This is about to be a blog post on nothing other than the developments of my child. Edison is no better or less than any other child, but he is mine and I’m excited. Especially because I’m not the mommy type so all of these emotions are VERY new to me. If this isn’t your cuppa tea, then leave this post be 🙂 Also, in case anyone is wondering, our matching shirts are from Kin&Kith! Use code MONNIIBEE and get free shipping

Ya’ll. We’re officially out of the fourth trimester and we no longer have a newborn! And oh, how much has our little Edison grown. As I have stated in my vlogs a few times, with him, I have no understanding of the concept of time. It seems to go by so slow but also so fast at the same time!

This journey into motherhood has given me so much to reflect upon and given me valuable space for personal growth. But I feel like I can also chat about that later. For now, I want to take this moment to reflect upon the growth of my little light, Edison.


Chitty Chat

Edison came into this world talking. Well, babbling, but you know what I mean. And he hasn’t stopped since. I suppose that that’s not too out of the usually for my family, since (according to my parents anyways) I was babbling straight out of the womb as well. Until recently, Edison hasn’t had much interest in the world around him, but he has always been interested in sharing his opinion on–his singing giraffe toy? Milk? I honestly don’t know, but he has always been so down to sit and babble off the ear of anyone who is currently holding him and I love that. And now that he’s a bit older, he’s actually reaching out towards peoples faces if he feels like they aren’t listing to him. I really can’t wait to finally figure out all the things Edison wants to say to us. And whenever we read to him, he always want to have a conversation back and I can’t wait until he can understand us too.


Edison has always been a strong baby, but we’re delighted (also terrified) to see how strong he’s gotten in these few months of his life. He’s strong enough to roll over on his other side in his bassinet when he’s bored with us (clearly he has my attitude). He loves to grab at fingers and work on pulling himself up to a standing position, over and over and over again. Seriously, we did this for over an hour once and he loved it. He can’t quite crawl yet, but boy can he wiggle across a play mat really really fast. I feel like he’ll be crawling and walking in no time at all and be into everything, just like I was. I’m both super excited and petrified about this all at once. And as of today, Edison has started to work on sitting up on his own. He’s no good at it; he falls over in 10 seconds or less. But he loves trying and it’s really amazing to see the determination on his face!



Sleep as been an interesting journey for us, as I’m sure it is with most parents. Our first night home from the hospital, and the night of Daylight Savings Time we’re the two worst nights of sleeping in all of human history (and no, I’m not exaggerating). But other than those nights, sleep hasn’t been too terrible for our little Light, though it hasn’t been a forward trajectory either. At about 3 weeks, he started sleeping for 4 hours straight at night, which allowed Stephen and I to catch up on some much needed Z’s. By 7 weeks, he was sleeping 5 1/2 to 6 hours straight a night. Ya’ll, I could cry with joy and sanity. But, then at the end of last week, his growth spurt kicked in, and now we’re back down to 3 1/2 hours at a time. I want to be mad at this. But at least now he naps during the day (somewhat) so I can get work done. I’ll take my W’s where I can.


I think the most amazing thing to witness as a new parent (or anybody really) is the development of a personality. I spent 9 months wondering who Edison was going to be, and now I’m starting to get a glimpse of that. With the development of his scenes, he now loves to export this world and the things and people in it. He loves experiencing new touch sensations on his sensory toys, and smelling my candles when I’m trying to decide which one to burn (though there are more than a few that he really doesn’t like). He’s also really into music, loving everything from “Nice For What?” by Drake, to the French nursery classic  Sur Le Pont d’Avignon. And while playing “Peek-a-Boo” on Monday, he laughed–really laughed, with sound and all– for the first time, and it was the most magical thing Stephen and I have ever heard. Most wonderful of all though, has been witnessing the development of empathy in his character as he starts to learn the rudimentary aspects of emotions. Of course, like everything else, he has a long way to go, but it’s beautiful to watch.


Never once did I think that I could be this excited for the blooming existents of another. And yet, here I am. Getting to be a caretaker and a guide in Edison’s life has been the biggest challenge, and biggest blessing in my own. We’re now 90 day into the rest of his life and I for one can’t wait to experience how the rest of it will be.

Are you a new or expecting parent? What are you most excited to earn about your child?

Are you a veteran mom/dad? What has been the most rewarding part of parenthood for you? What was the most challenging?




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