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Summer 2021 is officially heret! Along with even more opportunities to go outside and practices some social distancing.

After being stuck in the house for nearly over a year because of this pandemic, I’m more than ready to safely spend time in public again.

Of course, I want to look cute while I’m out and about. But as I continuously say, I have not the time, nor the energy to invest in doing anything too elaborate.

The hair styles listed down below are cute, simple and on trend; prefect for those of us who just don’t have much time in the mornings. You don’t need to have much experience doing your hair to pull these off either, and they can be done on natural hair, extensions or wigs!

I’ll be doing these on my Bellami wigs, which I reviewed in this post here for convenience. Feel free to check that review out if you’re interested in their wigs.

For these styles, I utilize a lot of hair accessories. They are all relatively cheap and can be found at places like Target, Walmart, or Amazon. These accessories will help add dimension to your hair and jazz up the look, without requiring more work. I will leave links to everything I used down below with the style.

Hair Band

Head band are on trend right now and this is one of my favorite style to do. It’s quick, keeps everything out of my face, and allows me to add some color to my hair as well.

This is a great style for those who are working or chasing after little ones all day (or likely doing both).

For this style, you’ll want to select the hand band you’ll want to use. There is such a vast selection to choose from. I prefer to get mine off of Amazon just because its simpler for me with were I live.

Literally all you have to do with a head bad is toss it on and your done. But you can switch it up a few ways by pulling your hair up into a ponytail, or adding a few beach waves to give it a bit of dimension.

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Bubble Pigtails/Ponytail

These pigtails are super on trend and easier to do than you would think. And once you get the hang of it, they don’t take much time either.

For a basic bubble pigtail, you’ll want to part your hair down the middle. Then gather the hair on one side of your head together at the base and create your first pigtail. Repeat on the other side.

If you want to do a pony tail, just pull all your hair together in the back.

Once you have your hair put in pigtails/a pony, go down the tail about and 1.5 inches to 2 inches and section it off with an elastic. Don’t tie the elastic too tight. After you have created your section, you’ll want to gently start to pull stands in an upward and outward manner. You don’t want to pull the hair all the way out of the elastic, but you want to pull it enough so that it starts to form a ‘bubble’ look.

Repeat the above step until you have come to the end of your tail and you’re finished!

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Braided Hair Band

Want a French maiden look but no good with braids? Then picking up a good braided hair band is a great option for quick, simple styling.

I like tossing this one on, and then adding a few curls to my hair, or some clips or pearls to jazz it up.

But you can defiantly just toss it on and go and have a beauty and effortless summer ready style as well. The one thing that I find with most of these braid hair bands though is that they are made of synthetic hair. This means that they are normally a little stiff and shiny looking.

I remedy those issues by adding a bit of baby powder or dry shampoo and working it into the braid fibers. This will get rid of the plastic shine and will add some texture to the braid, giving it a more natural finish.

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Half Up Half Down Ponytail

This is a super cute, easy and classic look for summer.

I enjoy this style because it allows me to keep some of my hair down, but I don’t have to worry about any of it being in my face. Which is amazing those 90+ degree days.

There are a couple of ways to create this style. I personally like to create a part just above my ears going across the entire back of my head.

I then like to use my fingers to comb the hair upwards into a pony tail. I use my hands because I prefer messier styles, but if you would like a neat, more pulled together style, then you’ll want to use a brush to really gather all the strands together.

I also prefer to keep my half pony on the lower end. However you can pull it up higher too. If you would like to the the Ariana look, you might also want to add a ponytail extension to make your top pony look even longer and fuller.

You can also add some feeder braids to one or both sides of your pony to give it a more playful look.

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Oldie but goodie! A classic messy bun with a side braid.

Messy Bun

This is a great go to style for those hot summer days.

This is what I generally end up with since I do live in a desert climate and I don’t always like having my hair down, especially when chasing after 2, soon to be 3 young kids.

There’s not much to your basic bun besides just pulling your hair back with an elastic and folding your hair over on itself into a small bunch. But beyond this, there are a few ways to make it look more fashion forward.

I like to section off a bit of hair in the front of my head that I don’t pull into the bun. this isn’t enough hair to become an annoyance for me, but it is enough to frame my face. If I’m feeling extra fancy, I might even go ahead and curl it some.

Sometimes I’ll also add side braids to a bun I’m gathering together at the nape of my neck, or I’ll braid my hair upward from the nape to the middle of my head and then create a bun at the top of my head for a more fun and whimsical look.

The best part is, these don’t have to look prefect either since it’s meant to be a messy style.

These simple hair styles are prefect for the summer time and I love wearing them. They look cute and are great for keeping my hair out of my face during the hot summer days, as well as out of reach of baby. Whats your go to style for summer?

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