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It’s no secret that I love Walmart. Since moving to a smaller town, Walmart has constantly been a place that could be a one stop shop for all our basics needs.

In recent years, Walmart has put a huge focus on upping the quality of the products they source and this defiantly rings true for their clothing. Nowadays, Walmart holds a huge selection of seasonal pieces to choose from from a variety of brands that are on trend and won’t break your bank.

Many of these brands also make some decently made clothing pieces as well. I have bought from Walmart brands like Time & Tru and Sofia Vergara over the past few years and I still own many of these pieces still and they have held up great.

So for today’s blog, I wanted to share with you one of the pieces that I found were worth it from Walmart this season.

Why You Should Consider Walmart+ & Rakuten

I have been a Walmart+ member for over 2 years now, and I can honestly say that if Walmart is a store you frequent, this membership is worth it!

As a bust mom, I mostly do all my Walmart shopping directly from the app. Walmart+ membership allows me free same delivery straight to my home on items in store and free shipping on items located at their warehouses.

And when I shop in stores as a Walmart+ member, I can use their Scan & Go feature to scan and pay for my entire purchase from my phone, which is super convenient on busy and long shopping days when I just want to be in and out as quickly as possible.

Walmart+ members also have accesses to some wonderful benefits such as early accesses to sale events, cash back on certain items, discount on gas as specific locations as well as membership to Paramount+ streaming services.

And they seem to add new benefits and services all the time. Thought honestly the convenience of having my groceries delivered straight to my door has honestly been the biggest draw for me! If you’re interested in signing up for Walmart+, click this link here and receive $20 off your next purchase as a member.

Of course, I would be remised if I also missed the opportunity to tell you that Walmart is also one of the many companies partnered with Rakuten, the cash rebate app. Typically you can earn between 1-4% cash back on your online shopping trips to Walmart depending on the catergoies you’re buying from. And that cash back can add up quick. If you haven’t already, use this link here to sign up for Rakuten today and receive $40 cash back when you make a qualifying purchase through Rakuten.

Sofia Vergara Jeans

Let’s start off by talking about Sofia Vergara jeans because they are literally one of the best things that you can get at Walmart.

These jeans have an amazing fit and are incredibly comfortable! They carry a variety of cuts and fits and typically have several options for wash with each style of jean they carry.

While the jeans can range in price, they are typically around the $25 mark per pair though many of the styles can be found on clearance as well which is always a steal.

For this shopping trip, I picked up two pairs: a mid rise skinny jean with a high ankle cut (linked here) and medium wash which came out to be $27.90 and a high rise palazzo cut jean with lots of texture and a lighter wash (linked here) which came out to be $34.50.

As a millennial, a good skinny jean is a fall staple for me, and I really enjoyed the look and feel of these. They feel almost like leggings when you have them on with lots of stretch, making them easy to move around in. I own several pairs from her collection similar to these and they’ve never disappoint.

These jeans paired nicely with a light sweater, cardigan and some knee high boots.

The palazzo style jean with its looser fit was something new to my wardrobe as it’s been some time since I’ve worn pants that loose fitting in the legs, and never as jeans. However, I really enjoyed the fit and the look. The high waist was really flattering on me, and the jeans looked really good paired with boots peaks out underneath the leg. I would say my only issue with these jeans is that they ran a little long. I have to wear shoes with a bit of a heel on them if I don’t want them dragging on the ground. but for me that a minor detail that wouldn’t stop me from purchasing these again in the future.

Click to shop this style at Walmart.com

Sweater Weather

Both of the sweaters that I picked up were also from Sofia Vergara’s collection with Walmart. I have only ever tried her jeans, but since I did like those, I had high hopes for her sweaters as well.

I ended up going with a Bolero sweater set in green as well as a romantic pointelle stitch square neck sweater (linked here) in cream. I purchased both in a size medium for $36.00 each.

The Bolero sweater, in theory is a great idea, as I love that you can remove the top piece and wear it as a cami if you get too hot and just add it back again when you get cold. It also has a wonderful fit too and just looks good in general. It’s something I could easily see myself wearing to a pumpkin patch or just going out around town for the day. My biggest issues with it is that it seems to get snagged incredibly easily, which just doesn’t seem practical for me as a person who wears jewelry every day. Sadly, I think I’ll be returning this piece.

The square neck cream sweater on the other hand seems to be made very well and I experienced no snagging issues while trying it on a few times. I’m also just in love with the details on these selves: the stitch work, the ballooning, the elongated cuff–it looks very romantic, but also very causal. It’s a nice light sweater that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of. We will see how it hold up after a few washes, but if the jeans for the same brand are any indication, then I have a feeling that this may be a piece I’ll be able to keep for years.

