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There are four days until Christmas. And I know some of you are freaking out because you’re still trying to figure out the prefect gift for your loved ones.

I know, the stress is real. And going down to the mall isn’t always the best option with the full parking lots and overly crowded stores. I tried to head down to Sephora yesterday and the traffic alone was enough to make me turn back.

Thankfully, we are living in an age of online shopping with free door to door shipping. Amazon is a one stop shop for all your holiday needs, and with most products available through Prime, you can have them at your door in under two day.

If you’re a last minute gift shopper, then this guide is for you. There’s a gift here that would be great for just about anyone. So stress no more and get ready to click, ship and wrap!

Before you shop!

Did you sign into your Rakuten account yet? I know I talk about them in almost every shopping post , but that’s because they really are one of the BEST ways to get the most out of your holiday shopping. Rakuten is currently offering up to 5% cash back for amazon purchases. And if you sign up now through this link, you’ll receive $10 cash back on them. It’s a discount and free money–who doesn’t want that?

Instant Pot (Same day delivery)

I picked up one of these before Thanksgiving on a sale that Amazon was running and holy cow has it changed my cooking! This multi functional kitchen aid is easy to use and can save any home chef time, space and money. Plus the food comes out so good! So far, I’ve made pie filling, mac and cheese, vegan turkey, chicken (both real and fake), sou vide steaks, rice, mashed potatoes, greens–and they’ve all come out amazing!

Both the Instant Pot Duo and the Instant Pot Duo Evo are on sale now and both will arrive before Christmas!

Uggs (Two day shipping)

The ugly boot that everyone likes to hate on—but they feel so amazing on your feet! Stephen and I actually exchanged slippers to each others as early gifts and I can honestly tell you that I’ve been living in mine. Uggs offers a variety of styles at different price points, so you are guaranteed to find a good match. And with free two day shipping, you can sit back and relax knowing that your prefect gift will bee here in time

I ordered the Mens Scuff and the Mens Tasman for my brother and Stephen and I’ve been rocking the patchwork slides similar to this style here.

CozyPhones (Same day delivery)

I wrote a whole blog post on the cozy phones right here so definitely give it a read! But these truly are a wonder Christmas gift to give young children–and yourself! These have helped to keep Edison entertained during long trip and quick runs to the store. They come in a wide variety of styles and characters and are decently priced.

This is the style that we have for Edison and he loves the froggy on it! But they literally have over 20 styles to pick from, so you can find the best match for your babe!

Fluffy Throws (One day shipping)

As you get older, simpler things become more and more appealing to you (at least if you’re me). Just about anyone who now has to deal with the reality of paying bills would be happy to receive a nice fluffy throw blatant to curl up in during these colder months. Amazon has a huge selection of these and most come highly reviewed with one to two day shipping (some even have same day delivery!)

This one here is VERY similar to the one my aunt got me a few years ago and it feels AMAZING. It will also ship to your home in just a day–perfect for last minute shoppers.

Seaweed Bath Co. (One day shipping)

I was introduced to this company when I worked with them on a campaign during this pas summer and I fell in love with their quality. Seaweed Bath Co. makes high quality bath and skincare products perfect for anyone on your list. Stephen really enjoyed their purifying facial soap bar, and i personally really like their detox firming cream.

You can find Seaweed Bath Co products at your local Target. But If you’re trying to avoid the holiday mad rush, most of their products ship to your house from Amazon in just one day. check out their whole range here.

Didn’t find a gift that suits your needs on this guide?

Dont panic! Amazon has a few different curated gift list here and here with most everything arriving to your door in two days or less.

Everything listed above though are products tried and tested by me or by my loved ones and I absolutely love them. I’m pretty confident that whoever receives these will also be entirely happy and thankful for the gifts.

What would be your last minute holiday gift choice? If you pick up any of these gifts, be sure to let me know either on the comments below or on IG!

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