The one thing that I never expected with my cancer diagnoses was just how many cards I would have to carry around with me.

This isn’t a forever things, but I did use it as an excuse to finally pull the plug on a small leather good (SLG) I’ve been looking at forever–the Rosalie Coin Purse form Louis Vuitton!

I’m the type of person who prefers to have as little SLG’s as possible. I love them, they are cute and they are adorable. But realistically, since I’m changing out of my handbags almost daily, I don’t want to be changing out of my SLG’s that much. Before this purchase, I own 3 card holders (2 of them being gifts) and 4 wallets (2 of them being gifts) and 1 coin purse. And that was plenty for me.

But with the introduction of all these new medical cards that I have to keep on me, I needed wanted something that was still compact, but could fit a lot more inside of it.

Which brings me to my new Rosalie Coin Purse that I’m sharing with ya’ll today!

This is a brand new item for me, so I can’t review it. But I do want to share with you my first impression of it as well as compare it to comparable SLG from Louis Vuitton and Chanel!

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Rosalie First Impressions

Before we get to the comparisons, let’s go over my first impression for the Rosalie Coin Purse!

I order my Rosalie Coin Purse of Fashionphile for a slight discount at $450 USD. I always check the pre loved market first to see if I can get a better deal and honestly, they were running about the same price or more than what the Louis Vuitton site was offering. So if you were interested in this particular SLG, check the Louis Vuitton site first!

As for my first impressions of the Rosalie Coin Purse, I have to say that it’s pretty positive! This SLG has defiantly gotten some hype on social media and so far I agree with it. At 4.3 x 3.1 x 1 inches, this SLG is pretty compact, but features a slip pocket, 2 card slots, a wide

As for my first impressions of the Rosalie Coin Purse, I have to say that it’s pretty positive! This SLG has defiantly gotten some hype on social media and so far I agree with it. At 4.3 x 3.1 x 1 inches, this SLG is pretty compact, but features a slip pocket, 2 card slots, a wide gusseted center compartment and a coin section in the front.

While Louis Vuitton has several compact wallets that do a wonderful job and hold many different things (and we’ll go over those in a bit) I’m really liking how easy it is to just grab a card out of the center compartment with the Rosalie as compared to having to pull the card out from a card slot or card holder. The time saved is minimal, but it feels better at least to me, especially when you’re dealing with multiple cards.

I purchased my Rosalie Coin Purse in the Rose Poudre Empreinte leather–which is quickly becoming my favorite finish form the Maison. It just feels so buttery and soft in your hands. its something that feels like it will last a long time. I do want to say though that the monogram stamping on this SLG though looks very light compared to Emilie wallet which is several years old right now. With the Rosalie wallet being pre loved, it is possible that it is a bit older. however, since this items has no date code, it can’t be more than 2 years old. The light stamping doesn’t really bother me that much, but I did want to share it.

Overall my first impressions of the Rosalie Coin purse are very positive! Beyond it being absolutely adorable, it seems like it will be very functional for my life and where I’m at now.

Rosalie Comparison

The Rosalie Coin Purse is prefect for my lifestyle right now, but I was curious to see how this particular SLG stacked up with some other popular compact wallets from Louis Vuitton as well as the Card holder from Chanel. So I decide to go ahead and test the level of organization of each one, how much can fit, how easy it is to pull out what you need as well as compare the price points.

Just to make organizing this easier, The Rosalie Coin Purse has a good about of organization with the 2 card slots, center compartment and coin section. And it easily holds up to 12 cards, 8 bills and $2 worth of changes in different denominations. While it was full at this point, it didn’t feel stressed.

With the price, since leather is more expensive than canvas, I will be listing canvas prices only when comparing to other Louis Vuitton items. For reference, the Rosalie Coin Purse in canvas starts at $400 USD when the Empreinte Leather version is currently $490 USD.

Rosalie VS Round Coin Purse

I originally thought that it would be a good idea to compare these two because they both have ‘Coin Purse’ in the name. But upon further thought, this is like comparing apples to oranges. While they’re both SLG, the Rosalie functions WAY more like a wallet while the Round Coin Purse is…well a coin purse (or a case for your Airpod).

I personally really love my Round Coin Purse (it was the first Louis Vuitton item I ever bought!) and it defiantly holds more coins than the Rosalie does and can also hold about the same amount of cash rolled up. But it can’t fit any cards and. has zero organization, so it doesn’t compare. Currently, I’m not seeing round coin purses listed on the Louis Vuitton site by themselves, but they are available for purchase on the per loved market start at $525.USD.

Rosalie VS Zoe Wallet

I have owned the Zoe Wallet since the summer of 2018 and it took about a god year for me to switch out of it. This has been one of my favorite SLGs and between this and my card holder, I haven’t really felt a great need for anything else until now. So let’s compare this to the Rosalie Coin Purse!

As far as organization goes, the Zoe Wallet is highly organized! It has 4 card slots in the interior, with a zipper coin compartment to the size and a bill compartment up top. And on the back it features a slip pocket that you can use for more cards.

While I was able to max out this wallet at 10 cards (2 in each compartment), 8 bills and 2 dollars worth of coins in different denominations, the Zoe Wallet felt like it was getting ready to burst at the seams here. The button felt secure enough to were I wasn’t worried about it popping open due to stress, but it was defiantly uncomfortably full.

Normally when I use the Zoe Wallet, I’m just using my normal 3 bank cards and a gift card or two, so its rarely being stretch like this. If you plan on carrying only a few cards, this wallet could be a great option for you over the Rosalie. I also really love that I can keep my bills in the Zoe Wallet flat so I can sort through them more easily, which isn’t an option with the Rosalie Coin Purse.

Price wise, the canvas version of the Zoe Wallet is starting off at $560 USD in stores, making it a bit more expensive than the Rosalie Coin Purse.

Rosalie VS Chanel Card Holder

The Chanel Classic Card Holder is really comparable to the Rosalie in terms of size and aesthetic, so I thought that it would be helpful comparison.

Unlike the other options, the Classic Card Holder doesn’t have an option for coins–but most people are probably going to be okay with that. It does have a light level of organization thought with a slip pocket in the front and a gusseted compartment behind it.

As small as this wallet is, it can hold A LOT of cards. I was easily able to fit two cards in the front slip pocket and I honestly think if you really needed too, you could fit 3 in there. But the wide back compartment easily held 16 cards along with 8 bills folded up. And this caused absolutely no stress on the wallet at all.

Just for giggles, I tossed some coins into the center compartment losses with the cards and bills. When I tossed it around, the coins didn’t go anywhere, so it is possible to carry coins in this wallet too. though I think it’s impractical.

If cards and cash is your thing, the Chanel Classic Card Holder may be what you’re more interested in. It is more expensive at $625, But it by far holds the most cards and very easily at that.


I have been looking at The Rosalie Coin Purse for so long, and I’m excited to finally have my hands on it! While there are many different compact wallet options out there (both luxury and contemporary) the Rosalie Coin Purse really jus felt like the best of all worlds for me, with it being able to hold so many card , cash and coins while being easy to navigate. And while it’s still expensive as a luxury item, its’s price point comparatively is very decent, especially for how functional it is. While I still need some time to get better aquatinted with it as an SLG, I can say that I’m not disappointed that I purchased this.

If you’re considering purchasing the Rosalie Coin Purse or already own it, I would love to hear from you down below! And If you would like to see more SLG eye candy, be sure to check out my IG below!

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