First let me say this: I can’t believe that spring is almost here! I didn’t realize just how much of a sun person I was until I had to deal with all this snow as of late (SADD’s is REAL, lets just say that).

But today is March 8th, which means that it’s International Women’s Day! The first Women’s day was actually held in New York in 1909 and has been held annual ever sense.

Many people use this day to progress social causes, which I think is awesome. But not everyone is in a position to take off of work and protest in the streets. So I decided that in the true spirit of International Women’s day, I’d put together a list of 5 ways you can easily celebrate today.

Read Intersectional Feminist Lit

I really feel liked education and growth are at the heart of women’s day, so what better way to celebrate than read some great feminist books!

And the best thing is, there’s such a range of books to read too. From fiction, to biography, poems and anthology, there are MANY options to choice from!

Grab a cup of tea and check out this link here for a great list to get you started

Edison decided to join his mama for the quick shoot. He’s already such a talented director lol

Donate to Feminist Causes

As superficial as it can sound, money does make a huge difference in this world. And many feminist causes can use all the help that they can get.

Donations make a great gift and allow you to actively be apart of a movement–even if you can’t be there in persons. And don’t worry if you can’t make a big gift either–most groups are forever grateful of your generosity not matter the size.

Oh, and if you donate to a 501 (c) 3 or (c)4, it’s a tax right off too, so thats a another plus.

If you’re looking for creditable non for profits to donate too, be sure to check out this list here!

Shoutout Women in Your Community

I’m a HUGE believer in community over competition. So what better way to celebrate International’s Women’s Day, than to celebrate the woman who you share space with?

Women generally have to work twice as hard in a field just to get 1/4th of the recognition a man would, so I strongly support using days like this (and really, any day) to share and promote other amazing women.

Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel and Instagram account to find other amazing womxn content creators that I will be shouting out today.

Reflect on the Women Who Built You Up

I have been truly blessed to have be raised around so many beautiful and talented women–both within my family and in my community.

Legit, I don’t think I would have made it through college without the support of my sisters (Don’t know who Alpha Nu is? Come find out about us!) and the strong matriarchs in my family.

Taking some time to reflect (and reconnect when possible) on these women is a great restorative exercise, and will get you in a great mind set to tackle any task.

Support Women Owned Brands

Lastly, but certainly not least, support women in business!

So many women have a great entrepreneurial spirit, so use today to show them some extra love and support.

What’s most awesome to me is that there are so many women who are using platforms like Etsy, Instagram and Youtube to grow their businesses to support their families–and they’re killing it! So if you’re looking to support a woman owned brand, those are good places to start.

I hope this list gave you some great inspiration on how to celebrate Women’s Day today. What are you doing to celebrate? Let me know below ❤️

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