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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I’m so excited to actually get some time alone with me love!

While I know that he doesn’t care about what I wear AT ALL, I still want to look and feel my best during the time we’ll be having together. After all, with a toddler and a new baby on the way, time spent with just us is few and far between.

But dressing myself has been a really struggle lately. With my growing belly and lack of flexibility, it can be difficult to find something that is both comfortable and looks good on me.

So I played around in my closet for a bit and came up with 5 outfits ideas and tips for pregnant women to use while trying to pick out a comfy yet flattering outfit for themselves.

I’ll be using these tips for Valentine’s day, but these tips can really be used for any occasion where you really need to dress yup your bump!

A lot of the tips that I’m giving in this blog use staples found in many closets. However, if you find yourself in need of a piece to complete your look, I’ve got you covered with links below and 2 day shipping!

Quick Tips

Kitten heels are your friend! I love a good kitten heel because they extend your legs in a beautiful way, but aren’t as much as a tripping hazard as taller heels. Try these Valentino dupes on for size.

Accessories can really amp up your look. Understated jewelry with more bold outfit choices can give you just the bit of sophistication that you’re looking for, while chunky statement pieces paired with basics can add color and embolden your look.

Outfit 1: Pub Night Out

Of course, you probably aren’t drinking if you’re pregnant. But bars (at least in my area) are still great places to hang out and relax.

So if you’re in need of a more casual type outfit for the night time, I highly suggest pairing a cute peplum top with a nice comfy pair of skinny maternity jeans.

The right peplum tops will accentuate your bodus by being fitted at the top and nicely drape over your bump in a bell like fashion.

And pairing your top with skinny jeans will create a silhouette that will give you a more slimming appearance from the front and profile your bump quite adorably form the side, without giving a strange shape to your body.

Outfit 2: Romantic Evening

If you’re needing something more romantic, then I highly suggest lace and florals!

I know that a lot of fashion forward mama’s try to avoid these two because they can come off very matronly. But done right, these two paired together can create a sophisticated and romantic look.

Lately I have found pencil skirts to be a staple in my pregnant wardrobe. Because they are super fitted, they beautifully cradle your bump and don’t leave you looking frumpy.

So to add a element of romance for Valentine’s Day, I took this red floral pencil skirt and paired it with this eyelash lace brallet.

I prefer eyelash lace as it comes off more airy and young than traditional lace. And while many people may find barllets to be quiet risqué, when pair with a high waisted pencil skit, it works quite well as a moderate look.

Outfit 3: Brunch Date

Not much tops brunch in my books. It’s one of my favorite things to do, whether we’re having a cute little brunch at home or out in town with friends.

Since brunch is a more casual, day time affair, this is an opportunity to be as comfortable as possible! For dates like this, my go to outfit is a cute chunky sweater paired with black leggings and boots.

This is just a great pregnancy outfit in general and I go into why here.

That said, a good chunky, oversized knit will comfortably fall over your toursso and lightly drape over your belly. Since this look is pretty loose up top, from the front you’ll appear to have a much flatter, boxier look.

While this isn’t traditionally feminine, when paired with leggings (I’ve been living in this pair) and a high boot, it becomes a bit more soft feeling and super appreciate for a casual setting.

And also, did I mention that this is super comfortable too?

Outfit 4: Day Adventures

Some of the best dates take place during the day. Whether it’s taking a class together, wine tasting or a stroll through the park, there’s just something so wonderful a getting the chance to hang out with someone you love during the day.

For dates like this, I love a cute little dress layered with a light jacket. At this stage in my pregnancy, dresses are super easy to throw on and ones that have a bit of stretch feel amazingly comfortable around the belly. And when paired with a jean jacket like this, the outfit gets the cute and casual feel that it needs for the day time.

Outfit 5: Sexy Night Out

I find this to be the hardest category to dress for because it’s HARD to feel sexy when you’re pregnant—at least for me it is.

That said, I’ve found that keeping it simple and classic is the best way to go for a sexy night out look. I’ve styled a strappy red bodycon dress together with a black blazer dress and black heels.

Black and red is such a classic color combination and goes well on most folks. And again, I love bodycons on pregnant women, as it cradles the belly without making the rest of you look too frumpy. And pairing the dress with an a line blazer or blazer dress give you a more sophisticated look prefect for the night time. I love this blazer dress gifted to me from DSTLD, but you can find a good dupe of it here.

I know that it isn’t always easy to find something that looks and feels great when you’re pregnant. Can it can definitely get stressful when trying to put something together for a special occasions. But with a bit of playing around, then a few of these tips, you’re sure to find something that you’ll feel great in (because your partner is going to love whatever you throw on!)

What’s your go to date attire for when you’re pregnant, or just wanting to look cute and feel comfortable all at the same time? We’d love to hear from you and shout you out on our instagram!


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