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Mother’s Day, ( May 9th this year) is fast approaching. No seriously, its this Sunday

And do you know what the mother in your life wants this year? Besides health for their family, to be and feel COMFORTABLE!

Seriously, nothing beats staying in and being dressed in loungewear all day, cozied up with Netflix or a good book and a hot cup of tea.

Or at least said the mothers I polled.

So listed below in this bonus blog are a few idea with links to products that your mother will love to receive. All images below are stoppable! So just click to view and add to cart!

All these items are available in most stores for curbside/in-store pick up, or expedited shipping.

Herbivore Hydration Gift Set

I’ve spoken a bit about this brand in my Sephora Beauty Insider post, but they are worth bring up again. This clean beauty brand makes some of the most delectable products for your body and I just can recommend them enough. I was told by several folks to try out their body scrubs and I’m honestly hooked now. It’s a nice cleansing scrub with a wonderful scent ( I prefer the coconut one myself). It exfoliates your skin and moisturizes it at the same time. Its like magic in a bottle and any mother in your life will enjoy it. The best part here is that this one is coming in a set, along with their hydrating mist and a lip mask. So it’s almost like giving mom a mini spa treatment in a gift set!

Argento Vivo Mama Necklace

If the mom you’re shopping for like jewelry, then this necklace makes a sweet gift. I really thought these necklaces were silly until I received one and literally wore it for half a year straight. What I really like about this necklace is the little golden nods evenly spaced out around the necklace. It gives this relatively simple piece a bit more flare and edge, but still reads as elegant.

Volupsa Candles

I have talked about this candle in my Luxe Amazon Gift Guide but I wanted to bring it up again here, because it really is that good. Voluspa may not be as well recognized as Jo Molane or some other candle companies, but they certainly make a wide variety of amazing candles! I think the best thing about Voluspa candles are their throw. You literally just open the container and beautiful scents just still filling your space. If you’re shopping for a mama who loves home fragrance, then this is a great option for you.

Zella Mamsana Maternity Bike Shorts

I have been living in maternity bike shorts for the past week at this point and I have no shame about it! If you’re shopping around for a mommy who is expecting, this bike shorts are a great idea. Bike shorts offer a lot of versatility as far as styling goes and they are physically easy to wear. Which sounds strange to say, but when you can’t even bend over a quarter of the time, that statement starts to make some sense. This particular brand is constructed like shapewear and will actually help to support a growing belly, making it especially perfect for moms carrying low.

SMEG ’50s Retro Electric Kettle

This is a gift we received for our wedding from my roommate Shelly, and I still love and recommend it. This is defiantly a splurge for an electric kettle. But it’s cute and heats up fast. It has also lasted longer than any other electric kettle that I’ve owned so the price tag might actually really be worth it. While the white and pink versions are the most popular, it actually comes in a range of colors, so you’re bound to find one that matches mama’s kitchen.

Ugg Amita Throw Blanket

I know that everyone rants and raves about the Barefoot Dreams blankets, and they’re cool and all, but I really think Ugg makes them better. This has recently become my go to gift for those who want to feel cozy and everyone has loved it. So if your mom is the type to just cuddle up in bed with a good show or book, this is the gift right here. Ugg actually makes several different styles of blankets and throws as well as offers a range of colors to choose from as well, so you’ll surely find the prefect match for mom. And heads up, men like these too, so keep this in mind for Father’s Day.

Click & Grow Smart Garden

These little aquaponic indoor gardens make absolutely amazing gifts for any plant lover. While I personally prefer the Aerogardens ( I own 12 of them) I know a few folks who use the Click and Grow system and are super happy with them. You can use these to grow fresh herbs, greens and tomatoes straight in your kitchen if you’d like (the tomatoes come out so sweet!) Or, you can use these to get a jump start on your outside garden by starting your seeds in the best environment possible. I would say these are a must have if you love gardening but are lacking a green thumb, as they take away most of the mystery and guesswork for novice gardeners.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Slippers

So I’m not the biggest fan of Barefoot Dreams actually. But, I know several folks who have these slippers and they swear up and down by them. So I figured that I would include them in the list. Especially because they are priced better than the Ugg ones, which I think are comparable. What I do like about these ones thought is that they seem to come in a range of cute patters. And if you can pair that with an actually comfortable slipper, then I think you have a great gift on your hands.

Aura Smith Digital Picture Frame

This product made it onto my Mother’s Day gift guide last year and now it’s back again! I received mine as a gift from my sister-in-law and immediately gifted some to my folks and got some of my friends to pick up a frame as well. Unfortunately, ours stop working, so we had to get it repaired. But I still included it in this list because none of the others that I personally know about have any issues (I’m pretty sure we just got a factory faulty one). This digital picture frame not only has amazing quality, but is interactive in that you can easily share moments with friends and family, all through a classic picture frame design. This is the prefect gift for any sentimental mom like myself

Ohom Ui Monogram Golden Mug and Warmer Set

Lastly for this guide is this mug with a cup warmer. Why? Because it takes a lot of energy being a mom and by the time you realize you have tea or coffee, it’s already gone cold! In all seriousness though, this set looked so beautiful and I loved how it came monogramed. This would make an amazing gift for any warm drink lover in your life.

I’m posting this guide a few days later than I meant too, however, there is still plenty of time to pick up these gifts if you’re interested. Nordstrom does offer expedited shipping (free for cardholders ) and most of these things can be picked up at their department store.

Which of these items do you think the mom in your life would like best? Ley us know!

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