I’m a major lip junkie. I’m willing to try almost any lipstick that is out there. But my all time favorite liquid lip product has got to be the Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue (Chanel Lip Duo’s)!

Chanel Lip Duos have been out for a long while now, but I just discovered them 2 years ago on a birthday trip up to Spokane.

I’m often asked how my lipstick stay’s looking amazing all throughout brunch or dinner dates and these Lip Duo’s are always my answer.

Not all luxury make up is worth the price–in fact a lot of itv isn’t. But I’ve been using these for some time now and I’m pretty hooked. I have yet to see anything in the drug store that compares with these.

So for today’s blog, I wanted to share with ya’ll everything I know about the beautiful Lip Duo’s from Chanel, and why you should make the investment.

Is there a specific question that you’re looking for? Feel free to use the table of content to skip around, or read right through =]

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How To Save On Chanel Beauty

Anytime I find that you can save a bit of coin, I share!

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Currently as part of their Spring promotion, Macy’s is offering 10% cash back through Rakuten. Especially with how expensive Chanel beauty can be, 10% cash back adds up quick.

Not all precuts featured in today’s blog can be purchased through Macy’s but I’ll let you know which ones that can so you can save a bit extra.

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What Are The Chanel Lip Duo’s?

The Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Liquid Lip Duos are ultra saturated, high shine glosses deigned for long wear. Direct from the Chanel site:

” (…made from) 2 complementary formulas (…to) ensure intense colour and staying power. Infused with micro-pigments and innovative polymers, the base glides on smoothly and dries quickly without feathering. The glossy top coat delivers comfortable, exceptional shine and superb hydration…”

These Lip Duo’s have been popular in the luxury beauty space for some time, but I only recently discovered them, and quickly fell in love with how truly long lasting they are.

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How Do They Wear?

When I tried the Chanel Lip Duo’s on at the beauty counter while on vacation, I was so impressed with how it felt and more impressed with how it wore. It looked beautiful, felt great once the top coat was applied and stayed put all day!

Of course, when I tried to apply it myself once I got home, it didn’t work the same. So I tucked the lipsticks away for a few months, until I came across a demo video that showed me how to correctly apply them. Once I got the hang of them, I was hooked and picked up a few more.

The key to gaining long lasting lip color with these duos is to apply the color first to healthy, but untreated lips. Applying a lip gloss or conditioning first to moisturize your lips first will only break the color down. What I like to do is apply a lip mask at night so by the morning time, my lips are smooth and ready to accept the color.

Next, you want to apply an even coat of color to your lips and let the color dry down. This is a very important step that I missed before and caused the color to break down fairly quickly. It will take about a minute or two for the color to dry down all the way.

Once the color dries (it will probably feel uncomfortable at this point)apply a layer of the clear coat on top to seal the color in. I would give the clear coat a minute to set, but afterwards you’re ready to be carefree with your lips. If you plan to do a lot of drinking or eating, I would recommend reapplying the clear top coat as it wears away through the day. This will help prolong your color.

How Do I Remove The Lipstick?

Because this is a long wearing lipstick, it will take a bit of elbow grease to come off. But I found that an oil base make up remover or micellular water works pretty good for getting the color off without rubbing your lips raw.

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What’s The Color Range Like?

They offer a fair amount of colors to choose from, and while I was skeptical at first, many of them do work well on darker and warmer skin tones. Thought I did find myself preferring to use a lip liner while wearing some of the lighter colors. In total, I now own seven colors of the Chanel Lip Duos: Light Brown, Chic Rosewood, Milky Blueberry, Intense Brown, Tender Beige, Sweet Berry and Ever Red.

In total, Chanel offers 26 shades to choose from and release limited edition shades as well, so I’m sure if you’re looking, you’ll find a prefect fit.

How Much Are They?

Coming in at $45.00 for a tube, this product is expensive. You get .26 FL oz per side and you don’t need to use too much product to see results, so it will last you a while. And while there are other products on the market that are smiler to the Chanel lip duos for a fraction of the price, they don’t last nearly as long. So if you are in the market for a long wearing lip stick, I think this one is worth the money.

Like many of Chanel’s products, the Lip Duos did just recently see a 5% price increase (up from $42.00 when I last purchased in October). In the two years that I’ve been purchasing this products, it has gone up $7. While that’s not necessarily a lot, this is a product you can expect to get more expensive as time goes on.

I purchased my lip duos directly from the Chanel beauty site. However these are also available through Macy’s with 10% cash back to Rakuten members and Ulta as well (for those who rather use their points to pick this up).

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of luxury beauty products out there that I don’t feel are worth the price or your time (including some from Chanel). But the Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Liquid Lip Duos in my opinion are worth every penny!

It’s a slight learning curve to figure out how veto apply them correctly. But once applied right, these long wearing lipsticks are actually long wearing.

These would be prefect for weddings or events that you expect to last a few hours where you don’t want to have to keep worrying about reapplying you’re make up.

This product is also great for bunches or dinners. While I don’t care if my lipstick rubs off when I eat, I know many people do and this lipstick has you covered here.

In the future, I do think I’ll purchase my new Lip Duos from Macy’s through Rakuten when I can get an additional 10% cash back to have save against the price increases this product sees yearly.

Overall thought this is a wonderful product that I grab for several times weekly and would (and have) happily buy it again. But what about you? Have you tried this product or are you thinking about? Let me know you’re thoughts or questions down below! And interested in seeing more looks with these Chanel Lip Duos? Then be sure to check out my IG!

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