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As the weather begins to cool and the leaves start to change, I wanted to show you how to style the Chloe Woody Tote (read the review here!) for the fall.

This bag is perfect for the transitioning seasons because of its boxy construction and neutral color pallet.

This bag looks absolutely stunning paired against the burgundy’s, olive’s, and mustard’s of fall; it’s easy to see why so many are interested in this piece.

Chloe’s Woody Tote is the perfect accessory for any fall outfit. So today we’ll be going over some styling tips to get the most out of this beautiful bag.

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Chunky Knits

A medium sized Chloe Woody Tote bag worn with an over sized sweater, jeans and boots for a fall look

The Woody Tote is the perfect accessory for a chunky oversized sweater. While two oversized pieces may seem overwhelming (especially for those of us on the shorter side), the boxy structure of the Chloe Tote plays well against the sloughy nature of a chunky knit.

Play with matching colours if you want to showcase the textures and silhouette of your outfit. Or try color blocking with neutral fall tones for a flattering autumn look.

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High-waisted pants

Low-rise may be the current trend, but high-waisted pants will always be a smart choice.

Especially with a boxy bag that can cut you off at the waist a bit, the timeless style of a high-waisted pant is ideal for creating a long, lean silhouette.

Of course, jeans–a tried and true staple for the fall, is a good go-to for a casual look. But I would also consider a black or tan touser, as those colors would pair nice with most Woody tote colorways.

Textured fabrics

Textured fabrics are a big trend this year and would look great against the canvas fabric or leather finishing of the Woody Tote.

Lately, I’ve been loving velvets and corduroy and feel they add a lot of interest and fun to your wardrobe. With the Chloe Woody Tote giving such a causal vibe, I feel like it’s a great choice to pair with other textures.

The Chloe Woody Tote is a great addition to any fall wardrobe. It’s versatile and can be styled in a number of different ways. To see how we style this and other accessories, follow us on Instagram and leave a comment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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