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About six years ago shortly after I got married, I finally made the plunge and purchased my first ever luxury bag.

I was so excited when the bag arrived and all these years later I’m still in love! But I’ve never really talked about the bag and why I still love it.

So for today’s blog, I figured we would have a little chat about my first luxury bag; the Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 and all the reasons I went for it.

Girl in green dress posing, facing the camera holding a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 40. Monnii Bee Blogs.

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A speedy size comparison chart

Bag History & Specs

Before jumping into why I chose the Speedy in the 40 size, let’s get into some history and sizing.

Designed to be a smaller version of the Keepall, the Speedy was created in 1930 and became the first handbag of the house.

It was originally called the “Express” and was sized at 30cm, making it a great bag to hold extra belongings in while still easy to carry. Then in 1959 Audrey Hepburn got the brand to create a size prefect for daytime use at 25cm that they introduced as the “Speedy”, and it’s popularity took off from there.

In 2011, this iconic bag took on another design change when the Speedy Bandouliere was introduced, featuring a strap as well as a two way zipper. Then in 2015 the addition of a zip interior pocket as well as changes to the stitching were also made.

As far as specs go, the bag currently ranges from the Nano Speedy size all the way to the 40 at its largest interval. Check the graphic above for more information.

The Backstory

I was first really introduced to the Speedy when I was in Paris for an internship back in 2012. Before that time, I didn’t really know much about fashion houses or design. But I knew I was in love with that style and so many more I saw then.

I was gifted with a Speedy dupe by a local friend before I left, but it made me really want a real one.

At that time, the price of a Speedy was running about $650.00 USD (a dream compared to today’s prices), but the way my college bank account was set up, just wouldn’t allow for a purchase like that lol.

I ended up waiting until 2016 to get my Speedy, after I had graduated college and had more discretionary funds to use. I still wanted to be smart with my money though, so I decided to purchase used.

I ended up purchasing my Speedy on eBay for $250.00 USD + taxes and shipping. I also paid for authentication just to be sure. I highly suggest doing this, even if you’re a seasoned luxury shopper, especially if you’re going to be treating your bags as an asset.

Since the bag I was purchasing was older, I spent hours online learning how to deep clean and conditions it, so that by the time it arrived, I could restore it to its former beauty.

It was a pretty simple process and only took a few days for my new to me bag to be in better shape. If you decided to purchase pre loved for yourself, I highly suggest purchasing bags that have canvas in good shape. So long as the canvas is still good, you also have the option of taking your bag in for repair and getting all the leather replaced. Louis Vuitton had quoted me $550.00 USD the last time I checked for this. So if I had gotten it done, the price I would have paid for this bag would still be significantly under current retail.

The 5 Reasons Why I Chose the Speedy

There were 5 factors I considered when thinking about my first luxury bag purchase, longevity being the first.

I wanted to make sure that the first bag I purchased would be a bag I would want in my collection forever. It could have possibly been the only luxury item I ever owned, so I wanted to make sure that it would last and be in style forever. The Speedy is one of the most iconic and recognizable bag styles so it will likely always remain relevant to some degree. And the Speedy I have was made in 1984 and is in relatively good shape. So with proper care, I’m sure this bag will outlast me.

Value is another point I considered. What would I pay for the bag now, verse what it would be worth over time? Used Speedy 40’s in like condition to mine are selling for $750.00 USD starting, so the bag has increased by at least 33% in value over six years.

Of course, as a young person just getting settled, price was also something I factored into my decision. The Speedy, while expensive, is one of the more affordable options the brand has to offer. In recent years, the Speedy’s have seen a drastic increase in there prices, even on the pre loved market, but it is still a bag you can find for under $1000 USD if you buy second hand. Again, I was able to buy mine for $250.00 USD at the time so the price was prefect.

Availability was also something I had to consider. The Neverfull was every where at this point and all the rave. So while it was also in the running for being my first bag, getting a hold of one for a decent price was challenging. The Speedy by comparison just had a lot more availability both in stores and in the second hand market.

Last but not least, utility was something that I needed to consider. While bags can be an asset just sitting in your closet, I wanted something that I could use. At that time, I was flying at least 7 times a years and Stephen and I did a lot of road trips, so this bag was prefect for that. This bagalso easily fit my laptop and other work items so I knew I could get tons of use out of this purchase.

Why I Continue to Love My Speedy 40

The Speedy is truly a classic look with its old Boston bag structure.

Like many of Louis Vuittons classic designs, the Speedy style can easily be dressed up or down,. Though I find with my 40 size, the bag is much better suited for either the office or travel and not really evenings.

As mentioned above, I have taken this bag with me on several trips and its great as an over-nighter, seeing that it’s just slightly smaller than the Keepall 45.

I have also used this bag to hold camera gear as well as padfolios and my laptop and it works amazingly for that.

This bag can be a black hole without some sort of organization, so a bag organizer is a must if you plan to use it as your daily bag.

While this bag is more so grabbed for its utility in certain situations nowadays, it looks like a literal work of art and I love the way the bag styles.

Even if I’m just carrying some cameras and mics, the iconic LV monogram looks so good paired with some causal jeans and a shirt.

It also looks good paired with some sweats and a hoodie at the airport and it looks equally as good with a dress in an office setting.

My point is, the bag just looks good.

Some Slight Cons

With any bag or accessory, there are some cons that come with this bag.

Perhaps the biggest con would have to be the opening of the bag.

Seepdy’s are known for having narrow openings, so while the bag can hold a lot, sometimes it feels like a struggle to get things in and out. I’ve heard that this issues is remedied in some of the newer bags, but seeing that I have yet to try it, I can’t speak to it.

My Speedy is also an older model so it does not come with a bandouliere. While I love the look of the classic Speedy, the bandouliere definitely makes a huge differences in how easy it is to carry. If I decide to invest in a new Speedy (I’m thinking about the 25), I will be getting one with a strap for sure.

I have also heard plenty of people complain about the hardware tarnishing. Now, this is something that can happen to any bag, and its a pretty easy fix IMO. But I figured that it was still something worth mentioning here. on some of the newer leather models, I’ve seen pictures of the metal finishing rubbing off on the leather, so just be aware that this could happen.

And while I don’t really consider this a con per say, Speedy’s are known to have a bit of a sag at the bottom that many people don’t like. Since I almost always have some sort of organizer in my bag, it’s not really and issue for me. But I figured I would share since its is something that many people complain about

Final Thoughts

The Speedy has been around for over 90 years at this point and it’s still one of Louis Vuitton’s most sought after bags!

From the time I first saw the bag in Pairs nearly 10 years ago to now, the Speedy remains an iconic style that anyone would be lucky to have.

Just like the Neverfull, there are plenty of options for buying the Speedy second hand, so if you’re interested in this style you can save a significant amount on the resellers market.

And while the 40 may not be a popular size, I’m glad I ended up with it and it will remain a forever piece in my collection. While its large size may feel cumbersome for daily use and short errands, its prefect to use as a briefcase or as luggage.

If you’re reading this while considering getting a Speedy, I say go for it, as it won’t be a purchase you regret! Let me know what you’re thought on the Speedy are down below, and also let me know, if you’re planning on getting your first luxury bag, what will it be?


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