The moment I saw this bag, I was obsessed. I started seeing advertisements for it on Facebook around November and just knew that I had to get my hands on it. A huge part of this obsession I feel like stems from FOMO. A few years ago, I literally had the Prada Heart shaped Oddet bag in my cart, but let it go because it wasn’t pink! I have regretted that decision for a while now, and really didn’t want that to happen again.

The day it came out in December, my husband bought it for me as a “get well soon” gift and I have been using it pretty consistently ever since.

While the bag has its quarks for sure (and we’ll cover them!) this has been on of my most used bags for daily errands apart from my LULULEMON Everyday Belt Bag. Apart from extremely sentimental value for me, I find this handbag to be a lovely piece for a particular type of person.

Seeing that Tiffany isn’t known for their leather goods and that this collection is still relatively new, I figured that now is the time to share with ya’ll my thoughts and observations on the Return To Tiffany Mini Heart bag. While you already know that I enjoy this bag, I do not feel like this is a universal bag great for everyone and we’ll explore why down below.

With my reviews, I like to try and consider everything that would influence a buying decisions to help you make the best choice. With that said, we’ll cover the all the basic information you need to know about the Mini Return To Tiffany Heart bag, as well as go over it’s functionality, showcase what it can fit inside, compare it to other handbags and other useful information . If there is a particular aspect of this review that you’re interested in, feel feel to use the table of contents to jump around.

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Table Of Contents

All About The Return To Tiffany Mini Heart Bag

Inspired by the ever popular Return to Tiffany heart shaped pendant, the Mini Heart tote was released in December of 2022 in 4 original shades (Crystal Pink, Tiffany Blue, Hibiscus Red and Black) and 3 sizing options (the mini, small and medium).

It was released during a period of major rebranding for Tiffany, as they were recently acquired by LVMH–a conglomerate known impart for their leather companies.

These Italian made handbags are crafted from all leather– save the little bits of sliver hardware that pop against the bag in a beautiful contrast. The outside is constructed of Taurillon leather while the inside is a smooth Nappa leather.

The bag features a beautiful silver chain with the brand classic oval “Return to Tiffany’s” dog tag that perfectly drapes over the embossed heart shaped leather with the same reframe.

The interior is protected by a leather flap with a magnetic closers and features one main compartment with an interior zip pocket in a brilliant Tiffany Blue lining.

The mini size is companied with a detachable leather strap, and also features 4 leather feet on the bottom to help protect the bag when you set it down.

The Return to Tiffany Mini Heart bag original retailed for $1,750 USD and was available online.

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Functionality, Usability & Durability

The most helpful thing for me when looking through reviews is seeing how functional, usable and durable and item really is. Especially if I’m going to be spending a mortgage payment+ on a particular piece, I want to really know what I’m getting myself into.

Functionality here refers to how the handbag operates while in use, i.e. does the layout of this bag work in a particle sense or is this more of an art peice? Usability refers to how the bag wears on your person, i.e. can you even wear this bag comfortably to want to use it and where can you wear it too? Finally durability refers to how hard wearing and well constructed the bag is.

For me, considering these 3 factors allows me to view an item in a less biased way and helps me best determine if any item is a good suit for me (and can help you decide for yourself too!)


As far as functionality goes, the Tiffany Mini Heart Tote has become an easy go to for me for a reason. The crossbody/top handle combo is easily one of my favorite styles for daily use because its convenient.

The top handle is extremely chic and makes grabbing your bag without a fuss a breeze while the crossbody strap easily allows you to wear your bag hands free for shopping or chasing after children.

As mentioned above, the Mini Heart Tote also features a leather flap with a magnetic closure to help protect your items inside. While I thought that I would find this bit annoying, I’m actually really glad that it’s there. It’s not too difficult to pop the flap open and closed with your hand. But its not easily moved with a bit of movement either, meaning if you accidentally tip your bag over, your stuff still stays inside. That little leather flap is also very nice for when you get caught in inclement weather as it will protect you things inside.

While I am a fan of handbags with a high amount of built in organization, I don’t mind the Mini Heart Tote just having one main compartment. For me the bag is small enough for one compartment to work. I can easily organize my pocket planner and other SLG’s standing up so that I can easily grab them with zero issues at all. This bag was truly made for its ease of use.


For the most part, this bag wears pretty nicely. The leather is quiet moldable so over time it has start to conform to my side is a way and feel very comfortable to wear on my hip crossbody or over my shoulder on the side. The strap itself being made of leather is very comfortable and easily worn for extended periods of time without digging into your shoulders.

The only minor issue I see as far as the strap goes, is that it is non adjustable. The strap length is a very decent one in my opinion , however if you’re on the taller or shorter side, the ability to adjust a strap to a more comfortable position is generally appreciated. However, I think most people will et on fine with this strap.

While not really an issue, I did want to mention that the top handle loop is an awkward sizing if you’re trying to fit your wrist through. While the wrist will fit, it’s an awkward shuffle that needs to happen and its not the most comfortable or practical if you need to be getting in and out of this bag. So I don’t suggest wearing it this way.


In the 3 months that I have used this bag in heavy rotation, I have yet to notice any wear, even on the silver hardware. This bag has gotten caught out in the rain and in the snow and is holding up very well. It being a textured leather lends a lot to its durability.

