Another year has gone by and I can hardly believe that I’m only two years away from the big “THREE, OH”. I’m legit excited ya’ll. As I sit here with a wiggling child in my lap, I feel like I have finally entered into one of my best seasons in life. This is just the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong; my 20’s have been fantastic and filled with lots of accomplishments, adventure, self discovery and plenty of love. I’m just thrilled to see what will come next for me in the next decade of my life.

But my 20’s aren’t done just yet, so I figured that I would jump on this 30 by 30 bandwagon here and set some goals for myself accomplish by my 30th birthday. Some of these are way out there, and more of them are achievable. But I really want to close out my 20’s with a bang, so here’s to trying to complete every single one of these!

Since these are real goals for me, I’ll be using the S.M.A.R.T Goal system that I talked about in an old post. Feel free to check it out and get your free printable!


Travel to Hawaii

Buy first class ticket

Take Edison to Scotland 

Road trip to the beach 

Go to Essence  Festival in NOLA

Attend the natural hair fest in DC

Go to Japan for the Olympics 

Visit South Africa or Ghana

Visit Montreal

See cherry blossoms in DC



Attend a social media conference 

Start a podcast 

Reach 10k on IG

Reach 5k on Youtube 

Reach 1k monthly views this blog 

Partner with 10 brands

Create stock photo  subscription kit

Collaborate with more creatives

Hold a charity event for American Cancer Soceity

Rent office/ co -woking space


Read 10 books for pleasure

Hold a headstand for 15 seconds

Create vegetarian cook book

Create a life stye coffee table book

Save $10K

Make downpayment on home

Re learn Japanese

Take a sister’s trip

Buy first luxury bag (not pre loved)

Fancy staycation in town with/ Stephen


There are a lot of things in here that are ambitious (or wishful thinking according to my husband lol). But there are also a lot of things on this list that definitely obtainable with a bit of hard work and positivity and focus!

What are some of your long term goals? And how do you plan to achieve them?



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