Chanel recently dropped their Codes Couleurs collection– a rainbow of 9 pastel and electric shades for their double facettes mirror, nail file and brush sets. And while the first drop sold out, they have been doing restocks! Today, they had their biggest restock yet with all the colors available earlier.

Since I was able to get my hands on a few of the items that I wanted, I figured I would share with ya’ll how you too can get your hands on these, straight from Chanel, as well as my thoughts on the items. Keep reading for more details, but over all what a lovely collection!

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Are The Chanel Double Facette Mirrors Worth it?

While the mirrors in the Code Couluer collections are a collectors stand out, the Double Facette Mirror has been a cult favorite for well over a decade at this point.

In the past, I had opted to skip out on this mirror, favoring this Le Teint compact from Chanel instead. For me, the convenience of having a minor, powder and sponge all in the same compact was preferred.

However, since getting the Double Facette Mirrors, I completely understand why its so beloved.

Being ultra compact, this mirror will fit into almost any purse, including this micro bag from Chanel here. And the magnifying side of the mirror is really nice for when I’m lining my eyes or lips.

Plus, even without the colors, these are just so dang cute!

I consider having a mirror a handbag essential for most everyone, but a powder isn’t a universal must. So with that in mind, if you don’t need a powder and are in the market for a luxury mirror, the Chanel Double Facette Mirror is a good option and $20 less than the Le Teint Powder compacts at $45.

Are The La Lime A Ongles Nail Files Worth it?

Ever sense my chemo started, I’ve been big into nail care. While I am growing my nails out, I’ve found that I’ve needed to file them down a lot, so I was going through a lot of emery boards.

A glass nail file is a lot more durable, can technically last forever and can be sanitized better. And since I’m a luxe girly, of course I was interested in the Chanel ones.

I was actually looking to purchase one of the sets they had given away as gifts when I learned about the the Codes Couluers collection coming out, so I just waited to purchase new for myself.

While I really enjoy this nail file (and everyone I’ve purchased for has really enjoyed them too) at the end of the day, they are changing $30 for a product they’ve given away for free before, and for a product you can purchase at Target for $8 that works equally as well.

If you are a collector of luxury beauty items, a Chanel lover or looking to get a really nice gift for someone into nail care, then this would be worth it for you. However, if you are just looking for a quality glass nail file, then you’re better off skipping this one.

What’s available right now?

As of the original posting, this is what’s left of the second drop for the Codes Couleurs collection.

Double Facette Mirrors

Nail Files

What If I missed out on what I wanted?

I originally missed out on the the beautiful Cavalier Seul color for the mirror and nail file. But I checked back on the website early in the morning (around 5am PST) and one was available on the site!

At first the ‘Add To Cart” button turned gray to say “Sold Out”. But I refreshed the page and was able to click the “Add to Cart” button and check out.

I tested this with several other colors and I had to refresh for each one to see “Add To Cart”.

For some of the colors, even after I did this and clicked the button, a message would pop up to say the product wasn’t in inventory. But for a few, I was abler to add them with no problem.

I ordered the Cavalier Seul color and Chanel just sent out an email saying that its shipping! So defiantly go back and check a few days later for t hose restocked items.

Why I Skipped The Brush Sets

TL:DR, The brush sets looked cheap to me. I feel bad for saying that especially since the value is there. But they look rushed and unfinished to me.

Thought it might have been because of poor marketing photos. But then once I started seeing them in reels and TikTok’s, they still looked like a skip for me.

While you’re getting great value for the Chanel brushes themselves, the travel case looked very lack luster to me with cheaper finishings.

It also felt a little incomplete. This is a full color collection and the brushes you offer are black? I feel like the handles of the brushes should have matched the travel case at a minimum. But it just felt like there was way more work that needed to be done on this set.

If I was interested in Chanel brushes or more of a Chanel collector of novelty items, this would make sense to get. But as it is, it was an easy pass for me.

What I Liked About This Collection

First and foremost, what I really like about this collection is how much color there is! I’m a sucker for anything pink or colorful, so just seeing the range of candy colored goodies just made my heart sing.

The items I got also are of good quality as well. I know that I have complained about Chanel quality in the past. But every mirror and file I ordered arrived prefect and felt durable.

What I Thought Could Have Been Better

The packaging.

Chanel (likely) has more than enough money to have provided packaging that matched with the product. I touched on this early, but I really just feels a bit incomplete to me.

I’m thinking about the packaging they did for the tweed collection they had last fall and something along those lines would have been preferred for such a huge collection.

Just he standard black sleeves feels lackluster.

Overall Thoughts

If you’re thinking about getting something from this collection (and you’ll have to think fast), then I can say that the double facette mirror is totally worth it.

Even if you just invest in their classic black version, this mirror works really well and is compact enough to fit almost any purse. The added colors are just a fun bonus.

The nail files are well constructed and very pretty. While I did buy several of these (mainly for gifts), if you’re not into Chanel or are looking to save some coin, you can find quality quality glass nail files for about 1/3 the cost at Target.

Did you get or are you planning on getting anything form the Chanel Codes Couluers collection? If so, let me know what you ordered!

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