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Finding outfits to wear later on in pregnancy is a struggle for real.

But as the temperatures being to raise here in the desert, it’s been an increasing problem to find outfits that both look good on my growing body and feel comfortable.

I feel like this wasn’t as big of an issue with my first two kiddos, as oversized sweaters, jackets and legging work great in the fall and winter.

But not so much when the thermostat is hitting 80+ degrees. Honestly, this ‘glow’ that I have to my cheeks now, is just purely sweat at this point, so it was time to modify my wardrobe and add so pieces that would really work for me in this heat.

One of the best things about Amazon fashion finds is that they all tend to be fairly trendy styles for a lower price point. Now, trendy and fast fashion aren’t necessarily my favorite things, due to consumption and environmental reasons (I love thrifting!). But, in a pinch, Amazon can definitely come through for you.

Plus, for folks who are impatient like me, you really can’t beat one to two day shipping either.

This blue and white crep skirt has been a dream to be in 8 months a long!–MonniBee.Blog.

Midi Skirts

I’ve been living in these lately and can attest that these are great for pregnant bodies.

Generally when it comes to skirts and my growing bump, I preferred a tighter fit, as that was more flattering to my finger. However, with the heat being what it is, having something with a looser fit feels more comfortable and also allows me room to hide a bellyband under neither (because that support is MUCH needed at this point y’all)

Generally with these skirts, I’ve been pulling them above my belly instead of keeping them at the waist. This gives me a waist, takes pressure off my pelvis and allows the clothing to drape over my stomach in a flattering way.

These have honestly been so comfortable to wear, and Amazon has loads of options!

The two featured in the photos above were both best sellers and I can defiantly see why. They both run true to size, even on a pregnant body I find. So order what you would normally order. I ended up going with a medium for both.

The blue skirt seems to be all sold out at the moment, but here’s a link to a dupe you can check out.

The second skirt is still in stock and they have loads of options available. I purchased mine in this burnt coffee orangey-brown, but I think I’ll ended up adding a green on to my collection here soon too.

These photos are stoppable! Click to shop the piece!

One pieces outfits are a double edge sword, but I love the easy of them–MonniBee.Blog

Pooka Dot Romper

I really thought that by this stage in my pregnancy, I would be done with rompers.

For starters, they are not the most practical item of clothing when you need to pee every 10 minuets. That said thought, I’m still finding them to be very comfortable and they are a one and done type of outfit–which has made getting dressed in the mornings easy (And with two kids running around, that is something I desperately need).

I’m not sure how much longer these will stay comfortable for me, but as of now, I’m 7.5 months pregnant and these are working out well for me.

My favorite right now is this black and white pooka dot romper. I actually picked this one up from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale last year, but it no longer seems to be in stock. Luckily, I’ve found an almost exact replica on Amazon for a great price to boot. They also offer a wide range of colors too, so if you rather have something brighter, the option is there.

Amazon has many options for rompers, many of them with high praise and reviews! I went a head a left some of my favorites below.

These photos are stoppable! Click to shop the piece!

Everyone looks amazing in crop tops, and they pair well with over the belly skirts and shorts–MonniBee.Blog

Sweetheart Crop Tops

Crop tops are for everyone.

I know a lot of people shy away from them, especially if they are pregnant. But I’ve found that these really work out for me, especially with a high waisted skirt or pant.

The sweetheart crop tops give off a very feminine silhouette on most any frame while also coming across very playful.

I think these are great for the summer because obviously they will keep you cool, but they are very easily paired with high waisted bottoms or slayed with a light cardigan.

I picked up this blue floral print one and I have to say the quality is on point! This is defiantly a piece that will hold up over time, which I love because it means less waste.

The pink crop top featured above is another great piece that I’ve been enjoying of late. I love the buttons on it and the texture adds a fun touch (plus it comes in a few different colors too).

These photos are stoppable! Click to shop the piece!

I’ve been living in biker shorts the most this spring and thinking I’ll make this a habit–MonniBee.Blog

Biker Shorts

I have been living in biker shorts all spring 2021, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be staying in them throughout the sumner too.

I love these for summer maternity wear because they are high waisted to help support your changing body and super comfortable to wear– certainly more so than traditional leggings.

Some biker shorts can be very constrictive at the waist band thought and I personally don’t like the pressure I feel with those. . So I prefer to find maternity specific ones.

I absolutely love this pair from Amazon here. The only thing that I wish was different about that would be to have them be made of a thicker material. Else wises, they are prefect.

They come in a pack of two shorts and feature handy pockets on the side (I love anything with a pocket). I went with black, because it works out well for a lot of different things. But of course, I’ll leave some different options for ya’ll below too.

Pairing fast with classic fashion for vacation–MonniBee.Blog

I hope this post gave you some ideas on what to order for this summer off of Amazon if you’re expecting this season like I am!

It’s hard enough to get comfortable as is so seeing what others have really been enjoying has helped out a lot.

What are you mama’s wearing this summer?

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