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This is my part two of my very much delayed 30th birthday haul. If you would like to see what I got from Chanel, check out this post here.

I honestly haven’t been inspired by Louis Vuitton for quite some time. While they create some of my favorite pieces, they are defiantly classic in their style and that’s not how I describe my personal aesthetic.

So when they came out with the Escale collection last year, I was excited to pick up a few small pieces for my birthday/ push present (because I was also gearing up to be a mother for the second time during this release).

I was really inspired by the tie-dyed multi color pastel pieces and even thought about snagging up the On-The-Go tote they offered in that print. It was very tempting, but with 3 Neverfulls that I’m not ready to give up, I begrudging let that bag go.

While there were definitely some items that got away from me, here are the items I did pick up


I generally get my twillies from Coach, as they are a bit more inexpensive yet still sever the same purpose. For my 30th however, I decided to splurge and picked up this one. My original plan was to be using it on my Neverfull for decoration, but since I haven’t been using it much due to this panorama, I’ve been enjoying it as a bow or wrap in my ponytails.

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Cosmetic Case

I had been dreaming of a Louis Vuitton card case for years at this point. I have always found them to be beautiful and classic. But to be honest, I was way more drawn to the patterns that Coach has been offering (I love floral prints, and Coach has some amazing quality products, I don’t care what some others might have to say about that).

But when Louis Vuitton came out with their Escale collection, I thought that the pastel watercoloring on this was beyond gorgeous. I haven’t gotten much of an opportunity to use it because again, travel restriction. But I have played around with it and it actually can fit a nice amount of products in it . Definitely excited to use it for more travel.

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Clemence Notebook

This was another piece that I saw and just couldn’t leave behind. Is it reasonable to spend $250 on a note book? Probably not.

But I love stationary and writing (have a whole shop dedicated to it) and this is an item that I use almost daily in conjunction with my desk agenda. So for me, this was worth it.

Though as a paper snob, I do have to admit, the paper quality could defiantly be better.

Either way, I have now decided that each year, I plan on buying the new design for the Clemence Notebook for my birthday as a memento and motivation to keep journaling.

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100ml Travel Case

I have had my eyes on the 100ml Travel Case for some time now.

This was definitely inspired by YouTube and instagram to get this piece as it looked so beautiful in the classic monogram. But I’m a colorful person and when presented with this option here with delicate pinks, yellows and blues, I clearly went in that direction.

Since getting this item, I have used it for some short hospital stays to keep my jewelry in, and it works out okay, except for when trying to store dainty necklaces that are prone to knotting.

In the future though. I do plan on using it to store my Louis Vuitton perfumes. I have received a few gift samples from them, and now I’m convinced that they are worth their price tag. So I’m planning on treating my self for my 31st to a bottle or two.

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LV Revisable Belt

The last piece that I picked up from this collection was this beautiful reversible belt in beige.

I defiantly wasn’t planning on picking up this item, but I’ve been incorporating a lot more belts into my wardrobe lately and I really liked how simple this belt is. It’s more adjustable than the Gucci Marmont belt is so I find that it works better with my jeans. Plus the beige color is a great neutral color that goes with most of the items in my closet. This is probably the most used belt in my closet now. The only thing that I would possible want different is a more understated belt buckle.

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Reflecting back on what I picked up for my 30th a year later still brings so much happiness and joy to my heart.

It still would have been amazing to have gone to Iceland and England and have that experience with my family. But with such young children, ultimately being safe rather than sorry is more important to us.

Besides, getting the option to expand my collection is a very nice consolation prize.

Did Covid ruin any of your travel plans? What did you end up doing instead? Let me know below!

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