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In April of 2020, after several months of looking at eye candy, I finally got my hands on the 19s iridescent pink WOC form Chanel.

This collection was instantly iconic with its beautiful pearlescent shine and vibrant pink and I just knew I had to have it.

Once I got my hands on the WOC, the flood gates opened for me, and I immediately went to work securing a few more items from this collection, including the large O case, card case and the card holder.

As someone who was just getting into Chanel as a brand, I was ecstatic to have these pieces in my hand–and still am!

So for todays bonus blog, I thought it would be a good idea to look over my 19s collection and see 1) how often I actually use them and 2) how it has worn over the years.

How I got my 19s pieces

Before getting into this wear and tear, it’s probably a good idea to tell you how I acquired these four gems.

While none of them were bought in stores by myself, they all came to me brand new with all the trappings–box, ribbon camellia, card–everything. So I have been the only person adding wear to these items.

As mentioned above, I started off with the WOC and picked that up from Fashionphile (I have a deep love/hate relationship with them) for around $3100.

Next up was my large O case, which I also picked up on Fashionphile for around $1000.

Lastly were my card holders, the flap over one and the flat style. I purchased both from a personal shopper for $650 and $550 respectively.

Pearl VS Champagne Gold

The 19 iridescent collection came out with two styles; one with a glass pearl CC and one with a champagne gold CC (I believe the difference is whether or not your item was in the 19 s or 19 c collection but I could be wrong here). I’m mentioning this because there seems to be slight differences in the leather, so I figured that the comparison would be useful.

Starting with the texture, the caviar leather featured on the pearl style has bigger pebbles, giving it a less grainier look compared to the champagne style.

I think this plays a small part in the overall wear of the items, as my pearl pieces have started to flatten out some, while my champagne piece has not.

The champagne style also has a more lilac/white undertone when placed in natural light. By comparison, the pearl style reflects more greens and feels a bit more warm in tone.

Lastly, the pearl style items have larger, square shaped diamond quilting. The champagne style on the other hand has slightly elongated, rhombus shaped diamonds.

These things are all aesthetic in nature and of no real consequence in my opinion. But still felt it a good idea to mention, just in case you have a personally preference.


By a long shot, my WOC is my most used Chanel item. I’ve done a blog on just how much I love it here, and nothing has changed since.

Now that I’m getting a bit of freedom back with regular date nights, the WOC tends to be my bag of choice for when I do leave. This bag has gone through the wringer with me chasing after kids and them using it as a wrecking ball at times too–much to my chagrin.

Despite its heave use, this bag has held up very well, though not without some minor wear.

I had to inspect this piece very closely to see it, but there is minor scuffing a long the corners where the bag would naturally bang up against things. Besides that though, there is no other wear on this bag. I believe that part of the reason why this bag remains in such great shape even with heavy use is because I use a base shaper (which makes this bag way more useable), and store it with a felt cloth to protect the leather from the zipper when not in use.

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Large O Case

The Large O case is another useful piece in my collection.

It’s been great for all the mini trips we’ve taken, and works excellently as a clutch. Or, if you pick up one of these, you can even wear it crossbody. Over all, this item also has worn well over the years, though not as well as the WOC in my opinion.

There is a little wrapping at the end of the zipper and a bit of wrinkling on the leather. I believe most of this has to do with how I store it–On display in my closet sitting upright.

Without anything in there to help it keep its shape, gravity cause the leather to naturally start to sag. This doesn’t bother me. However, in the future, I do think I’ll start to lay it flat.

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Flat Card Case

I find flat card cases to be some of the most useful SLG’s to own, and this little beauty has gotten a lot of love and use from me. If I’m not using my WOC, I’m likely using this card case to help me organize some other bag.

I love how thick and substantial this things feels, and it fits a good amount of cards too.

As far as wear goes, there is a slight amount of wrapping as the edges curve up. I believe that’s due to heavy use with pulling and inserting cards. I’m not sure if you can avoid that fate, but it doesn’t bother me personally because its an item that’s supposed to be used.

Other than the slight wrapping, there’s no other wear on this item.

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Flap Card Case

This item gets the least amount of use from me. It falls somewhere between a compact wallet and a card holder, so I normally just use one of those instead of this piece.

But dang it if this thing isn’t cute! I have a hard time parting with it, so I do try to get use out of it. I have mainly used it as a mini catch all in medium sized bags and that has worked out better for me.

There is zero wear to report on this thing. But I can’t say if that’s because of how durable it is because I just haven’t used it enough. Making an educated guess though, I would believe that this thing would hold up at least as well as my flat card holder. I have no reason to believe that it would be less durable than the other items mentioned above.

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Final Thought on the 19s Iridescent Pink Collection

This is such a beautiful collection from Chanel and its wildly popular, even 3 years later. I’m truly thankful to be able to have some of the items in my possession.

As a brand, I know Chanel has dealt with quality issues in recent years, but I’m glad to say that in my experience, that is not the case with this particular collection.

Besides the minor wear and tear, these gems are looking just as beautiful as the did when I fist unboxed them. With proper care and upkeep, I believe (and hope) that they will be just. as stunning in 5, 10 even 15+ years out.

Did you get, or are you considering getting an iridescent or metallic piece from Chanel? Here’s sone of my favorite eye candies below!

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