase (upwards of 15% during certain events like Black Friday!)

I do however think the Discovery set is probably the prettiest one that I purchased. And despite its short comings, it is one that I would probably purchase again for the holiday’s and one that I certainly would be happy to receive as a gift.

I also appreciate how easy it was to purchase these sets. I didn’t have to stock a website or wait on an SA to get back to me in order to get my hands on one (I’m looking at you Chanel). They are beautifully packaged and easily available; which in my opinion is how holiday sets should be.

If you are looking for a luxury gift set, I would defiantly recommend giving Dior a look and seeing if they have anything you like! They have a huge range of holiday sets to choose from, ranging from $68.00, upwards of $4,500.00, so you’re likely to find something in your budget.

Are you getting a holiday gift set? Share which one you’ve had your eyes on below, and don’t forget to visit me over on IG and Youtube!



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