My natural hair is absolutely beautiful and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

And because of that, I love to wear wigs. Maybe that sounds backwards to you. But I love to play around with different styles and looks, and my natural locks are high maintenance.

Wearing wigs allows me to safely keep my wonderful kinks hydrated and happy while I get to experiment with other looks.

I’ve started wearing wigs back in college and haven’t turned back since.

Bellami Hair is well know for their modern aesthetics and beautifully flowing locks. When I first heard about them, they were mostly known for their clip in extensions– something I stay away from to protect my own hair.

However last year, I found out that they carry a wide range of wigs as well. My interest was definitely peaked, but I didn’t find too much information out there on them, other than just basic overviews. But I was in the market for higher end wigs anyways, so I decided to go ahead and give them a try.

In total, I’ve tried 4 different wigs from Bellami. Three from their Luxe collection, then one regular human hair wig with added extensions and a Tokyo Stylez synthetic wig.

The Basics

While the wigs I ordered were different in value, construction and quality, there were a few things that were basic across the board with the Bellami products.

All five products were suppose to come with basic care instructions, a wig cap and an antistatic stain storage bag. My synthetic wig however came sans a few things I was expecting.

The human hair wigs came with a Bellami paddle brush and a wig stand as well. While all of these things can be easily and cheaply purchased elsewhere, it IS nice to have them provided. Especially if you’re new to wigs.

And while all of the wigs were different in construction, the lace on each wigs was soft and strong. Unlike other wigs I have purchased, the extra lace on the caps were all short, making it easy to cut and customize where needed.

Lastly, all the wigs came with elastic pulls with claws in the back, an adjustable elastic band and clips on the side to allow you to secure your wig without any gel or adhesive if you choose. I think this is a great touch, especially for those wearing wigs to protect their natural hair.

I have experienced shedding with all of the wigs as well. However, the shedding is expected, as all wigs shed some, and the amount of shedding hasn’t effected the longevity of the wig.

The Blair wig from Bellami Hair–MonniBee.Blog

Bellami Luxe Collection

The Bellami Luxe Collection is their premium option for wigs. Their prices do seem to fluctuate almost at random. However, for a full lace wig, they are decently priced all the same. When I purchased my first, they ranged in price from $599 to $1,200 USD. When I bought my second, they were all $999 USD. By the time I got my 3rd, they again ranged from $1,1999-$1,299 USD.

Keep in mind that the products haven’t actually changed, and these fluctuations have all happened within a year.

That said, luxury full lace human hair wigs can start at $1,300 USD easily, so the price is fair. And for the quality you’re getting, it’s a pretty good deal.

The Bellami Luxe collection features hand-tied, full lace, 100% human hair wigs that come pre-plucked with bleached bleached knots for a flawless application right out the box. This gives you maximum versatility when it comes to styling and wear with minimal effort.

You can basically treat these wigs like your own hair and as a mom with her hands full, I love it.

They also come in ultra luxe magnetic storage boxes that feature a mirror and long pull out drawer to store your wig and accessories. I’m a sucker for great packaging and this can be very useful for folks who don’t have a great place to store their wigs.

The two that I purchased are the Blaire (which is currently not listed on their site) and the Kamila. I had planned on buying a 3rd, the Kiki, but they are currently out of stock.

The Blaire is a beautiful 18 inch, chocolate balayage body wavy wig that came beautifully styled with light curls.

This quickly became my go-to wig and I wore it straight for a good six months. In that time, I’ve styled it multiple ways, applied heat, washed, slept in it and have had my babies pull on it. Now after 10 months of enduring all that, the wig is showing some wear, but is still very much useable.

With shipping and all, I paid $697.74 for the Blaire. Over the past 10 months, that breaks down to about $70/ mo for quick, salon quality styling. Seeing that the average American woman spends nearly $120 a month on their hair alone, this is great value.

I was so impressed with the Blaire wig, that I ended up purchasing another Bellami Luxe wig–The Kamila.

The Kamila wig from Bellami Hair–MonniBee.Blog

I saved up and bought this one during their Black Friday special, where I received 15% off. So instead of paying, $1,112 total, I needed up only paying $962.05.

The Kamila, which is still currently available on their site, is a long 24 inch, dark brown to blonde ombre body wavy wig, that came styled with a middle part and bouncy curls.

Being pregnant with two under two in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t lend itself well to going out much, but I love wearing this wig for photos, and think it will be a great daily or special occasion wigs once things open up more.

And even though this wig is full density and long, it still feels quite light on my head and easy to wear.

The quality of this wig is the same as my Blaire wig, so I’m anticipating that it will be useable for at least a year minimum. With that in mind, the cost pre wear on this wig over a year comes out to be about $80/mo. That’s still great value.

Bellami Human Hair Line

It’s clear to see that I’m a fan of their premium hair collection. But Bellami does offer other 100% human hair wigs outside of their Luxe range. These wigs are defiantly aimed at the hair lover who is looking for easy styles without breaking the bank.

And it was actually these products that introduced me to Bellami’s world of wigs.

The Anastasia wig from Bellami Hair–MonniBee.Blog

These wigs cost significantly less, ranging from $299-$599. While still expensive up front, they are about half the price of their luxe line and your still getting great quality hair.

Their standard human hair line features 100% Remy, human hair (which basically means the hair cuticles are all facing the same direction so it feels softer and is less prone to tangling), with a full lace frontal. While the hair line isn’t plucked or bleached, it doesn’t take too much effort to do so yourself since the hair is of good quality.

In February of 2020, I ended up purchasing the Anastasia wig for $342.07, including tax and shipping at that time (it had went up to $399 but at the time of this posting, it’s back to $299)). This wig, which is still available on the site, is a 14 inch Targaryen blonde with slightly darker roots in a body wave style.

