October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this October I celebrate my first of many cancer-anniversaries!

When I diagnosed a year ago, I made a promise to myself that I would focus on the things that brought me the most joy–and one of those things is fashion.

While I meant to create a lot more content in celebration of this month (I just finished up radiation and wow that made me tired!), I am excited that I am getting around to sharing my top 5 pink luxury bags in honor of this month! I know ya’ll love good eye candy, so I’ll do my best to provide links to every bag posted as well as links to more information in case you’re interested in finding the bags for yourself.

If you want to see my entire pink bag collection as of 2022, I’ll leave the video down below for you to enjoy. I have also done individual videos on a few of the bags as well, and I’ll post them toward the end of their sections in case you want to learn and see more about these handbags as well.

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Chanel 19s Pink Iridescent WOC

The first bag that always comes to mind when I think of my favorite pink bags in my collection is always this one! Its so beautiful and I honestly feel like it was one of the last truly great Chanel bags, as the quality has defiantly been hit or miss since 2020.

While I really wish I was able to get my hands on the small flap version of this bag, the WOC is still absolutely perfect and a dream to have. I’m a big fan of the WOC style anyways as its prefect for daily use and for travel. And while I don’t use this one as much as I once did, I still find myself gravitating to this piece a lot.

This particular collection was VERY popular, so it can be hard to find them pre-loved–especially the ones that have the glass pearl CC detail. But I have listed the ones that I have been able to find below.

You can learn more about the 19s iridescent collection with this and this blog post.

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Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM

The Montaigne MM has long since been one of my favorite work bags. It’s the perfect medium sized bag that can hold most of your work essentials.

Sadly, it cannot for a laptop without misshaping the leather, so I don’t really use it for that. But it can hold mu iPad very comfortably, which is all i need when I leave to work on-site anyways.

And the Rose Prudro color from Louis Vuitton is absolutely immcaulate–I think that it is by far my favorite pink shade from the brand. That coupled with the soft empreiente leather justs makes the bag a work of art to me.

If you’re looking for a nice ‘grown up’ feeling bag from Vuitton, but you’re not looking to invest in the Capucines price point yet, the Montaigne may be a good option for you.

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Saint Laurent nano Sac de Jour

The Sac de Jour from Saint Laurent was a bag that I honestly wasn’t sure about at first, but it consistency ends up on my list of favorites.

While this bag definitely takes heavy inspiration from the Hermes Birkin, I feel like it’s unique enough on its own to keep in my collection.

And when it comes to quality, I often feel like Saint Laurent is overlooked which is a shame. The calf skin on the Sac de Jour feels so buttery soft, while also having a good amount of structure built into it.

The nano size is perfect for daily use too, as it fits just about everything that I need for an outing, including my small sized agenda, my 6 ring key holder and my Rosalie coin purse. Over all this is just a wonderful bag that I think most people would enjoy using.

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Louis Vuitton Neonoe In Monogram with Rose Ballerina interior

This is the newest bag that I have purchased and I honestly have to say that I’m in love! I have thought long and hard about what type of noe bag I would be adding to my collection and the Neonoe has definitely been worth it.

The chocolate-y browns mixed with the cool rose ballerina pinkies the perfect girlie fall combo. Plus this is a wonderful medium sized bag, as again it can fit most of everything that I need for the day of need to take to work with me. It won’t be able to fit a laptop in it, but like the Montaigne, it can fit an iPad with and keyboard, which is prefect for me.

I used this bag last week at the pumpkin patch and it makes an excellent mom bag as well. I had orginally been worried about it being an open tote, but with it’s draw string close, I haven’t had issues with my items falling out.

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Chanel classic mini in Sakura Pink

If you told me 10 years ago that I would have a sizable Chanel collection, I don’t think I would have believed you. But here i am, able to share with you not 1, but 2 of my favorite Chanel bags!

I am such a fan of the Chanel classic minis, as it gives you the feel of the classic flap without the extra weight or fuss of one.

I was blessed enough to find my classic mini in this beautiful Sakura pink color, and I pretty much find any excuse to wear it.

This is a mini bag so it won’t hold much more than the WOC does, but its a great bag for quick earns, dinner dates, girls night out and specail events.

Bonus-Chanel Boy

I wanted to keep this list to only 5, but I just wanted to share my Chanel Boy! This was my first Chanel bag and wow it’s a special one!!

Camera’s just don’t do it justice, but this bag has iridescent chainmail that shines in the light. This bag is a true show stopper and great for events and dinners.

It is the old medium size (which I think is the new large) so it’s is a bit on the bulky side for super formal events if you’re looking to be practical. But I also strongly believe that fashion has no rules, just suggestions. So if something like this tickles your fancy for a cocktail party, wear it!

I hope that you enjoyed taking a little peak into my closet and looking at my favorite pink bags breast cancer awareness month. What are some pink bags you’ve been eyeing? Let me know below and don’t forget to visit us over on youtube and instagram!

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