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Its that time of year again for the Sephora VIB Sale, where beauty insiders can get anywhere from 10-20% off their favorite products.

To be honest, this is the main time of year when I stock up on all my beauty faves and pick out a few new things to try.

As a VIB Rouge member, receiving 20% off my entire purchase for the entirety of the sale is an amazing savings that I just can’t beat. Especially since I’m huge into skincare, anything I can do to save a bit of money for my face is welcomed!

Since pretty much everything in the store is up for sale, it can feel a bit overwhelming to figure out what you wanna get. So in this blog, I want to highlight some of the products I think will be great buys and how you can get added savings on top of this sale.

To make things a bit easier on myself and ya’ll, I’ll break this post down by categories, starting with skincare, followed by make up then finishing off with tools.

Rakuten has an app, making it easy to get cash back even on the go—MonniBee.Blog

How To Get 2% Cash Back

Wheatear you’re new to Sephora or a long time VIB Rouge member like myself, anyone can now get 2% cash back with their purchase from Sephora through Rakuten.

I bring them up often, but they are truly a great and easy way to save money when making purchases. Since most Sephora’s are now offering in store or curbside pick up, you can easily place your order online and pick up your items when you are ready.

And with their browser extension, they make it very easy to know which sites are offering cash back, how much you can get and even view different coupons you can use to save even more.

New to Rakuten? Use this link here to sign up and receive a free $25 with your first purchase through their app.

Some of my favorite skin care products. Been lo wing this coconut body scrub lately—MonniBee.Blog


Out of everything, this is perhaps my favorite topic. Now that I’m thriving in my thirty’s, taking care of my skin is a major priority for me. I have some tried and true products that I love for myself, but there are also lots of things that I’m excited to try out.

Tatcha Rice Wash–$35

I’m a huge fan of Tatcha products and always seem to gravitate back to them. This wash is gentle enough to use daily, while strong enough to give you a full deep cleanse of your skin. My skin always looks smooth and bright after use. Honestly, if I didn’t already have a back up for this product, it would be on my to buy list this time around.

Clinque Take The Day Off–$31

This oldie but goodie is great for though of us who love a good double cleanse. Whether I’m just looking for a quick cash wash at night or to do a deeper cleanse, this product just seems to melts the make up right off. This is again a product that I always have back ups of, so if you would like to try it, now would be the time.

Fenty Skin Star’r Set–$40

These are relatively new products for me, but this kit made my list because I was pleasantly surprised with how well each of these worked. While the Fat Water was definitely my favorite out of all three, the Hydra Vizor moisturizer with SPF is great for morning use and the Total Cleans’r does a good job of cleaning the skin. If you are looking to dip your toe into Fenty Skin care, this starter kit is a good introduction.

ORIGINS Activated Charcoal Mask–$27

Of course, I had to have a face mask on this list. Origins has been one of my favorite skin care brands for years now and I’m a huge fan of many of their products. I particularly like this facemark here though. It’s nice to relax with in a bath and does a wonderful job sucking out impurities from your skin. I also enjoy the price point. Masks that do similar things often go for $40+. At $27, this is already a great deal in my eyes.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask–$22

I’m the type of person who just doesn’t tolerate dried lips. So a nightly lip routine is a must for me. While the Tatcha Kissu Lip Balm has been my tried and true product for soft lips, this particle product has been recommended to me by several of my beauty junky friends as a solid back up. And unlike the Tatcha Kissu Balm, this Sleeping Mask comes in a variety of scents and flavors too.

Herbivore Body Polish-$36

Skincare isn’t just for your face. With summer coming up, and especially with this pregnancy drying out my skin, I have come to appreciate a good body exfoliant to rejuvenate my skin and give me a healthy glow. I have tried many body exfoliants but this one came highly recommend to me and after testing it out, I can see why. It smells like macaroons and leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated after use. Its a serious bit of magic in your shower routine.

Make up worth picking up during the VIB Sale—MonniBee.Blog

Make Up

To be honest, make up hasn’t excited me the way it once has. I think that part of it is to due with the fact that there’s a full global pandemic so I’m not really going anywhere. Coupled with being a mom of tiny humans at this point, I just don’t have much time to get ready. But I still like to keep my finger on the pulse of new products that do come out, and of course, I have some of my favorite items that I always like to make sure that I have on hand

Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation–$88

I bought this foundation during a summer sale Sephora had last year and imededitaily fell in love with it. This is defiantly a splurge item. But buying it while it’s on sale is the time to get it. I really enjoy the feel of this foundation, as it wears pretty light on the skin. The finish of it is soft and matte, however, a little bit of glow does come through that gives off just a really natural finish.

