If you told me last year that this little bum bag from Lululemon would quickly become one of my favorites, I wouldn’t have believed you– But you would have been right!

The Everywhere Belt Bag from Lululemon is a modern take on a 90’s / Y2K style and can be as chic as it is playful.

Its simple design makes it easy to wear–both in terms of styling and usability. And coming in at just under $40, makes it an option widely obtainable for most.

So for today’s blog, I wanted to take some time to explore the ever popular Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag (EBB), why I think this style is trending and who I think this bag would be great for.

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All About the Everywhere Belt Bag

Shop the Everywhere Belt Bag at Lululemon here

The EBB is a small belt bag constructed of water resistant nylon, coming in at 7.5″x 2″x 5″ with a strap length of up to 41.7″.

According to Lululemon, this bag was designed to be on the go with you, easily carrying your basics such as phone, keys, wallet, etc. With 3 net-like compartments in the interior and a zip compartment in the back I defiantly find this to be true.

With its camera bag like shape, this bag sets pretty flat against the body, making it really comfortable to wear, and easily hidden under a coat if you’re traveling.

This is a very popular bag and for good reason! Lululemon often sells out of these and has imposed a shopping limit of up to 10 of the EBB per purchase (For those who might be buying these as gifts or for resale).

Styling the EBB

As an athletsuire brand, Lululemon’s EBB was made for more sporty like styling.

I find this bags looks best with a more relaxed looked, paired with some joggers and a sweater for a quick trip out.

But with the wide color range and classic camera bag shape, you could make this bag look pretty smart pair with a light trench, turtleneck and trousers too.

Perhaps the easiest way to wear this bag is as a belt bag, like its intended design. With its generous strap, the EBB will fit and look comfortable on most body shapes.

This bag can also be worn as a shoulder bag as well. Although I don’t think it sits as nicely because of how it was cut, it’s so easy to just fling over your shoulders and go hands free with this one.

Though my most preferred way to wear this piece is across my chest. Especially when I need to be hands free with the kiddos, wearing the EBB like this allows for the bag to be secure against my person while still being easily accessed when needed.

What Fits?

  • Cles Pochette
  • Six Ring Key Holder
  • Card Holder
  • Small hand lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • PM Agenda
  • iPhone
  • Eyedrops
  • Small Pill Bottle
  • Lipstick/Lipgloss
  • AirPods

For such a small bag, this one fits a lot.

It easily carries all my daily essentials needed in a hand bag. Of course, this metric here is subjective as we all consider different things essential. But I think most people would find this bag perfect for day to day use.

One of the things that I love most about the EBB is that it fit my PM agenda perfectly! I have talked about this agenda many times and I basically don’t leave the house without it, especially now. So it fitting in the EBB with extra room for other things is a major plus for me.

The organization on this bag is also very useful as far as getting things to fit. There is the main compartment, where I store my bulkier SLGs, and then there are 3 netted slip compartments to the sized (1 long slip on the back, 2 half slips on the front) where I can store things such as lipglosses, meditations, lotion etc. Then in the back, there is a zipper compartment that I like to use to hold my phone for easy accesses.

Size wise, this bag is very close to the Chanel W.O.C or the YSL Mini Lou Camera bag, but it fits way more for a literal fraction of the cost.

How To Care for This Bag

Since this bag is nylon, it is fairly easy to clean. I buy water wipes in bulk, so I normally just take one of those and gently wipe away any spots that I might see.

For tougher stains, you can take a mix of warm water and gentle soap and with a light cloth, softly buff away at the stain. Wipe clean with a water wipe and let properly dry afterwards.

Why Is This So Popular?

This bag is simplicity meets functionality, which is exactly what I’m looking for when I’m investing in a bag. This bag does everything I want a daily grab-and-go bag to do, and in many ways it still feels luxurious– but without the $$$ price tag.

This bag reminds me in many ways of the Prada Re-Edition shoulder bag, which is of a similar size and material. I personally couldn’t bring myself to order the Re Edition because $700.00USD (at the time when I was looking) seemed way too much for a basic purse made from nylon with little organization to it.

No offense to Prada, but for me, it wasn’t worth it.

The EBB on the other hand is a bag with a well thought out design, feels as lux as the Re-Edition and is considerably less. People feel like they are getting a better deal with the EBB compared to some of these other luxury handbags and I honestly agree!

And because of that smart design, this bag is just easy to use in so many situations. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and the EBB has been the first purse I think to grab. When going to the grocery store or the park and I rather have something understated, this has been the bag I gravitate towards. I’ve even opted to use this bag on a few casual date nights around town too.

With the Everywhere Belt Bag, you’re get quality, functionality and a stylish design for a great price and that’s just been hard to find lately.

Do I Recommend This Bag?

The obvious answer is yes. 1000% yes.

But I would like to break this down a bit further. I recommend this bag for people who want something a bit more casual and sporty in their wardrobe, for people who are looking for a small, daily grab and go bag and for people who are looking for a gift (maybe for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day). Because of its functionality and it’s price tag, this bag is going to work with a wide range of people.

This bag however may not be for people who either a) need to carry a lot of items with them or b) extremely dislike when everyone has the same bag.

As wonderful as this bag is, it does have its limits in what it can fit. And some people just need more, so this just won’t work for them. And then if you’re the type of persona who just can’t stand to have the same thing as everyone else, then this also won’t be a good option for us. When I showed up to the movie theater last week with my friend, at least 10 other people had the exact same bag as this.

But even seeing all these other people with the exact same item as me, all I could things was ‘I totally understand why you picked this!’

Final Thoughts

If I rated bags, this would get a 9/10 for sure. I honestly can’t stop raving about it and it made me excited to check out other things from Lululemon as well.

And with such an affordable cost, I can’t recommend this one enough. If you are interested in pick this piece up, I highly recommend buying direct from Lululemon. They tend to re stock frequently enough, offer a diverse range of colors and the shipping is really fast!

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