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The season of giving is upon us, I’m so excited to be sharing with you some of my favorite picks for gifts this year!

Seriously, we’re a MONTH away from Christmas so gift shopping mode is fully on. And picking out the prefect gift for my loved ones is such an exciting experience for me and my heart is just so full when I see how much they enjoy what I picked for them.

Now, some of the folks in my life are laid backed type of folks and prefer low key and corky gifts (and I’ll have a gift guide coming up for them soon too), but others are all about the glitz and glam. So I put together this luxe holiday gift guide just for them (and I’m not going to lie, maybe a bit for myself as well lol).

While these items are defiantly luxury products and are expensive, nothing here will break the bank and all range from $30-$250 dollars.

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Now, let’s get into these gifts!

Premium roses will last you years and are beautiful in any room

Premium Roses– Starting at $99

If the person on your list loves flowers, then this is great gift for them. Premium roses are cut at the peak of freshness and preserved in acrylic so that they remain soft to the touch. You can easily make them yourself if you can source the persevered flowers (follow my instructions for that here), but if you’re not looking for a DIY project this holiday season, then there are plenty of companies that are selling them all done up in beautiful, luxe packaging. I’ve left a link below to a few options for you, but be sure to search around to find the prefect agreement for you.

premium roses on amazon–starting at $99

Return to Tiffany’s Jewelry–$135

Return to Tiffany’s bracelets

For the jewelry lover in your life, the Tiffany’s $250 and under gift section is a dream! Tiffany’s offers a wide range of quality products ranging from homeware to trinkets to fashion items. Honestly, ANYTHING from that section would be an amazing option for your loved one. But if you’re having a hard time making up your mind, a “Return to Tiffany’s,” necklace or bracelet is a classic that most people would be happy to receive. They are offered in a few colors and sizes and they start off at around $135 each–not too bad at all!

Louis Vuitton Card Holder–Starting at $205

Studded Louis Vuitton Card holder in rose ballerine

For the person who needs their luxury items to have a bit more utility, card or key holders make such a great gift. They are super practical, tend to be very durable and small enough to to bulk up your pockets or purse. While many companies offers solid card and key holders for WAY less than the $205 that LV is charging, this is a lux gift guide so I’m giving you the expensive choice. That said, $205 is a great entry level price for a luxury brand and LV stands by their product. Generally speaking, if there’s any defects within the first year, Louis Vuitton will repair or replace your item at no cost to you. Anyone, especially someone whose building their collection would be grateful for this gift. Any who knows, You’ll probably want to pick one up for yourself too!

Jo Malone Candles–Starting at $72

Jo Malone Candle in Lime Basil and Mandarin

For the person who loves luxury home goods, this is the gift for them! While I personally love Bath and Body Work candles better, Jo Malone candles burn wonderfully and slow giving them a longer burn time. They also don’t develop that nasty kerosene scent that some other candles will, so they always put out a lovely scent. Jo Malone offers a wide range of fragrances that are all unisex, so literally anyone who loves candles can find something in their range that is perfect for them. My personal favorite is the Lime Basil and Mandarin. It’s such a refreshing scent that’s not too citrus-y and fills a room without making you choke on the scent. And currently, Jo Malone is offering 3% cash back when you purchase on their site through Rakuten!

“Les Ornements de Chanel” Holiday collection–Starting at $28

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume

Chanel is know for their classic looks and style, so anyone looking for a luxury gift can’t go wrong browsing through their makeup and skincare collections. As far as make up goes, Chanel is VERY expensive, with nail polishes coming in at $28 and lip glossing starting at $30. But as expensive as it is for make up, the over all price is still very doable for a luxe item And the fact that their make up collection is beautifully packaged with great formulas makes them great little luxury gifts to give.

Coach Clutch–Starting at $150

Coach Hayden Clutch on silver chain

While some might not consider this brand to be luxury, Coach offer high quality products that really shouldn’t be ignored. I absolutely love their clutches for quick runs out the house. The pebbled leather is so soft and pliable that I can really fill them up with everything that I need for the day. Coach also offers thick chains that can be purchased for just $30, and in my opinion, their chains are comparable to those of Louis Vuitton and Chanel. With a starting price of $150, both your loved one and your wallet will be thankful for this gift! If you’re interested in looking into what Coach has to offer for this holiday season, be sure to sign up for Rakuten first and receive 4% cash back, on top of the 30% off Coach is offering!

Burberry Scarf–Starting at $190

I’m hard pressed to think of a winter fashion staple piece more iconic than a Burberry scarf. These beautifully made scarfs pair wonderfully with any winter coat and more importantly, are soft and WARM! I love the fact that Burberry does offer these in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can really find what suits your persons style best. Now $190 starting for a scarf is really expensive, especially when there are many great options out their for scraps sets that I think are also quite nice. But if you want to splurge on that special person and give them something that will last for years, this is a good option. As of right now, Burberry is having a sale and slid scarfs are starting at $190, while select wool scarfs are starting at $240. Save extra and get 10% cash back on your purchase when you buy through Neiman Marcus on Rakuten.

Pro Lux Tip: If you or the person you are shopping for are petite, make sure to look at the children’s section. Items their tend to run 40-50% cheaper and will fit small adult frames just find.

YSL Lipsticks–Starting at $34

YSL lip products

To round out our luxe holiday gift guide, I’ve decided to add YSL’s lipstick range, because its the opitime of luxurious in my humble option. Everything about how they package their lipsticks and glosses is opulent and rich and they are just so freakin beautiful to look at. And they are a joy to wear as well. They smell wonderful, have a slightly sweet taste (because we all get lipstick in our mouths at some point) and feel very moisturizing on the lips. They offer a wide range of color section, so you are garunetted to find the prefect shade for any complexion. The only complaint that I have with their lip products is that they are not long wearing at all, so you have to consistently reapply. The good news is, they are very pigmented, so I feel like that complaint is a wash. These beautiful lipsticks can be found at most high end department and make up shops. And if you’re shopping online, be sure to check in with Rakuten first to save some coins and get your cash back! Currently, is offering 4% cash back on all orders when you stop by Rakuten first!

I hope you enjoyed this luxury holiday gift guide (even if your budget did not) and that it gave you some good ideas on what to pick up for that very dissevering friend or family member of yours.

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