Luxe Amazon Dupes For Mother’s Day

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It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is almost here already. Each year I do a last minute Mother’s Day gift guide for those who typically wait to the last minute like I do.

But this year, in conjunction with that, I thought that I should put together a list of luxe-y dupe items that moms in your life will appreciate having.

Lavari Jewelry

I’ve been obsessed with Lavari jewelry Amazon lately. Their pieces have a such a feminine and elegant quality to them, plus they come in a range of colors. I really enjoy the mother of pearl finishes against their rose gold metals. But the also offer emeralds, onxy, purples and pinks, so I’m sure that you’ll find a color that you like. Their jewelry has that Van Clef & Arpels feel, but at a fraction of the cost.

Mother of Pearl Flower Drop Earring

Mother of Pearl and CZ Link Flower Bracelet

Karl Largafeild Paris Bags

I have talked about Karl Largerfeild bags in a few post before, however, these are really great dupes for Chanel bags, seeing that Mr Largarfeild was the head of Chanel for many many years. I personally own the Agyness bag and its a great dupe for the Chanel Reissue bag and amazing quality to boot! And the new Laura Pebble bag is very close in style to his iconic Boy bag design. If the mama in your life is into bags, or in need of a good quality bag, then these are some prefect options.

Lara Pebble Bag

Agyness Bag

Daisy Rose

This Amazon brand is a Youtube favorite. Daisy Rose is known for their spot on dupes for Louis Vuitton totes and wallets for very affordable prices. This is because their products are made from PU leather rather than real leather. Even though they don’t use genuine leather though, their products tend to hold up and they have great reviews. Please note thought that they no longer carry their famed damier dupes on Amazon, though they do have a variety of other prints. But if you want their checkered prints, check out their site here.

Cute accessories that they offer on their site. Click the image to shop–MonniBee.Blog

Tri Fold RFID Wallet

Tote Bag with Matching Clutch

Voluspa Candles

I feel like candles are a classic Mother’s Day gift, and I just personally have a thing for beautifully crafted candles burning in a clean home. It just brings such a senes of relaxation and peace. Jo Malone and Diptyque are great luxury candles, but if you’re looking for a high quality candle for less, give Voluspa a try. These proprietary blend coconut wax candles come in beautiful glass containers and have an amazing throw that will fill your home with wonderful scents.

French Cade and Lavender Large Candle

Rose Patel and Ice Cream Small Glass Candle

Bonus: Ugg Blanket

So this isn’t a dupe gift, but for sure an option you should consider for the mama in your life. I purchased this blanket during a snow storm we had earlier this year and haven’t really parted with it since. It is so soft and fluffy, it feels like you’re cuddling with a cloud. Plus it comes in such a range of colors that you’re sure to find a shade that your special someone will love. I have honestly purchased this blanket 3 times now for gifts, and I’m considering getting a few more for around the house.

UGG Whitecap Plush Flannel Oversized Blanket

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