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So I have mentioned this product a few times on this blog before, but since I’m doing a giveaway for the holidays, I figured that CozyPhones deserves to get a whole post dedicated just to them.

I first discovered CozyPhones about a year ago when we were getting ready to go out to Colorado for Edison’s first birthday. Even though it was only a 2 hour plane ride, we figured that everyone around us would appreciated 1) not listening to a screaming toddler and 2) not listening to Baby Shark on repeat. So I scrolled though my options on Amazon and came across CozyPhone, and decided to give them a try.

Edison using his CozyPhones at home

I loved the fact that they had so many cute animal options for children and I also loved the fact that these headphones capped the volume at 75%, so Edison couldn’t blast his ears drums out. And these headphones fit around the ears like a headband, so we didn’t have to worry about them slipping off either.

Im so glad that we went with this option because it’s been over a year now and Edison uses these regularly! These have been great for trips– both out of town and locally. These headphones are super flexible and durable, so I can easily toss them in a diaper bag and they hardly take up any space. And of course these are great for planes, trains and cars, but if we plan on being at the shops for a while, we’ll grab these headphones and his iPad and he’s set for entertainment (without having to bother anyone else).

Edison using his CozyPhones while we travel

And sometimes, when I need some quite to work, I’ll slip these on Edison so he can watch his shows and so I can get the peace I need to work. With the starting price of just $16.50, this is a great gift for both parent and kiddos a like!

That’s why I’m happily gifting one of my lovely follower ONE pair of CozyPhones this holiday season! All you have to do is 1) make sure that you’re following me on Insta and 2) like and comment on my CozyPhone post. This giveaway closes tomorrow (12/06) at 5pm and a winner will be picked shortly after, so enter soon!

Of if you would like to purchase CozyPhones on your own and support this blog, feel free to use this link here. Either way, CozyPhones is a great gift for any young kid and you’ll defiantly get your money’s worth!

Edison enjoying his shows in peace using CozyPhones

Have you heard about this product before? Let me know below!


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