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The day is here! My shop is LIVE!

First, I would like to give a big thanks to Cricut–without their machines and their help, I would still be stuck trying to figure all this out! If you’d like to learn more about Cricut and how I used them to open my shop, keep reading to the bottom of the post

On this International Women’s Day, I launch my first physical product– a processes almost two years in the making.

This date has so much meaning for me. So many creative, talented and strong women paved the way for me to be able to dream to have a platform to share my thoughts on, let alone make some kind of living off it.

This process has been full of many doubts and long, long days, but seeing other women find a way to balance out their life and craft their dreams into reality has inspired me to do the same.

It can be challenging to actually sit down and focus on all the tasks that make up a product launch. While some of them seem minor, they all need to get done.

Equally challenging for me is trying to accomplish all these task, while being a mother with ADHD. I do joke about it often, but it honestly does make it difficult at times to focus on smaller but necessary task, when all I can do in envision the finish line.

This handmade planner accessories line is in part designed around and inspired by these difficulties for me.

Planning has been such an effective outlet. It has allowed me to get my thought out on paper and organize them in a tangible way in which they won’t get lost. It has allowed me to visualize and physically lay out my goals in manageable steps so that I can complete them.

Staying inspired to plan in a functional way, even though my mind is racing a mile a minute is what has brought success for me, which is why I wanted to create a planner accessory that I would love to look at and use daily.

This first launch includes 4 products: A vegan leather daily pouch, prefect for holding all your pens, rose gold pens with crystals toppers, which can be personalized, vegan leather bow paperclips to bookmark your progress and a comfy tee to do your morning planning in.

Check out my store on Etsy where were’s running a limited time promotion for our launch day, or my shop page here and use discount code “YAY25” for 25% orders over $50.

Interested in what I’m selling? Follow me on Instagram for a BTS look and check out these photos below!

I was inspired and helped out by so many during this processes, but this physically wouldn’t be possible for me without the use of my Cricut cutting machines.

For those who are unfamiliar, Cricut is a crafting oriented company that offers a wide range of products for hobbyist, including the Cricut Maker, Air Explore 2 and Cricut Joy (all 3 are on sale through 3.9.21) for cutting materials.

Using their app, you can design your own files to cut using their many free options for fonts and patterns. or use Cricut Accesses membership for even more creativity on what you can make.

I spent a long time searching for the prefect pattern to use to create my very first product, and ended up finding what I was looking for through Cricut.

And the Cricut Maker and Air Explore 2 can cut hundreds of types of materials quickly with precision. I use both my machines to cut my vegan leather, vinly and stickers (launching soon!) and can normally get a cutting session wrapped up in under an hour. All I have to do is reload my machines when they are done.

For businesses that don’t need to cut as much material as I do, the Cricut Joy is still a good option to have on hand. The joy is compact, so it will fit in most any home space. I use it to make all my labels for my products as well as personalized thank you cards for my businesses.

If you are opening up your own online or Etsy shop for the first time, a Cricut machine is definitely a tool to have in your kit. Your options on what you can create are just about limitless. Use this link here to see what Cricut has to offer for your new business.

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