I can’t begin to tell ya’ll how many times over the course of the last half year that I’ve set down and tried to write out a blog or post on social media.

Adjusting to life as a new mom of two, during a pandemic and then becoming pregnant-again- has been a full time job all on it’s own. One that I’m thankful for, but very demanding in its own right. Coupled with the fact that I’ve also been keeping up with my businesses outside of social media, I just haven’t yet found the balance that I would like to strike between juggling all three.

But, I have missed blogging and interacting with ya’ll A LOT. And to my surprise, my blog has actually grown quite a bit during my prolonged absence (Thank you!)

It’s been a busy year. But there is SO much that I’m excited to share with ya’ll — Monnibee.blog

Being the planner that I am, I took some time to really look over my analytics and here’s what I’ve notice:

  1. There are two distinct niches that visit this site. Those that are into life style content and those that are into business.
  2. You prefer it when I post regularly (love, me too lol)
  3. You prefer longer, value driven content over short listicles

I gathered all this information and made a plan to move forward. Hopefully this plan will make it easier for to use the blog as an outlet, and for ya’ll to get the value that you are looking for.

Moving forward, I still want to target posting twice a week. Once on Tuesday and again on Thursday. But the vast majority of these post will now be geared towards life style content. I have a ton of deep reviews on beauty and fashion products to offer which I think ya’ll will find most helpful. And these post are a bit more easier for me to do as they require less research.

You know that this mommy love luxury as well as waving money, so be ready for some in depth guides on how to shop and get the best bang for your buck!

Looking forward to sharing my business journey with physically products with ya’ll soon. -Monnibee.blog

And if you’re into my business content, don’t worry. Twice a month on the first Tuesday and last Thursday, I plan to do a deep dive into business related topics. My business post are a lot harder for me to knock out because they require much more labour in order to be valuable to you as a reader. But I so enjoy making these post for ya’ll and I know you guys appreciate seeing these too.

My business content will still be geared towards moms working from home, but will range from my experience in real estate, being a brand consultant/ product photographer and my journey into launching my first physical product (You’ll definitely be hearing more on that soon).

Ultimately ya’ll, 2020 just had me all over the place– but also learning a lot in the process of being pulled in all directions. I’ve been gone for a long while, but I’m hopping this change in how things are being run on this end will bring a bit more consistency to my life and some useful content to yours.

Until Tuesday my friends!

A long year of transition, but happy with the processes none the less. Monnibee.blog

P.S: What type of topics would you like me to cover? Be sure to let me know!

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