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Mother’s Day 2020 seems to have snuck up on us all with everything happening in the wold right now. But this doesn’t mean that you still can’t find some wonderful gifts to show your appreciation for one of the most important people in your life.

Since I always seem to be a last minute shopper, I know of more than a few places that have the prefect gifts for mom and will deliver within a day or two. Plus, many of these places are offering discounts and free shipping or local curbside pick up.

And one of the best parts is, many of these gifts can be ordered through Rakuten (previously eBates). I’ve talk about Rakuten all the time on this site, but if you’re not signed up, it will be worth your while. Rakuten offers you cash back at top retailers, and currently, they are giving you $30 cash back when you sign up and use there platform! So if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck while gift shopping, definitely check this link out.

Edison chatting with grandma using her new FB Portal| MonniBee.Blog

Facebook Portal- Starting at $79

If your parent is in to video calling and has Messenger or WhatsApp, then this a great gift for them. The new Facebook Portal comes in 3 sizes (8in, 10in and 15.6in ) and starts off at just $80. Facebook Portal allows you to call anyone who has access to Messenger or WhatsApps and features a smart lens that will follow you around during the call. The lens can even pan out when more people enter the room so that everyone can be in frame–all with no effort on your part.

Facebook Portal also comes with Alexa built into the device, giving you more functionality, can double as a picture display and features Storytime, which allows you and the kiddos to play music and dress up like some of your favorite characters using AR technology.

This is one of the gifts that I picked up for my mom this year, and even though she’s not an avid Facebook user, she loves this and loves chatting with her grandkids (and I guess me too ) with it. And best of all, this is currently on sale for $50 off until May 9th. Amazon is offering 2-day shipping, so this gift will come in right on time for Mother’s Day.

two dozen roses from| MonniBee.Blog

Magnificent Roses-Starting at $175

Persevered roses is a trend that I’m loving atm. But while you can easily make persevered arrangements on your own, it may be a bit too late to get started if you want to make them for mom. So Magnificent Roses from 1-800-Flowers is your next safe bet. These are both lovely and affordable and you can get next day shipping in most areas.

Stephen got me these for Valentines Day this year and they come beautifully wrapped in a sturdy box. They are a beautiful decor piece in just about any space and will last for several years if kept up right ( I have some that are going on 4 years now!).

Useful tip: Head to Rakuten and search for 1-800-Flowers on their site for 5% cash back. Then use code FLOWER10 for an additional 10% off at checkout.

Photo books from Walgreens| MonniBee.Blog

Photo Books- Starting at $19

As a photographer, photo books are some of my favorite gifts to give. They are so meaningful and a keepsake people cherish for years.

I prefer using an actually printing lab for photo books, but it’s a bit too late to go this route if you would like it in time for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, there are a few local options that offer same day printing and pick up.

Target, Walgreens and Walmart all offer same day photo book printing at most of their location. These books are relatively easy to make, with each store having an option to auto fill your book layout–all you have to do is upload your photos!

The quality of these books are actually pretty nice considering the turn around time and make wonderful coffee table books. They start at around $19 and go up from there depending on the quality of materials you choose for your book.

Useful Tip: Search ‘Walgreens‘ on Rakuten for 3% cash back, and use code “FORMOM” for 50% off photo products through May 9th. Pay online and pick up in stores with minimal social interaction.

Robovac tidying up the living room |Monnibee.Blog

Eufy RoboVac- Starting at $260

If the mom in your life is obsessed with cleaning and tech like I am, then a robovac is a wonderful option for a gift. We recently picked one up after the birth of Franklin and it has simplified my cleaning routine so much.

With all of us having seasonal allergies, I was vacuuming our floors daily to clear the house of pollen and dust. Before getting our robovac (we got the Eufy 15c Max) I would spend about and 45 minutes to and hour a day just vacuuming. Now, with our robovac set to vacuum each night, I only need to worry about vacuuming our high ply carpets upstairs.

There are many different models of robovacs on the market now, but we are very happy with the performance of the 15c Max by Eufy.

Yummy treats from local tea shop, Victorian Connection | Monnibee.Blog

Sweet Arrangements-Starting at $40

For the moms with a sweet tooth, fruit and chocolate arrangements are always a great gift idea. Again, you have many options for when it comes to buying food based arrangements, but I highly suggest shopping local, or ordering from Fruit (part of 1-800-Flowers).

Many local chocolate shops (at least in my area) are still taking orders for Mothers Day. But if your local shops are all booked, Fruit offers same day delivery all the way up until Mothers Day. They offer a wide rang of arrangements starting at just $40. is also part of a larger family that offers many celebration and sympathy gifts with same day delivery options that you should check out.

Fruit arrangements generally aren’t my thing, but I have received some chocolate dipped strawberries through this service before and they were amazing! Get 5% cash back on your purchase by shopping through Rakuten and use code: SAVETWENTY at check out for 20% off.

Aura Digital Frame-Starting at $179

So this is a surprise addition to my guide, as I just received this as a gift today from my in laws and absolutely love it! The Aura digital picture frame allows you to display an unlimited amount of photos, uploaded directly from your phone.

The display screen is absolutely beautiful too with a photo like quality to it. You can invite multiple people to share images on your frame as well, making it a more interactive experience. Our frame came loaded with some of our favorite family pictures on it already.

The set up for this frame is super simple, and on the app, you can set up different albums, change speed, invite people to join your frame and much more. The Aura frames normally start at $199, but for Mother’s Day, they are taking $20 off at check out and offering free 2 day shipping.

These frames are also being sold on with some options available for 2 day shipping. However, at the time of this post, the majority of the frames listed on Amazon will arrive after Mother’s Day.

To me, the most precious gifts as a mom don’t come with a price tag. I enjoy the sweet moments with my family (and also a few stolen moments to myself) way more than anything else. But a thoughtful gift like the ones listed above will always be welcomed.

What do you plan on doing for Mother’s day this year? Let us know!

Stay safe ya’ll!

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