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This is actually a topic that ya’ll voted on last year, but I wasn’t able to get around to it with everything going on with the new baby.

But with spring in full force and summer just around the corner, I figured now is as good a time as any to show ya’ll where you can find designer sunglasses–on discount of course.

I use to believe that all sunglasses were the same. after all whether you’re getting designer or fashion sunglasses, the majority of them are made by the exact same company.

So in my mind, the quality and feel would be the same, just with vastly different price points. And I’m not the one to pay more just for the name.

And honestly, some designer glasses aren’t worth the hype. They just feel regular.

But some of them are wonderfully crafted and feel great on the face. This may seem overly dramatic, but I have an extra bone on the side of my face and a sensitive nose. So if glasses aren’t properly balanced, they start to hurt my face and I can’t use them.

I’m fully convinced now that designer glasses can be worth the full price if it means my comfort. But the good news is that I don’t have to pay full price for them at all!

Here’s how I get quality designer glasses– for cheap.

Wearing my Chole 65mm Round sunnies–MonniBee.Blog

Brand New on Discount

I actually buy most of my designer sunnies brand new on steep discounts from discount stores.

I know a lot of people wonder if the products that come into these discount stores are actually new, or if they have been used before.

I’m happy to report to you that these items are almost always brand new, unless they have been marked or tagged as used.

I use to work in stocking and then accounting for a recognized discount store and what we would do is buy overstocked or out of season products from bigger department stores such as Nordstroms. These bigger stores want to liquidate their products as fast as possible in order to turn a profit, so discount stores are often able to get a good deal on acquiring these items, and can thus pass on these savings to you.

Probably my favorite place to get discounted designer sunglasses would have to be Nordstroms Rack. I find that they have such a wide selection of both designer and fashion sunglasses to choose from and you can get anywhere from 40off-65% off the originally purchase price.

It also doesn’t hurt that Nordstroms Rack is also listed on Rakuten, so I can get addition cash back when I shop with with them. If you’re not a member yet, use this link here, to sign up and get a FREE $25 cash back with your first purchase.

Chole 55mm Round Sunglasses. Shop the look!
Saint Laurent 59mm Aviators. Shop the look
Gucci 54mm Cateye Sunglasses. Shop the look!

On Consignment

The other way I get designer sunglasses on the low is through consignment shopping.

I know a lot of people have issues with buying used, but I defiantly don’t. Plus its a bit greener of a way to shop on top of getting a good deal.

My favorite place to shop for pre loved designer sunglasses would have to of course be FASHIONPHILE. I got my favorite pair of sunglasses from there and I wear them all the time.

The RealReal also offers designer sunglasses on consignment, and in my opinion, they actually have a wide selection to choose from. That coupled with the fact that you can get upwards of 2.5% cash back from them through Rakuten, makes them a great option to consider when looking for designer sunglasses.

When you are shopping for pre loved sunglasses, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

The first is, you really want to pay attention to the condition. Sunglasses that are all scratched up are not going to be of any real use to you and may offer little protection.

The second thing that you should pay attention to is the price. Some of the sunnies in consignment shops are priced nearly the same or even higher than what they would be new. If you’re not really going to be getting a savings, and it’s a standard style, then there really isn’t a point in buying it pre loved.

Gucci Acetate Cateye Sunglasses. Shop the look now!
Celine Shadow Sunglasses. Shop the look now.
Chanel Aviator CC. Shop the look now.

Which Designer Brands are Best on Discount?

Some brands are defiantly better than others in my opinion. And even if you’re buying items on discount, it’s still important (at least to me) that you get things of quality. So here are the brands that I recommend


You’re not going to be able to find these in discount stores, but you will find these in consignment shops like TRR and Fashionphile.

Their classic square design looks great on most face shapes, they are well built (survived my toddlers playing with them) and sit comfortably on my face. I would definitely pay full price for these! But here are some cheaper options instead


Another one of my go to pairs. Chole makes a lot of oversized sunnies that are well balanced and will make you feel like you’re living in the 70’s.

You can normally find these glasses at awesome prices too, with most styles ranging from $55-$79 at discount shops


I’m a huge fan of Gucci when it comes to their designer glasses. A lot of their styles are out there for sure. But you can find some basic sunnies for a decent price at Nordstrom’s Rack and TJMaxx.

I love their glasses because they are super light weight, but hardwiring and flattering to my face. I loved their sunglasses so much that I decided to try out their optical glasses and love them as well. You can starting at $115 at Nordstrom’s Rack

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