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As I ballon ever closer to my due date, I’ve noticed that there are few things that actually bother me. Things have been relativity smooth going for us and it has been wonderful.

But when things do tick me off, boy, do they tick me off. For me personally, it’s been forced human interaction. Much love to all my friends, but no, I don’t want to spend hours hanging out. I want to stretch my body and then eat a pint of ice cream.

So I recently reached out to fellow mommy bloggers to see what things they just couldn’t be bothered with during their pregnancies. I have to say: I feel like all of us mommies can 100% relate to many of these responses.

Their responses are categorized into 5 things pregnant women just can’t be bothered with and left all the mama’s responses below. Be sure to check out their blogs and social media accounts as well!


Leaving the house. Having guests. 
I had the most horrid pregnancies I really couldn’t be bothered with much. Morning sickness all through out and so dehydrated I was admitted at the hospital on and off the whole time. –Yayra from Immigrant Mother In Europe

My husband wasn’t allowed to complain about ANYTHING. I don’t care what it was, I didn’t want to hear it. 😂–Rigel from Holes in Your Socks

Haha – when my husband would complain about any weight gain/aches/pain/tiredness of his own! Lol– Christina

I couldn’t stop stressing my husband for any slightest thing. Oh mine… I really dealt with my husband but loved him for sacrificing beyond my imagination.–Mercy from So, You Are Now A Mom?

Social events! I had so much extra social anxiety during my pregnancies, we eventually figured out it was easier and better for everyone if I just didn’t attend social events. –Amy from Mom Fuel

Clothing/ Getting Ready

Maternity clothes!! the price tag of majority of nursing AND maternity clothes were way too expensive for my liking. — Minh from In Pursuit of Chic

Pants! Lol none ever fit me right and I was so uncomfortable in them so I wore a lot of super stretchy pencil skirts and it was way more comfortable🙌🏼–Izzy from The Art of Mom-ing

My normal shoes! Unfortunately I have special shoes I wear during pregnancy because my feet swell up 2 sizes!! And no I did not have gestational diabetes or preeclampsia! –Alyssa from MamaLyssa

Non maternity clothing of any kind. I love my maternity clothes so much I’m still wearing some! The maternity shirts hide muffin top so good it’s not even funny! And why have we not been wearing maternity waist band pants forever? A solid question. Ask any mom, I bet they will agree.–Brooke from Sassy, Smart & Simple

I couldn’t be bothered to worry about how I was dressed! I generally like to make sure my outfits are cute and put together but when I was pregnant I was too big and uncomfortable to care. It was leggings and stretchy clothes all the way. 😂 Ellen from Ellen Sunflower

Our Body

Stretch marks.. I didn’t bother applying all those oils that people suggest in order to prevent them.. Luckily, I didn’t get even a single stretch mark through the 9 months- Lynn from Nursing Mammy

oilet breaks are a must do. You can’t complain if I go potty ten times a day. My husband reached a point where he would ask if I needed to go on arrival to our destination. Sleep timetable was nonexistent I slept wherever that was before my big belly kept me awake. (No comfortable position). Lastly the wobbly duck walk, couldn’t help it. Had to make space for the belly. 😘–Natasha from Mrs Chetty Life

My first kid: working out! Learned the hard way labor is called labor for a reason 😂 Second one was a lot easier when I got my booty off the couch! Also I had a toddler to chase so sitting still wasn’t an option.– Meredith from Motherhood by Meredith

I couldn’t be bothered to shave! I got waxed at one point but otherwise was like, meh. I can barely reach my legs! And I guarantee the midwife didn’t care one bit if my bikini line wasn’t perfectly groomed.– Catherine from To and Fro Fam


Complicated meals! I kept the cooking simple and put some away in the freezer for after the baby came.– Cindy from Smart Family Money

cooking meat or eggs! Sorry not sorry! But the smell of meat and eggs made me feel so sick I wasn’t about to touch it or cook with it while I had morning sickness. -Liz from Blue & Hazel  

I couldn’t stand the smell of onions. Never used onions when cooking during my entire pregnancy. I couldn’t touch any food with onions. Could. Not. Touch. 
And I hated showering too. But I had to do it. Not everyday, but I did it. Atleast four times a week. 🙈– Mel from Mel’s Mommy Chronicles

I couldn’t stand the smell of ANY MEAT and my morning/all day sickness had me constantly in the ER and thin as a pencil. I couldn’t eat ANYTHING but applesauce and crackers for months Smh–Tee from Epiphany Ofher


I have two.
Jeans! Sooo uncomfortable. They aggravated my symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). I wore maxi skirts, dresses, yoga pants, and leggings and was much happier. 
Cooking/baking. I had no interest in making meals. The smell of meat made me sick to my stomach. Plus, I was so tired at the end of the day I didn’t have the energy to cook for anyone. We ate out a lot when I was pregnant–Emma from Muddy Boots & Diamonds

I hated even having to leave the house in the first trimester. The constant nausea didn’t make me want to do much of anything. Fancy play dates and outings for my toddler went out the window with baby #2! Also, maternity clothes. I think I wore the same 2 pairs of jeans my whole pregnancy!–Amy from The Purple Monarch

1. I had been eating clean just before I got pregnant and knew To take preg test because looking at spinach made me nauseated. 2. Stopped worrying about whether I was meeting “expectations” of extended family, traveling for every holiday/birthday. 3. I started snoring, my husband was nudging me all the time at night to stop…so I slept with the dog on the couch and got great sleep! LeeAnne @gingermamarn on IG

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I couldn’t be bothered to even get up off the couch to change the thermostat. Instead, I’d text my husband who had the thermostat app on his phone and he’d make it cooler remotely. 
Stephanie from Mommysaurus

I couldn’t be bothered to travel during my third trimester (due during the holidays) I had to say sorry family. I was staying close to the hospital just in case lol–Rosaura from Solutions Mommy

It was fun seeing all the difference response from fellow mommy bloggers! Do you agree with these? Let us know what are some of your biggest pregnant pet peeves are over on IG!

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