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I love to save money.

Like, I really love to save money. And over the past few years, I’ve gotten good at it. So when I posted my grocery haul video on how I spent $35 on groceries for the week, the number one question I got from you all was: HOW?!

Being 100% honest with ya’ll, most of my saving came from making a lot of things from scratch. But that question did get me thinking about all the coupon and rebating apps that I’ve used.

Want $40? Of Course You do!

Many of these rebate sites offer first time bonuses, and I’ve got them right here for you. Just sign up with the links below to claim your free money!

I’ve tried a lot of them, and many of them are just plain annoying to use. But there’s a few that save me a pretty penny consistently and those are the ones I’m going to share with y’all today.


This has got to be my top rebate app. Ibotta offer the widest range of product rebates, and you can expect to receive 1-10% back on what you’ve spent if you use it wisely.

And they make it super conivient to use as well. Simply pick our the items you would like to receive a rebate for, scan your receipt and you’ll receive your rebate in about 24 hours.

The only draw back with Ibotta is that you can’t use it with online grocery orders. Which is annoying if you’re a parent and trying to avoid dragging your kids through the store.

That said, I still feel like this is a great app to have installed on your phone and an easy way to collect coins companies leave on the table.

CheckOut 51

Much like Ibotta, CheckOut 51 is a rebate app that allows you to easily recoup some of your grocery cost. While their rebate selection isn’t as extensive as Ibotta, it’s still very decent. I also find that I tend to earn cash back a bit faster with CheckOut 51 too.

Best yet, Checkout51 offers a lot of the same rebates Ibotta does. This means you can scan your one trip through both apps and get double the cash back.


Ebates is one of the OG’s for digital rebates. Seriously, I think they’ve been around for like 10 years now!

What I love most about Ebates is that its all automatic. Just log in and select your store before you shop and the rebate is handled automatic.

And on the few occasion where my rebate when missing, Ebates coustermer service was very responsive and fixed the issues I was having fast.

And remember, Ebates isn’t just for online shopping anymore either! Ebates has partnered with select retailers to offer cash back in stores too. The stores they partner with though do seem to change frequently so be sure to check the app before you shop in stores.

Me scanning my receipts in to Checkout 51 & Ibotta to maximize my cash back rewards!


I have talked about Raise a few times on this blog, but I still feel like this site is slept on.

While not a rebate app, Raise offers gift cards to 100’s of retail stores for a percentage off. this translates into savings for you.

Seriously guys– during Black Friday, I bought four $100 Best Buy gift cards from Raise for $80 each.

Probably the best things to note about Raise is that it can be paired with Ebates as well. Durning Black Friday, I was refunded an additional 3% on top of the 20% I saved through purchasing through Raise

Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is your one stop shop for coupons and cash back, both online and in stores.

Retail Me Not has a community component to it, so users can add their coupons and discount codes to the system, and others can verify that it works for you.

However, the brand also works directly with major companies too to ensure that you’re getting access to the best coupon and cash back offer.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt a good coupon at home on the table, but have been ‘saved’ by the offers on this app!

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There are A LOT of apps on the market today that can help you save a bit of money when you spend. But these are the ones that have worked out best for me. Do you have rebate or coupon app that you just love to use? Tell me all about it!

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