That said, the bag feel incredibly thin. When I first received the handbag, the leather felt dry. Not dry to the point where I was worried about cracking, but still like it needed air and some handling to get natural oils back into it.

The bag isn’t dry anymore after getting use, but the leather is still thin. It’s doesn’t have that suppleness that Louis Vuitton, Chanel or even Saint Laurent has with their leathers. and because of that, the bag doesn’t feel luxurious, which I know will be a huge problem for a lot of people. But despite the poorer quality of leather used, the handbag is still pretty hardy and well constructed.

While not an issue yet, I’m imaging that the feet on this bag will wear quickly on this bag. I don’t understand why, but the feet on this bag is made from small pieces of leather. Which over time will feel stress and won’t really be able to support the bag. Especially with Tiffany’s history with metals, and all the hardware that’s present on the bag, I just don’t understand why they didn’t make the feet silver as well.

What Fits Inside

  • Louis Vuitton PM agenda
  • Card Holder
  • Cles Pochette
  • Six Ring Key Holder
  • Louis Vuitton Cigarette case (for tissues!)
  • Round Coin Purse
  • Eye drops
  • Travel Perfume
  • Dior Lip gloss
  • Chanel Compact
  • Small pill bottle
  • iPhone 13
  • Sunglasses

The Mini Heart Tote easily holds everything I need for my daily errands and its super easy to get to everything too.

As mentioned above, I typically stand everything up vertically in this bag so I can see everything at a glance and pull what I need in and out. This is indeed a mini bag, but I in no way feel super limited in what I can carry.

Of course, I can switch things around too. For example, all my keys are digital so I don’t technically need the key holder. So I could instead switch that out and place either the Rosalie Coin Purse or the Zoe Wallet in there.

Or I could pack my Rosalie Coin Purse with the bulk of what I need and add my camera to this tote instead.

And while I find this a little impractical, you can fit and iPad mini in there (vertically with a case) along with the pm agenda, the Rosalie coin Purse, the Cles Pochette, your phone and other toiletry products. While the flap of the bag will remain open this way, you can still easily use the top hand and the crossbody. So it is a useable option.

Comparable Handbags

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When I first opened the Mini Heart Tote, I immediately thought of my Alma BB and my Sac de Jour Nano.

These bags have so much in common and I use them almost in the exact same way.

All 3 of these bag feature a top handle, a non adjustable strap, and feet. And they all fit just about the same about of items.

For me, the slight edge that the Mini Heart Tote has over the Alma BB and certainly the Sac de Jour is its magnetic closure. The ability to easily get in and out of your bag while it still being secure is exactly what I want. The fact that this looks like a piece of art is also a huge selling point for me.

However both the Alma and the Sac de Jour have metal feet and the leather feels way more luscious and luxurious. Honestly, if you already have one of these two bags, I don’t really think you need the Mini Heart Tote, because it’s going to feel like the same hand bag.

Price is also something to consider when comparing these bags together. The Alma BB starts at $1,760 USD for canvas and $1,960 for leather, going up from there. The Sac de Jour Nano starts at $2,500. However, you can find both for significantly less on the pre loved market at the moment.


As mentioned earlier, the Mini Heart Tote was purchased for $1,750 USD when it was first released, making it less expensive in retail than the leather Alma BB and Sac de Jour Nano options.

Objectively looking at this bag though, it’s hard to justify the price tag. With the Alma and the Sac de Jour you can feel the quality in the leather and they come with removable hardware (locks). They also have metal feet that will in the long run do a much better job of protecting the bag than the leather ones on the Mini Heart Tote could.

While the Mini Heart Tote does have that beautiful jewelry like Return to Tiffany’s chain, it’s non removable. And the leather quality, while strong, just doesn’t feel like luxury. I do feel like this is an extremely cute bag, and that it makes for a wonderful collectable. But if I’m solely looking at price, I feel like I’m getting a more quality product by going with one of the other options listed above.

Is This Bag Worth It?

For me the bag was 100% worth it. But this isn’t going to be true for everyone.

I like that this is an artsy piece. I LOVE that this was a gift to help cheer me up from my cancer diagnosis. And this bag being relatively easy to carry while easily fitting everything you need inside is just an added bonus for me.

I feel like this a great option for people who want something that is truly different, super cutesy, easy to use and defiantly for those who are handbag lovers and want to collect a piece of Tiffany’s history. I feel like people in this camp aren’t going to care so much about the subpar leather quaintly here and will really get the chance to enjoy the bag.

The Mini Heart Tote however probably won’t be a great option for people who looking for their first luxury bag around this size, picky about leather quality or someone looking to curate a very classic collection. People in this camp probably wouldn’t appreciate the trendiness of this piece and would likely rather spend the little bit extra to add a true fashion classic to their wardrobe.


I’ve said it several time now, but I love the Mini Heart Tote so much and I personally get a lot of wear out of her. But she’s not without her faults either.

The thin and easily drying leather doesn’t justify the price tag at all and the lack of metal feet feel like a potential problem in the future. But true lovers of this American heritage brand will absolutely love the design of this piece and beyond its faults, its truly a functional daily bag. Only you can make the call on if the bag is worth it for you or not, but for me, I’m 100% glad that I own it.

Is this a bag that you’re considering? Let me know why or why not down below. And if you’re looking for more eye candy, be sure to check out my IG!

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