I chose this one because I felt like it would be a good introduction into seeing what Bellami’s hair quality was like, plus, the platinum blonde would allow me to dye it any color I’d like.

When the hair arrived, it wasn’t as nicely packaged as the luxe units were, but it arrived safe in a standard shipping envelop, tucked in the stain storage bag and additional wrap. The hair was supper soft and easy to pluck, while the knots on the frontal quickly responded to bleaching.

The bright blonde is a fun look, but not a daily one for me. So I ended up completely transforming the wig by adding some Bellami extension (an additional $342.06), and giving the wig a chocolate to blonde balayage treatment. This wig was great from the get-go, but this custom color gets so many complaints whenever I wear it .

Now this wig isn’t as breathable as the Bellami Luxe collection, even before I added the additional tracks. The hair isn’t as smooth and it does feel a bit heavy throughout the day. While it is Remy hair, it does tangle a bit more. But it’s nothing major, or even that noticeable for me–just an observation to mention.

With the added Bellami extensions on this unit, the total cost pre wear for a year comes out to be $57/mo. With out them, it would be $28.50/mo.

While this option isn’t as nice as their Luxe collection, they are still wonderful wigs, and certainly better than anything I’ve ordered off of amazon or from other venders at this price point. If you’re just starting off with wigs and looking for a quality beginner unit, I would point you in the direction of these.

Night Ryder wig from Bellami Hair–MonniBee.Blog

Synthetic Hair Collection

Bellami’s widest range of styles to choose from comes in the form of their synthetic wigs.

These are their most affordable option, ranging from $69.99-$99.99 in price (again, these prices changed right before I posted this. Previously, they were $29.99-$69.99). I also feel like this is what they are best known for, as there are TONS of video reviews on their synthetic wigs on YouTube.

Now, I typically shy away from synthetic wigs for a few reasons. The first being that they start to irritate my skin after wearing them for extended periods of time. The second being that they tangle up– a lot. And the third is, I normally find that customizing synthetic wigs takes a lot more work than I’m normally up for.

I originally had no plans on trying one of their synthetic options. But then I noticed the Knight Rider wig from Tokyo Stylez.

It’s a beautiful midnight blue wig, which I find to be a very wearable color for me. They offer it in either the human hair for $980, or synthetic fibers for $99.99 (When I purchased it, it was $69.99).

So why drop a grand on something I’m not 100% on when I could test it out for a reasonable price?

Because this wig was part of a collaboration, it was suppose to come nicely packaged in a Tokyo Stlyez box, with a stand and brush. That was not the case for me however. I didn’t even get basic care instructions, which would have actually been really nice to have handy to store (like I said, I don’t do synthetic wigs often). This slip up is annoying, but also nothing too major.

I suspect that if you purchase one of their standard synthetic wigs, then this too may be your experience, which–isn’t terrible, but also not great.

Compared to other synthetic wigs I’ve owned, I do have to say that the quality of this one is nice.

While it came out rally staticky (it wanted to cling to EVERYTHING), rubbing some dryer sheets over it really helped and also reduced the shine.

The fibers aren’t as soft as the human hair is, but it’s still nice to the touch.

While this is technically a lace front u part, the frontal is only about an inch deep, with the u part being about 4 1/2 inches at its widest point in the front and about 2 inches wide in the back. Needles to say, that’s not a lot of space to work with. If you want to change your parting, you’re likely just going to have to shift your wig around.

That said, the construction of this wig is nice and neat. And even though its 360g of hair, it doesn’t feel too heave to wear.

And the color blend on this wig is everything. It has a beautiful mix of dark blues, purples and blacks with a flawless ombre effect. So they definitely got the coloring right.

With shipping and taxes, the Knight Rider came out to $103.14 for me, giving it a yearly cost per wear of about $8.60. Being honest though, you’re likely not going to be able to wear a synthetic wig the same way you can wear a good quality human hair wigs. A quality synthetic wig can last you up to six months with proper care, so a more realistic yearly cost per wear for this item would be about $17.20 a month. But that’s still pretty good value considering.

Now, compared to similar synthetic wigs, is it great value? I would say so. While definitely more expensive than some of the ones I have purchased in the past, the color blending and the texture of the lace seem to be much better. If you’re looking for a synthetic wig to get a lot of wear out of, these seem like good options.

Are These Wigs Worth It?

No matter what collection you’re considering, my answer would be “yes, these wigs are worth the investment”.

Clearly my favorite is their Luxe collection. Its the versatility and ease right out the box for me. I love that I can do any style I want on these. And because they are full lace, they are light and breathable, making daily wear comfortable for me.

Their standard human hair wigs are really nice too. While I had to put a lot more work into customizing it just the way I wanted, it’s still beautiful hair that’s going to last a long while with proper care. Comparing this wig with some of the Amazon ones I’ve purchased for a similar price, they just hold up a lot better.

They also have some fun colorful human hair wigs in this range, included the dark blue Knight Rider that I’ve had my eyes on. So If you’re looking for a good human hair wig that isn’t going to break the bank, give this collection a go.

I have to say that I was most disappointed in their synthetic hair, but even still, I think its a lot better than most of the other synthetic wigs I have tried in this price range. While the lace front is not as wide as I would like, the trade off for soft, strong lace and beautiful color is a good one for me.

Over all, the main thing that Bellami seems to be lacking when it comes to their wigs is range of styles. But the quality of the wigs that they do offer is there. So If you’re starting your wig journey, this would be a great site to start with.

Are you interested in wigs? Which style would you go with?


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