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With the weather cooling and the trees turning color, fall is officially here!

While there are many reasons why I love this time of year, fall offers us some of the best styling both for home and fashion.

With all its events and fun to be had this time of year, fall gives us a lot off wiggle room to play and experiment with our wardrobes. I always feel super creative and inspired around this time of year and I know a lot of ya’ll do too.

So for todays blog, I wanted to share with ya’ll some of my favorite staple fall pieces available on Amazon for your wardrobe. And best yet, all these items areas stylish as they are affordable!

Amazon Shopping Tips

Before I share with you my favorite fall Amazon finds, I wanted to share how I sift through EVERYTHING on Amazon to find quality pieces that I can enjoy for seasons to come. Amazon’s market place and feel really overwhelming nofollow these tips and you can feel more confident in what you purchase.

My first tip is to use Amazon’s ‘Search by customer’s reviews,” feature to search for items that are rated 4 starts and higher. While reviews and ratings can be faked or bought on Amazon, I generally find that items with tons of good reviews that are verified are pretty legit. A los like to search through pictures left by fellow reviewers on Amazon if the product has any.

Tip number 2 would be to shop from stores on Amazon that specialize in selling clothing. Some stores on Amazon sell a little bit of everything. What I find is, typically, these stores will carry trendy pieces, but they are not high quality. A dedicated clothing boutique on Amazon however is more likely to carry higher quality and more durable clothing.

And finally, the last shopping tip I have for finding great clothing on Amazon is, to utilize the ‘Try Before You Buy” feature that is available for prime members. It’s truly like having a boutique dressing room in your own home. I find that these items are generally of the best quality, and Amazon will ship them direct to your house for you to try on for 7 days before you are actually charged. Meaning, if the item doesn’t work out for you, or you need another size, you can easily get things sorted out before you pay. I think this is an amazing benefit for prime members and something I take advantage of whenever I can.

Poka-dot Midi Dresses

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I’m a big fan of dresses for fall. At the moment, my body is in a constant state of flux with breastfeeding and still being in the postpartum stage, so dresses are an easy outfit for me that’s also easily styled.

Amazon has some amazing options for dresses right now too. For me, what’s most important is quality. While I’m not expecting the best out of Amazon, I am looking for something that I can keep in my closet for many seasons.

The first dress, this irregular poka-dot, flowy midi, was just so beautiful and elegant–and highly rated on Amazon too. I thought that it was among some of the best quality cotton I’ve found on Amazon too. This has defiantly become a go to dress for me for when I want to look a little more put together going out.

The second dress is also very nice and great for those of us experiencing temperature swings, as the dress is light but easily layered. What I love most about this dress is the fun textures on the poka-dotss. The only gripe I have with this one is that the waistband straps are not adjustable. However you can pull the string around the back of the dress if you wish to tailor the sizing a bit. Fair warning, this dress is really poplar and currently Amazon is showing limited stock for medium sizes in this orange color.

I also got a third dress as well that I’ve really been enjoying. I think the apple red with the button detail is adorable! And the high-low cut of the dress is really flattering to my body. I think the only thing I would change would be to make the buttons functional and to have the dress be made of thicker material. But its defiantly a cute dress for fall and worth giving a try.

While I opted for warm, earthy and burnt-like colors for my dresses, all 3 dresses come in a variety of colors to choose from so I’m certain you’ll find one that works with your skin

Fedora Hats

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Can you believe that I use to hate hats as a kid? Now I feel like they are an integral part of a fall wardrobe.

Especaily with the amount of wind that we get over this way, a good hat can hide a bad hair day or prevent one from happing.

I have used this Fedora hat here for several years now and it’s still going strong. The color I have appears to no longer be around, but they offer so many choices I’m sure you’ll find one you like. And if you want to expand your search a bit more to find the prefect one for you, just click this link here.

Turtle Necks

The raise in turtle neck sightings is another clear sign that fall has arrived.

This cute onesie comes in many different style and color options, but the black turtle neck was by far my favorite right now. Pair it with a skirt or some jeans to create a classic fall style.

I also really love a turtle neck dress. While this particular dress was from Target last year, Amazon also has some highly rated dresses that have a similar look. I really like this one here with the puffy selves and already added it to my cart. And better yet, it’s currently on a lighting deal today!


Tweed is such a fun fabric and perfect for the fall time. You can find tweed in many different styles and colors so everyone is sure to find something they like.

Perhaps one of the most basic tweed items everyone should own at some point is a nice tweed jacket. This particular jacket I have here is actually from Shoe Dazzle. But I have found a similar look on Amazon here.

A tweed handbag is also a very classic piece. I have had my eye on one from Chanel for some time now, But surprisingly, I found one that I love even better on Amazon. The bag is from Karl Lagafeld’s label and it’s so well constructed. This has become a go to bag for me in the winter and the fall and it has worked out perfectly for me.

Chucky Scarf

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And lastly, is it even fall if you’re not wrapped up in a chunky scarf with a warm cup in your hand? Of course Amazon has you covered here as well. I have purchased quite a few of these over sized, chucky scarfs in the pass. And while I’m pairing down, I still do own a few of them.

I enjoy these because they really do keep you warm during the more chillier days, and are also large enough to use as a mini blanket. On several different plane trips, I have used these scarfs a a little blanket to keep warm (and didn’t have to worry about claiming extra baggage fees either!!).

I own this scarf here on Amazon and it’s just prefect for this time of year, It’s light enough to not feel heavy or bulky when walking around with it outside, but thick enough to keep you warm during these blustery days. And again, I love the fact that this scarf comes in many different color options.

Amazon’s market place can be a lot to sort through, but great pieces do exist, with awesome quality and even better price tags. I still have clothing that I’ve bought on Amazon years ago that I wear to this day.

Especially living in a small town, I find that Amazon allows me to find the cute and trendy clothes I like without busting my budget. I also really like that most of the clothing that I find on there holds up extremely well.

Are you looking to freshen up your wardrobe for fall? Share what you’re getting in the comments down below.

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