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If there’s one thing that I love, it’s trying out new gadgets— especially new kitchen gadgets. I love anything that promotes healthy living in a quick and convenient way.

That’s why, when I saw that Teami Blends came out with a new, portable blender last year, I jumped on the opportunity to test it out.

I work from home, but with a toddler, a almost 1 year old, a newborn on the way and a business to run, I find myself pretty busy in the mornings. I find that smoothies are a great option for me because they’re pretty quick with little clean up.

But even with how quick and easy smoothies in a traditional blender can be, I still wanted to see if the MixIt Blender could make things even more quick and convenient for my life style. So I placed an order soon after it’s official release date. The MixIt blender is a major hit on their site and sold out quick. As of the original posting date for this blog, the blender will be restocked again in June.

With all that said, I’ve had this blender now for a little over a year and finally feel confident enough to give it a solid review.

I have really enjoyed this MixIt blender for when I need a quick start to my day–MonniBee.Blog

The Cost

While I am a Teami affiliate, I did purchase this product with my own money.

At the time that I’m working on this post, the MixIt Blender currently retails for $69.99 plus tax on the Teami site. I used my coupon code for 30% off at that time, so I ended up paying $49 for mine.

At the moment, they offer the blender in two colors—black and pink. Clearly, ya’ll know what color I choose (The pink).

I quickly did some research on similar products on the market, and found that on average, other portable, personal blenders cost about $35-$40. So even with the discount code, the MixIt Blender is still going to be on the expensive side. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Teami claims that they have improved the design of portable blenders, and based on many reviews that I’ve read, I believe them.

The 30% extra you’re paying for the Teami MixIt Blender gives you a more powerful motor and extended battery life compared to other models that I have found. In the year that I have had this blender, I use it just about 2-3 times a week, I have yet to run into issues with this blender’s ability to chop up ice, or frozen fruit. And when I was using this blender daily, I only have to charge it once to twice a week.

So even though this product cost more than others on the market, I absolutely feel like the markup is worth it for my life style.

While I generally use this for a fruit smoothie, today I decided to make the Team Chocolate Wellness smoothie–MonniBee.Blog

The Product

When I first unboxed this item, I was definitely impressed with how it looked and felt.

This blender feels hefty—like you could use it to defend yourself. But only weights 1.75lbs. It comes with a beautiful glass blending compartment that can hold up to 18.6 oz of delicious smoothies, and has 6 stainless steel blades that can blend your drink in less than 30 seconds.

The MixIt Blender is a pretty straight forward product. It easily breaks down into 3 different components to make cleaning up and reassembly a breeze. and it charges up pretty quickly as well.

And seeing that the product is something I reach for often , I feel like it’s functionality is pretty solid too. It’s easy to hold, small enough to fit in my totes for when I need to go to appointment and blends my breakfast up in less than a minute.

However, it does have a noisy motor and is super loud when blending–maybe even louder then my Vitamix? And after only 3 months of use, the hinge at the top that hold the cap has come loose. I’m not particularly rough with this blender; so unless my product was defective, their are some design flaw.

Other than the hinge at the closure however, everything else seems to be in wonderful condition. The blades are still very sharp and the glass is un scratched.

The MixIt Blender is currently in stock on the Team site right now. It makes a great gift, or is great to keep for yourself too.–MonniBee.Blog

Is It Worth It?

Over all, I would say yes–If you buy it at the discounted price. The 30% mark up to comparables is justified by the fact that this blender out preforms them. With a stronger blade, durable glass and a battery that holds a nice charge, you are paying extra up front for quality and convenience.

That said, I wouldn’t pay the full $69.99 for this. Having the hinge pop off at the closure after only 3 months is a bit concerning for me. Though, after a year of consistent use, that has been the only issue I’ve had with this blender.

And again, this thing is loud…Really loud. So while it maybe portable, I probably wouldn’t blend it out in public (whenever the public is open again).

My final thoughts are, the Teami MixIt Blender is prefect for folks who have busy mornings and need breakfast on the go and for those who love easy access to a healthy snack. We will see how this blender continues to hold up over time, but it had been an item I reach for consistently and has actually helped to simplify mornings just a it for me. I definitely think that this can also make a wonder gift and you’ll probably see it in a future gift guide or two.

The Teami MxIt Blender is available for pre-sale at the moment if you’re interested in adding this product to your morning routine. And use this link here or code: MONNII to get an additional 20% off.

The MixIt Blender has been approved by 3 babies and mommy. If you try it out, be sure to use code MONNII20 at checkout for added savings–MonniBee.Blog

But what do you think of portable blenders, or cooking devices at that? Let me know your thoughts below!

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