So my maternity leave is here!

I’m planning on taking at least a full 2 months off (and by off, I mean maybe up to 10 hours a week; I can never stop working lol) and during that time, I plan on catching up on a lot of shows.

Like, I mean a lot of them.

While I have always worked from home, the bulk of my TV consumptions consist of shows on BabyFirst because I’m outvoted by two toddlers.

But during this leave, I’ll have help from both Stephen and my mom, meaning that I will actually have some free time to watch what I want to watch.

I’m actually a little overwhelmed by this because it’s been so long since I’ve had the ability to do this–I truly don’t know where to start! So I’ve decided to come up with a list of shows in different categories and create a checklist of sorts.


Lovecraft Country

This is a show that I have wanted to watch for some time now, but feel like I can watch it with the kids around. With the trailer, I was getting ‘Watchmen’ type vibes and I made the mistake of watching when Edison was still up. Poor thing ended up with nightmares. Much easier to watch when someone is going to be able to babysit him.

Expanse New Season

If you haven’t watched this show, but you’re into sci-fi, defiantly get on it! One day when I have time to read again, I want to read the books. But for now, I want to finish up this new season. I believe the new season came out in March. However I have this weird thing during pregnancy where certain sounds just make me sick to my stomach. And unfortunately that was happening with this show. So as soon as the baby is out, I’m laughing up.

The Boys Season 2

I feel like this show is decent for what it is and would like to finish the season. I was able to watch the first 2 episodes from the new season, but it was just getting too hard to find the time without kids to finish it up.

The Nevers

This is a show that I have heard so much about from so many of my friends. But I’m uncertain if it’s appreciate to watch in the company of my child. I’ve made that assumption with a few shows and felt terrible when Edison would stroll in at the wrong moment and get scared. That said, the premise is intriguing even if the director is a trash human being.

Romcom Shows

Sex In The City

I have seen maybe 2 episode of this show in my entire life–and I can’t remember them at all! But I know that I have seen at least 1 for sure. Either way, this is a show that my sisters and friends keep telling me that I need to give a shot. It doesn’t seem like the typical show that I go for, but I have about 2-3 months that I’m trying to fill up with entertainment, so I’ll give a season a try.

Love Life

I mainly want to give this a shot because it has Anna Kendrick in it and I find her to be absolutely hilarious. The premise of this show is chronicling her looking for love in all the wrong places throughout her 20’s and I feel like I can relate in many ways. I think it will give me a great laugh while also giving me a chance to reflect on that old period in my own life. Who doesn’t want that in a show?

Emily In Paris

This is another show that is coming highly recommend to me, but honestly, I’m not sure how much I’m going to be into this show. I’m pretty much only watching because I’m missing my time in France and eagerly awaiting international travel again (We were headed to Paris for the summer of 2020, but c19 had other plans for me lol). That said, I’m told this show has some amazing looks in it, so I might give me some inspiration to get out of sweat pants for a change?



This is actually a show that I have started, but have had struggled to find time to finish. The few episodes that I have seen however have been great and I really want to catch up!

The Crown

I initially had zero interest in this show. But both a close friend of mine and my mom told me it was worth it. These two never agree on anything. So if they both like it, it must be good! Plus with all the drama about the royal family that keeps popping up on my timeline, could be interesting seeing a somewhat factual interpretation about how things got to where they are.


This show seems so good to me! Plus it seems like Emma Stone and Joan Hill do a great job in it. Reading a quick synopsis about the show, it seems like it could be more sic-fiy than drama, but these lines often tend to blend anyways. I really like the idea of exploring the different effects medications can have on the mind and what that can cause people to do ( cause child, I have my own personal stories). Plus the fact that this is a limited series makes it a bit easier for me to watch too. This show will honestly probably get bumped to the top of my list of things to watch!

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