Click to shop this style at Walmart.com

Dresses to Impress

Dresses are one of my favorite things to wear and style because they are so easy and Walmart offers a large selection of them.

I ended up going with two midi dresses; a burnt red sweater dress from Sofia Vergara’s collection again at $40, and an asymmetrical black ruffled dress (linked here) from a brand called Scoop, whom I’ve never heard of before, at $21.

The sweater dress comes in the most beautiful shade of burnt orange and just feels so comfortable to wear. I love the button detailing and the buttons are functional. I also really love the flared sleeve detail on this dress as well.

This dress runs true to size. I ordered a size large thinking that with a body con sweater dress I would want to size up like I normally do. However the large is too large on me. Also, there seemed to be some slight quality issues with my particular dress. The sizing table was stitched to the outside of my dress instead of the inside and there seems to be outlines for pocket on my dress, when the dress isn’t even suppose to have pockets. Unfortunately, I think my garment was just a production dud. Coupled with the fact that its a bit too large on me and on the expensive side, I think I’m just going to try and exchange it for a different one in the same color.

The second dress that I purchased was this black asymmetrical midi from a brand called Scoop. I saw that they have a few options available at Walmart but this dress looked so chic and fun to style.

Let me just say upfront that this dress has not disappointed me! While I do which this dress felt a bit softer, the material feels strong so I’m not worried about it fall apart after a few wash cycles. Every detail about this dress is all black, giving it a very modern look. But the details a very feminine. From the ruffles along the collar, the slight ballooning at the shoulders and the functional buttons on the bodust, this dress is just adorable! I really enjoy that it comes with a tie belt as well that you can use to really customize the fit to your body for a cleaner look. I feel like this would be prefect for most office type work environments, but also for lunches and dates. I actually wore this one out to the bar with my hubby last night with my new Felicie, some pumps from Shoedazzle and this trench coat from Coach and it was perfect! This was worth every cent for sure.

Click to shop this style at Walmart.com

Miscellaneous Outfit Finds

Walmart had a few other cute pieces for fall that I also decided to pick up.

I’ve been looking for a cute plaid mini skirt (linked here) for fall for a while now and ended up finding the prefect one in the juniors section. This particular skirt is from No Boundaries, which is the oldest Walmart brand I know. While most of their stuff isn’t the best quality, it will generally hold up over serval seasons so I don’t mind purchasing from them for fast fashion items. While this particular skit feels a little tough, I’m not worried about it falling apart on me. and for $16, I think it worth it. I paired this with an old No Boundaries turtleneck that I still had and some black booties from shoedazzle and it was a super cute, “clueless’ like outfit.

Then I also pick up this oversize, mega print cardigan from Heart & Crush at Walmart for $24. It’s a really cute look and reminds me of this one from Burberry. It’s cute and easily styled with many off the pieces I already talked about. I also like the Chucky brown buttons it comes with. But the material, while soft, doesn’t seems like it will hold up for long. I feel like over time it will start to snag and come apart. At $24, I feel like you can find better and higher quality cardigans– if not for the same price, then for just a tad bit more, so I’m going to say pass on this one.

The last item I bought was this cute fedora hat with faux pearls and gold beads. This one was and impulse buy since I have a lot of hats in this style already. But none with the gems on it so I figured why not. At around $16, I think this hat is worth it, though it would say it feels a bit cheaper than some of the other hats that I’ve picked up from Walmart in the past. The felt is cheap for sure and my children have already bent the back of it. But the pearls and attached very well to the hat and overall it looks really good. If you like hats and want something that’s a bit extra, I recommend this one.

Click to shop this style at Walmart.com

My Final Thoughts

In total I spent $273.84 for 9 items, with an average of $30 spent for each piece. I plan on returning 3 of the items due to quality/ fit issues while the remaining 6 pieces will stay in my wardrobe hopefully for a long time.

While I ended up purchasing the more expensive clothing items from Walmart, they were still cheaper than comparable items at department stores and the majority of the items were of decent quality.

If you are going to shop Walmart to refresh your wardrobe, I would highly recommend checking out Sofia Vergara’s collection with Walmart. A few of the pieces that I tried on had quality issues, but for the most part, her stuff is pretty solid. I especially recommend trying out her jeans as they are A1.

I would also recommend the black asymmetrical dress that I got from Scoop. I’ve already worn this one out and it was so comfortable and chic looking. Plus at $21, it hard to beat this price.

Lastly, if you’re looking for on trend pieces at a cheap price, defiantly look around the juniors department. While the clothing here isn’t the best quality, it will hold up, has a good price and they look great.

Have any of these styles for fall at Walmart peaked your interest? Let me know down below!

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