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint–$29.50

I love the Laura Mericer skin tint and have reviewed that on this blog before. But this skin tint here has been getting rave reviews and comes in at less of a price point than the LM one does, so I figured that this is worth a go. The Fenty Beauty line honestly can be a hit and a miss for me. However in my experience with the brand, the compilation products are always a win, so I think this will be a great spring/summer option for thought not looking for a full coverage foundation.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Liner–$22

This is another product that I would consider a splurge item that is totally worth getting on sale. Too Faced makes some of the best eyeliner in my opinion and this particular one just glides over the lids so smooth and easily. My mom actually introduced me to this one and I haven’t switched up since. I have tried many, but I always come back to wanting to use this one. Too Face does go on sale a lot, so if you happen to miss this sale, keep your eyes peeled for the nest one.

Too Faced Mini Let’s Plat Palette–$27

For quick mornings, I have found my self gravitating towards mini palettes lately. I feel like there is little thinking that needs to be done with them–the selection is limited so the choices are easy, and that’s what mama wants. I have been a huge fan of their mini gingerbread palette for the fall and winter time, but I think this Let’s Play palette with it’s beautiful pinks, golds and browns will be great for spring, and work well on a range of skin tones.

Too Faced Born This Way Turn Up the Light Highlighter–$42
Fenty Beauty Killawatt Free Style Highlighter–$37

It was hard to decided which highlighter palette to suggest to ya’ll since I change between these two frequently. So I’ll just suggest them both. I love using the Too Faced highlighter palette for days I want something more subdued and natural. And the Fenty Beauty Killawatt highlighter is amazing for days I want high shine on my cheeks. I also really like that these are formulated to be safe around the eyes as well. When I’m feeling really tired/lacking on time, I’ll just pop these on my lids to pull a quick look together.

BECCA Mineral Blush–$32

I’m really picky about my blushes, as I prefer a naturally flushed look to my skin. BECCA makes some amazing skin finishes and their blush is no different. Currently, Sephora isn’t offering many color options for them, so I’m not sure if they are slated to discontinued. Hopefully not, but if so, now may be the time to get your hands on this amazing blush.

These tools have been amazing for my skin lately. On sale now at Sephora.—MonniBee.Blog


The VIB Sale is the best time to try out some new tools that you may have had your eyes on. Most of these tools hardly ever go on sale so to get able to save a full 20% off (with 2% cash back to boot) will help you save a pretty penny. These are some of the tools that I have my eye on.

DRx SpectraLite FaceWare–$435

This is probably one of the more expensive tools that Sephora has to offer. So if you want to try it, during this sell is the time. I have heard great reviews on this item and both my husband and I are sort of interested in seeing what it can do for our skin, so we might invest in it.

Pro Facial Steamer–$149

I love a good facial steam! Before covid, I would go in monthly for a facial and a good steaming was always a part of my treatment. These are great for opening up your pores and prepping your skin for deep cleanses and masks. Plus it’s a great way to relax and unwind. This one is a bit more on the expensive side for a facial steamer, but it has good reviews and is currently 20% off.

Foreo Luna Mini 3–$159

I have used this silicon based facial cleaner for about 3 years now and I love it! The Luna Mini helps to identify the different problem areas of your skin, and shows you where to clean with the Luna and for how long. It will automate the routine for you, so all you have to do is set it up and then press go. You can find theses cheaper periodically at places such as TJMaxx and Marshall’s, but they tend to get snatched up quickly. So getting it during this sale could be a good idea.

PMD Pro–$199

This is a product that I was originally skeptical about, but I’m happy to say that I’m glad I have it. I purchased this shortly after I had to cancel my monthly facials. While it’s not quite the same as getting microderm treatments in the salon, it does go a long way in smoothing and refreshing your skin. If you’re looking for an item to splurge on, I highly recommend this.

The Sephora VIB sales runs from April 9th-the 19th with Rouge members eligible for savings now, VIB members eligible on the 13th and Beauty Insiders eligible on the 15th. And don’t forget that you can get an additional 2% cash back with any Sephora purchase using Rakuten.

What are you looking forward to picking up during the sale?


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